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  1. Yeah, I did, that's why I asked actually haha. Some sounds do feel slap-like. It'd be a cool thing to add in the future though and you already have Tony so you'd get great slap sounds!
  2. You know what to do if you need synths That actually goes for everybody but I'm not sure if many people are interested in a keyboard player that's easily replaced by VSTs haha.
  3. I could pick up some guitar players (probably Brostok haha) if I write something with guitars, but I'll see what I come up with first
  4. Actually, if it interests you, I could claim the track The Mission, which isn't on the list. It's quite cool Also, someone (Jordanius *cough*) should do The Winner.
  5. Awesome! I'm not sure if I want to claim anything yet but I wish you luck with this. VIII has some damn good songs. EDIT: Rexy should claim Find Your Way and write an awesome piano piece for that .
  6. It's weird that this remix has so few comments... I love the melancholic feeling of the mix. Leads are very nicely played, with the bends and vibrattos adding a lot of feeling to the music. I also really like the panning, with the clean guitars and synths on different sides. The mix is very true to the source, but with one small twist that makes the song so much more impactful, which is the rhytm change for the backing instruments. It's a subtle change but it adds a lot. Awesome remix!
  7. Rayman is a good one. Legends and Origins have awesome soundtracks.
  8. Yeah, I don't see anything bad about this happening and, in fact, can only hope it happens more in the future. Terranigma could use some love.
  9. This is cool! I listened to the OST of DD1 today and actually got some inspiration. Who knows, I may try this.
  10. I can play synths for anyone interested. EDIT: I can also collaborate on an arrangement too, I just don't plan on writing one myself haha.
  11. I did like 20. Not much, but hope it helps haha.
  12. Is this Okami or Dark Souls? Intro sounds awesome, very haunting. Did you use a VST for that japanese flute (sorry, don't know the name of the instrument)? It sounds pretty good. Arrangement is cool. Sounds like something you could put in an action scene from some eastern based movie. Or, alternatively, in a boss fight of Okami haha.
  13. Hah, this is cool! The small changes you did to the melody are cute but also conflicting since I'm so used to the source haha. There's not really much I can say about this TBH. Love the accordion and the backing instruments add a lot of charm. The change at 2:00 was also pretty cool, and it helps the mix differentiate more from the source.
  14. I wonder why you raise the tempo so quickly haha. It's nothing major but it's weird to have such an abrupt tempo change 10 seconds into the song! Anyway, the arrangement is pretty cool. I don't honestly remember the source but it sounds very natural as a metal song. I agree with DevilBeats about the delay. It honestly sounds pretty bad since the delayed notes are awfully loud and it makes everything clash so much. Playing was pretty good mostly but I feel your vibrattos are kinda weak. With these kind of leads you expect the lead guitar to "scream" and your vibrattos and bends sound pretty tame. It may be a bit of a cruel comparison but listen to the lead guitar in this mix: https://soundcloud.com/ocremix/1-06-mega-man-x-sixto-sounds . That's what you should aim for in expresiveness with bends and vibrattos IMO (the bend/whatever at 1:35 is an amazing sounding one for example). You could also try using more slides and legatos in the lead too, instead of picking almost every note. Overall, this is neat. Mixing is pretty good IMO, with the drums and rhytm guitar sounding powerful and clear. Some leads play on low octaves which can be a bit jarring though. EDIT: To not sound overly critical haha, I listened to your cover of Dark Palace and you use way more "expressive" techniques there that are absent from this mix. You should try to incorporate those to this arrangement since they can add a lot of personality and style to the mix!
  15. Ah this sounds great! There's a few tiny mistakes in the guitar sections, but who cares it sounds lovely as it is. Regarding the mixing, it sounds a bit crowded in the first sections since everything is playing similar octaves. I'm not very good at mixing TBH but maybe it'd help to cut more frequencies of the acoustic guitar. You should leave the higher frequencies to make it sound clear and noticeable while removing some of the mid since that is often very crowded with acoustic guitars. You shouldn't remove that much though since it could sound very empty otherwise (especially since the guitar is driving all the chords and base of the song). Panning also helps a lot. I'm not sure how you're doing it here but you could have acoustic guitar tracks panned hard left/right and leave the melodies at the center. You could also experiment and do the exact opposite to simulate more of a live experience. Like, imagine where each musician would sit and pan accordingly! Comparing to the source material, the main difference is the lack of a bass. If you listen to how the original is mixed, the rhytm guitars are much less present and it has more percussive instruments to drive the rhytms. In any case, I feel this sounds great. Performances are pretty good!
