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  1. You are evil. Not just evil; Mermaid Man-status "EEEEEVILLLLLLLLLL!" ANYWAY, I'm really looking forward to "Mistaken Love". Damn, what a good song.
  2. there better be, dammit EDIT: Aww, it took out my caps lock
  3. Oh, I listen to OCRemix stuff often Love it! This being my favorite game, however, I am looking forward to it more than I have any other album
  4. I'm sure it will be. I'll just amuse myself with Anchorman 2 for the next few months, then all of a sudden the album will be out!
  5. Oy Fishy,

    I was about to get really depressed that there wasn't any "Towards that Gate" on the FFIX remix album, but then I saw it was on Disc 1. Anyway, just dropping by to wish you luck - I loooooove that song, and can't wait to hear your mix :D

  6. I just think it's amazing that Nobuo Uematsu himself thinks that FFIX is the best FF, both in terms of story and in terms of his own music. I agree with him. Made me look at it in a whole new light.
  7. Wow! I loved it! I was wondering where it was going in the beginning, but by a minute in I was hooked. I'd love to see the finished product!
  8. I dig that. I've gotten the Excalibur II, just because I simply had to know what it was like, but yeah, it's definitely better to take your time and enjoy it Besides, Shock does quad 9's regardless, basically, so who needs Excalibur II, really? xD EDIT: AHHHHH WE'RE ALMOST IN EVALUATION!!! Now, how long does it take to go from evaluation to release? When am I gonna hear the first track off this magical album?
  9. Certainly - I didn't mean to insinuate that it didn't have a lot of content or anything like that; I'm just a FFIX freak, so more is always better, but I'm definitely appreciative of whatever comes out. Checking out the store now
  10. I would agree with you that the transition in the middle could, well, transition a bit more the music stops completely before the "transition" begins, so maybe make it a bit more flowy/seamless? Also, I'm not sure if the piano in the background of the first half could be softened a bit to make it more of an ambience sound, but I thought I'd suggest it just to see what you thought. Regardless, I love the idea. Love it!
  11. Brain Typhoon - Couldn't access, said the video was private :/ Two Worlds - Sounded great! The ethereal synth reminded me of DKC, while the rockier parts were very reminiscent of Metallica Impromptu - Haunting. Great buildup. If I were to suggest something to remix, just based on what I heard here, I would go for something piano-heavy, and maybe even a remix of a horror game of some sort (That's both because I really enjoyed "impromptu" and because I really wanna hear an awesome piano remix of a super creepy song :3)
  12. Well, I don't know anything about jazz, but I do love horns, and the horns in this sounded grand. I loved it! Not the most constructive comment, but I'd definitely keep going in this vein if you enjoyed making this.
  13. I think that a robot voice filter would be cool to try out, definitely. I'm thinking less "Twilight-Zone-60's-Automaton" voice, and more "Trent-Reznor-Scratchy-Semi-Human" voice, if that makes any sense. I think that'd be fun
  14. Hey! I really like this - sounds great I'm really not very experienced in terms of music/talking about music/etc., so definitely take the following with a grain of salt: The background noise (the big-sounding, deep "woom, woom, woooooom" (sorry, no idea how to explain it xD)) from around 0:17 - 0:29 kind of confused my ears, and seemed a bit jarring to me. Aside from that, though, it sounds awesome! Again, not great at explaining, and you can definitely ignore me, but I thought I'd give you my thought/s
  15. That sounds good, too. Haha. It's a bummer that it can't be epically huge, but I will, of course, be grateful for anything that y'all come up with.
  16. Haha, this kid knows his Journey. I like it. Anyway, is there/will there be any Kickstarter or anything for this? I would like to throw money at people to perhaps incentivize more tracks, etc.
  17. AAAAAMEN! I was wondering when that was going to come up hahaha. Regardless, I'm extremely excited with how close this is getting!
  18. Hah, that's funny - I really loved most of B&R, but "The Impressario" was my least favorite track of the bunch xD
  19. I already reviewed this on my site, but I wanted to post in the forum, too, how amazing I thought it was. On a scale of 1-5, I gave it a 6. It's mind-bogglingly good. I can't really think of any other words at the moment, so I'll just post what I said on my review: There are some tracks up to this point that I’ve really enjoyed. Some that I’ve thought were really, really good. This track… Was F&^#ING. AWESOME. Brilliant. Captures Kefka’s madness perfectly. At a minute-thirty in, it really starts rockin’ and rollin’, and it doesn’t stop until the end. Amazing. Don’t read what I have to say about it any more – just go listen to it. It’s that good. Worth the download just for this track (although others are great, too).
  20. Hey Y'all! My name's Casey, and I'm from Vermont. 22 years old, no musical talent to speak of, but I certainly love listening to it (and I can play the first few seconds of "Piano Man" on harmonica, so that's gotta carry some weight, right?)! Love your stuff. I found this site when I was searching for random Final Fantasy IX-related stuff, as it's my favorite game. I'm super excited for the FFIX remix album to come out! I have a blog at www.FinalFantasyIX.com (a domain that I can't believe was available), where I hope to start a discussion of Final Fantasy (and video games in general) as art, philosophy, literature... Culture, basically. I love blogging - I've been writing every day for about six months now, and it's a very interesting way to write. I loved reviewing Balance and Ruin (which is AMAZING), and I'd like to get into the WIP-reviewing biz. Even if I can't do it myself (at the moment), I'd love to contribute to creating awesome finished products Let's see... Favorite Game: Final Fantasy IX Favorite Band: Cloud Cult (their history along with their music... mind-bogglingly positive and powerful. Do yourself a favor and listen to "Chemicals Collide", or any of their later albums. Seriously. ) Favorite Food: Beer Favorite Drink: Beer Favorite Book: A.S. Neill's Summerhill Philosophy: Control What You Can Control; Judge Actions, Not People And that's basically me in a nutshell! If anyone wants to play some Steam games (I've been playing a ton of TF2 and Awesomenauts recently), add me on Steam (name: {PC} Catnip_Fatty) and we'll meet it up! Thanks
  21. Balance and Ruin was amazing - I just came on to say that there should be a Kickstarter for this as well, if that's not already in the works. It should also be 100+ tracks long. Just because, I dunno, that would be awesome. And there are a lot of tracks to choose from.
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