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  1. Oh, technomanga is a silly "meme" here from some guy that complained that OCR made too much techno or something like that.
  2. Hope you guys enjoy the mix when the album releases. To my surprise there aren't many Chemical Plant Zone remixes that aren't "technomanga" so I went for a funkier/rock approach.
  3. Pretty neat articles about Undertale here: http://jasonyu.me/undertale-part-1/ http://jasonyu.me/undertale-part-2/ They're like an extended version of DrumUltimA's posts.
  4. I don't even want to post my first remix here. It's awful haha. At least my songs sound decent now. I'd link my old Guitar Pro tabs if mysongbook.com was still alive though ;_; My original music isn't that bad.
  5. Someone should do Threed from Earthbound. It's a very pretty theme!
  6. I've always been obsessed with avoiding repetition in my songs, long before I met OCR. However, that's something I would like to change since many great progressive bands actually use repetition a lot! Some Genesis or Marillion songs have sections that simply build off a base for long without getting stale and that's something I'd learn to do myself. For example, The Invisible Man (by Marillion) has a section (beggining at around 6:30) that lasts like 3 minutes and has the same guitar riff playing through it all the time yet it's very progressive thanks to changes in the other instruments, particularly the vocals and keyboards. OCR did change my music a lot though since before OCR I only wrote music using Guitar Pro. I used to post my compositions in MySongBook (a tab site) actually!
  7. Copying melodies is fine and all but if you really want to learn to play keyboards you should take care of finger positioning, especially when you're beggining to play. It's very common to see people who use like 1 or 2 fingers to play because they never learned proper positioning. You should also take care of your wrist positioning since a wrong one can be pretty hurtful. Your hand should never be below the keys, and you always want your fingers arched down to play the keys (like the 1st pic below). Sadly I don't have any book to recommend but I bet there are plenty tutorials on YouTube haha. I'd recommend watching stuff on hand posture and finger positions for scales and stuff. Of course there's also learning how to play with 2 hands at the same time but most exercises should cover the basics of that.
  8. If this progresses nicely you should try contacting the VGCW (Forums and Wikia). It's a videogame character wrestling league and features Dracula as one of the main wrestlers (he's actually the champion now). Last episode also teased Alucard. I think you could make a nice collaboration with them!
  9. So this is an album of village themes in general right, not limited to RPGs?
  10. There was (is?) a Paper Mario project that's unofficial (I believe?) but I'm not sure what its status is.
  11. That sounds interesting! Your material in that WIP was pretty good. If Bahamut is up for it I could claim Danger then.
  12. Glad to see this revived. I've always thought "Danger" could be remixed in the style of prog. metal band Andromeda: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOlPFPW5Tuo. Not sure if I should try claiming it though...
  13. Awesome post DrumUltimA! I recently finished playing Undertale and I'm blown away by the OST. The number of incredible tracks in there is just... too much. My favourite is probably the genocide battle against Undyne (Battle Against a True Hero) or Death by Glamour, although the True Lab themes (Here We Are and Amalgam) are good competitors too. It's pretty cool how the themes are reused during the soundtrack. My favourite has to be how Flowey's theme is turned from a silly cute song into an epic battle theme in Finale. The magic of changing the chord progression (and a few extra notes!).
  14. So many gifts! If only there were events in South America for the GameStop mythicals. I'll miss some cool ones (and already missed Mew).
  15. Lol, I just realized the underrated tag in the topic. I understand the resurrection themes are short, which is why I suggested a medley! They are pretty iconic themes IMO, especially the first one. Open the Door. Anyway, if nobody does it I could attempt it in the future haha. Either way, I guess I'll claim something because I don't want to miss out haha. Sign me for Overworld!
  16. What qualifies as a hero? Just the main protagonist or any "hero" character in a game with many playable character counts? I think BadAss was focused on main villains so I wonder how you plan on focusing this one.
  17. It's nice to see this has gained some steam! Terranigma really deserves a good tribute as it has an amazing soundtrack. I don't want to commit myself to anything yet since my remixing schedule has been pretty bad lately but I wish you luck. I do feel there should be a medley of resurrection themes somewhere in the album though.