  16. I'll echo T-Ape's sentiments a bit. Intro sounds empty since none of the instruments takes the "lead" and it feels like everything is floating without a solid base. The flute is clearly playing similar notes to the source, but the lack of the harmonies present in the source makes it sound thin. The strings is also playing loose notes so it sounds thin too. Finally, the bass is playing some pretty random notes, even going off-key at 0:18 and a few other moments. The mix gets noticeable better at 0:28 when the percussion and different synth kicks in. It's now much easier to follow what the song is supposed to be! Since the bass loops is repeated here you can still listen to some off-key notes. Overall, this is a pretty true to the source mix (which is a great source by the way!). I honestly feel the flute doesn't work currently since it's simply too thin to carry such a sparse soundscape. Besides, the melodies it plays don't feel very focused and almost seem like random notes. I feel you could add to this by having the string synths do more noticeable chords or something to guide the listener. Besides, having some chords there could help it make more unique when compared to the source.
  17. The hell is this style haha. I love it though, perfect mix of Flex and XPRT's styles, with Flexstyle's electronic chops and XPRT's quirky creativeness. If I had to critique anything, I felt the guitar playing could've been more "stylish", like using slides for the chromatic licks or stuff like that. It sounded a bit boring for such a fun mix, ignoring the crazy bumblebee-esque thing at 1:17. Sax playing was, as always, spot on. This is awesome and I hope we get a blues/jazz/whatever remix of this source next haha.
  18. Intro is very nice. I feel like I've listened to the chord progression somewhere before haha. Change at 1:00 is quite big, breaking the peaceful mood for what almost seems like a Transformer robot haha. The little progression at 1:28 was pretty cool. I feel a bit troubled about this mix TBH. I really like the calmer parts of it, lead synths sound super pleasant and the backing synths just create a really lovely atmosphere. The heavier part at 1:00 kind of ruins the song a tad for me. Luckily it's the shortest part of the mix so I can say that I really like this overall! Ending was a tad weak though.
  19. Damn, this sounds evil right from the beggining haha. I can imagine some pretty hardcore dancing along to this mix. I love how the bass synth plays the bass line from the source. I'm not sure if I'm fond of the few SFX used here though. Being honest, I didn't feel the slap bass section much. Although it was nice to have a change of pace, I felt it broke the rhytm too much and for too long. I do like the use of the trumpet samples though. I'm far from an expert in electronic music so maybe this kind of breaks are common for the style though. Overall, this is pretty good. I'm not a big fan of this kind of music but I can appreciate the things it does correctly.
  20. I love the intro chords. Not digging the SFX at all though. I'm usually not fond of remixes that spam SFX too much to be honest, especially ones with Mario's voice haha. Besides from the SFX, this sounds awesome. As I said above, the chords are awesome. Bass line is also damn good. It took me a while to identify the source tune since it's used in a not very conventional way. Usage of the main Super Mario Bros theme is a bit risky since its chromathic nature clashes with the background a bit. Overall, awesome track!
  21. Ah, uplifting rock/pop! I'm honestly not a man that particularly enjoys such happy sounding music but I can see that this one is nicely arranged and produced. The buildup in the intro was pretty nice. I like the drums used, add a nice feel to the song. Synth leads are also good, sounding very mellow and welcoming. Piano sounded a bit toy-like, but maybe it was intentional? It feels like you cut too many frequencies off it. Tone change at 4:10 is beautiful, my favourite part of the mix by far. Overall, this is great! Clean production makes it sound super enjoyable and the arrangement is fun. Making 6 minute pop songs not drag is an accomplishment!
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