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  1. Nice symphonic metal or whatever this style is called! Guitar playing is sick and I love the organ and choirs. Love how powerful the arrangement and mixing is and how you blended the sources, I didn't even notice it was more than Dancing Mad until I read the description.
  2. Kinda surprised this has no comments. I'm not the biggest EDM fan but the bass alone deserves a like here!
  3. It's nice to hear remixes of the other Dr. Wily theme, since it's pretty good. Awesome arrangement by the way, love how it expands on the simple idea behind the source by adding more harmonies, more percussions and more melodies.
  4. I'm not a longtime Metroid fan but I've played through a chunk of the franchise these past few years: Super Metroid, Prime 1, 2 and 3 and Other M. I'm now playing Fusion. So far I've liked all of them with Prime 3 and Super Metroid being my favourite.
  5. No hate but this part made me lol.
  6. Thanks Damned! OCR community has been great in giving me codes so far. If there's ever a Chile event (LOL) I'll get codes for you haha.
  7. Yep, North America for Nintendo related purposes (geographically in South America of course). My account is Canadian either way since Chile has no eShop haha.
  8. If you do it'd be awesome. It's impossible to get them here in Chile.
  9. Lol once again I'm here to ask for a code... If anyone has an Arceus code I'd really appreciate it.
  10. One of my tracks has been ready since 2013 haha. The other two I left in hiatus when the project started dwindling.
  11. I wonder what's the progress on this. I want to do some small revisions to my track but I have no clue about the deadlines haha.
  12. Looks cool. I have many NES games on VC though so I'm not sure I'll bite.
  13. Awesome remix! I kinda wish the guitars had more palm mutes and stuff though.
  14. I agree with Neblix's first opinion here. Composition is the most important part, considering that composition isn't just the "melodies and chords" part of the music creating process. Also, I personally love writing music but don't enjoy the mixing/mastering part that much sadly. I wish I loved it haha.
  15. jnWake

    Shovel Knight

    What exactly does the Custom Knight do? The Shovel Knight amiibo is damn cool but they charge way too much for it here in Chile (like US$40 haha).
  16. Nice! Any plans for a finish date? There's a track I haven't even begun yet (woops).
  17. Way too quiet sadly. RECKENEFIN has contacted us by e-mail a few times but has been silent for a while.
  18. Awesome! I should work harder on my tracks then... Why aren't days longer ;_;
  19. I've never donated to OCR so I can sort of make it up by buying this I guess haha. Btw, does the OCR promo code still work?
  20. Actually, Ganondorf is mentioned in ALttP. According to the Zelda wikia, a maiden mentions him as a thief who turned into Ganon.
  21. IIRC the Wind Waker says the hero didn't even show up so this wouldn't be possible. There wasn't a hero who failed, there was simply no hero. People on the internet noted that the Rock Salt item Mirby mentioned was found in a mountain which is a weird place for it to be... unless it used to be part of the ocean.
  22. It has to be before/after Wind Waker since Koroks appear. People also noted that the Old Man resembled the King of Hyrule from WW but that's probably coincidental.
  23. I love how free it looks. You can climb mountains, put things on fire, ride animals, steal weapons from enemies... Seems like there's so much to do. Graphics are beautiful too, it'll look insane on NX.
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