  18. Wow, that sounds cool! I heard a WIP of Jorito's remix and it's sounding incredible now. Who did the whistling? Pl511's one sounds like Fire Emblem music haha, pretty nice. A shame my mix isn't in that list but I guess it's my fault for sitting on the 99% finished line for so long haha.
  19. I know. I'm just saying that, while it often doesn't sound very good, it can work in some contexts! EDIT: @below: I know chords sound bad more often than not at lower octaves (the lower the worse). I guess I simply don't like spelling it like a rule since it depends on the context and instruments used (and what we define as low).
  20. Intro is pretty cool, the bass sounds great. Guitar riff at 0:22 is sweet, feels very natural alongside the source (or your interpretation of it at least). The idea with the lead at 0:45 is pretty interesting but I'm not that sure if I like it. Maybe something higher there could work too? Like something else playing higher notes. I dunno. What happened at 1:05 haha? The tapping is a bit sloppy and since it's almost solo (bass is barely listenable there) it's very noticeable. At the 1:18 mark it'd be pretty cool if you played the A in the melody as double notes instead of a single one. Quite abrupt transition to the clean section. Reverb on the lead is way too high and too low in the clean guitar (curiously). 2:42 seems like a perfect placeto have a higher lead playing too. Wonder why you placed all the leads in middle/low octaves... I don't think that's common in this type of music or at least in the few bands I listen that are similar to this. 3:15 is incredible. I'm not fond of the cymbals at 3:27 though. I think you could use a cymbal pattern like the one in Symphony X's Egypt intro. Here. Transition at 3:49 is a bit sudden and the toms sound super exposed here. Bass solo is cool, it could play from the start of that section really. To be honest I felt the song ended well at 3:50, although the solos are kinda cool. Overall, this is amazing. I would have never expected a Megadeth type song to come out from the Veldt source haha. I'm honestly very surprised by how well it works and how you adapted the source to perfectly fit the trash style. My main gripe with the arrangement is that everything seems to be playing in lower octaves mostly. Some higher sounding notes are welcome you know! Regarding the playing, the rhytmic riffing is awesome but the solos have a few sections that are a bit sloppy, like the tapping at 1:05. Still, that's mainly nitpicking from me since the playing is pretty good.
  21. I like the instrumentation for Bonetroussle, although the staccato strings could work better one octave lower. I'm not that fond of the horn harmonies in the beggining, they sound weird since they play too similar notes. The entrance of the bassier brass at 0:42 is great, adds so much energy to the piece. The melody at 1:11 sounds very unnatural. I don't think anyone would play it like that TBH. Add some legato or something there. As Hank points out, the transition is very medley-ish but it doesn't bother me really. It could be stronger but it's not a dealbreaker in my opinion. Love the xylophone at 2:05 although I'd switch the octaves between the strings and the melody here. The transition to Megalovania is way too sudden, much more than the previous one. Piano is an interesting choice for the first melody. I think it works. Overall I feel this sounds pretty good, although I think the bass is lacking. You have some solid percussive instruments but there are like no instruments really filling the bass role and that's an important role for such a rhytmic mix like this one. Xylophone is the standout IMO.
  22. It sounds a lot cleaner now! Panning really helps, and the bass adds a lot too. The flute sounds a bit dry as you mentioned in the previous post. I wouldn't pan that particular instrument too since it isn't that powerful sounding (at least in the part where it plays solo). Also, being super nitpicky, the note at 0:42 in the flute seems to go off-key a bit near the end. Sounds pretty nice!
  23. What exactly do you mean by dense? I mean, having chords with too many low notes can sound a bit strange, but I wouldn't say it's a rule to not write them! For example, there are piano pieces that are "dense" in those passages and they sound fine!
  24. 1,000 submissions a year? That's like 3 per day haha. Considering you need at least 3 votes to reject a song and 4 to pass, you'd need a pretty big team of active people to keep up! If Brandon's reviewing rate is similar to his writing rate he could get rid of all the backlog in like a week haha.
  25. We also went down a few places. No biggie though, I think Ivan's arrangement is pretty sweet. Hope he submits it to OCR
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