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  1. This was an amusing read. Great work guys. Really enjoyed it! P.S. I'm terribly sorry for putting a Missy Elliot sample in my track. I will think twice next time, really, I don't know what I was thinking. Hope I didn't offend anybody.
  2. Some excellent work here guys .. Such great movement throughout the song .. Love it!
  3. Awesome track. Great collab. Love the drum programming and the general atmosphere .. Keep it up guys .. I'm a fan.
  4. Thanks!! And congratulations SuperJoe!!
  5. The more I think about it, the more I come to the conclusion that Joshua qualifies as one of those guys that would make a great producer for a track with Michael Jackson. And personally I think very little music tops MJ's productions.
  6. Ok .. This is insane ... On MANY different levels ... Thanks for the effort you put in this man .. Really, really amazing.
  7. Sweeeet Yeah man .. Wouldn't have a problem with the wip link in my mail neither hahaha
  8. Haha best way to contact mello is send him an actual letter I think .. Lolwut
  9. Man ooh man .. It took a while for me to really get into this game. But damn it's so good. Haven't finished it yet though. But well on the way .. I have to say sometimes it feels like 2 different teams have worked on this. Some of the level design feels a bit poor .. same goes for the camera work. Others feel superb. But overall REALLY fun game to play. Especially going towards the end the story really starts to get a hold of me.
  10. Yo Jack .. Not to be a bitch .. Stevie Ray Vaughan drank his cocaine mixed with whiskey for breakfast. Eric Clapton was so fucked up he had to finish playing a concert laying on his back. Whitney Houston .. Well we've seen/heard her lately. John Fruciante .. Search for an interview when he left the Chili Peppers for a while. U'll shit bricks. James Brown, Axel Rose, Chris Brown, Bobby Brown .. all examples of people hitting their wife/gf. Keith Richards smuggling cocaine over the border. Dude .. Don't just baggatalize groups easily as that. Because like don't get me started on christians back in the day. They did shit back then, where the average 'violent' rapper would say .. Fuck me .. That shit is crazy.. Come on man .. Enough of this crap ..
  11. C major .. D major .. F major .. C major .. (or A minor whatever pleases you) But don't curse when you sing to it
  12. Ok . I've done some thinking Aron. It's time you discover the world of George Carlin. Please check some stuff on youtube from him. It'll be a good experience. I promise.
  13. I just got this great idea ... What if you put the sound you just made into an effect !!!!! And and and like put it on top of your guitar !!!!!!! Wouldn't that be amazing ?!?!
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