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  1. I believe this shall soon feature in my Dungeons & Dragons game...
  2. Great stuff. This is the kind of thing I keep coming back to OCRemix for. My only thought is that the volume on various instruments and sections could have used more ease-in-ease-out.
  3. It's a beautiful and uplifting song, skillfully rendered, that stands on its own merits without any need for comparison to Pink Floyd. But if I were to compare, I'd say it does Pink Floyd better than Pink Floyd does Pink Floyd... hahaha. Certainly, I feel it's more polished, with a fuller sound and more harmonious tones. And my mom loves it
  4. This song put a big smile on my face. And I suddenly feel a need to watch the Wayans Brothers Show.
  5. Well, I'm impressed. Without reading the description, I instantly recognized that Doors sound, and then picked up on the Dark World tune. Executed with skill and panache. Well done!
  6. Wow! This is really well done. Instant favorite. I was particularly impressed with 4'00-5'00; that grand sweeping feel, and the vocals right there especially. It's got that "talented amateur" sound, where the emotion carries it further than any amount of professionalism would.
  7. Don't let the lyrics turn you away from this song, Claire's voice is an instrument she plays with skill and panache, and it fits beautifully into the song as a whole.
  8. I know EXACTLY what is meant by the comparison to Starcraft's Terran music, and I agree completely. I'm so used to hearing all this overblown dramatic scores in today's video games that sound like something Hans Zimmer would scribble on a knapkin. It's wonderful to hear something that's similarly epic, but in a more subtly textured, less derivative way.
  9. Lots of fun! I especially like those drums at 1:33. The lead synth has just the right amount of cheese, too
  10. Any song that fits perfectly both for OverClocked AND OverLooked Remix has my immediate, unconditional approval.
  11. All the different songs, instruments, and vocals fit together seamlessly. Great job! I don't save many songs with lyrics to my hard drive My only issue is that some of the synths early on are pretty cheesy-sounding, but that won't stop me from listening to this in years to come.
  12. Doesn't sound like a prayer to me. I think I'd have titled it "Saren's a Big Fat Jerk."
  13. I think the best thing about this song is that it actually took me a minute to remember that this was a remix and not from an actual soundtrack. It would perfectly fit a Sonic game. In fact, compare it to this: http://youtu.be/A1SFHvG0CHE
  14. This has kinda the same thing going as TimeChill in my mind; there's some really nice flow going on, but the percussion - particularly, that SNARE DRUM - is wayyyy too prominent. It punches straight into the foreground, which kind of bugs me, especially as it is not nearly so interesting as the other stuff going on. That being said, I've had TimeChill on playlists for about eight years now, and I expect this to join it for a similarly long time...
  15. Good, solid rock. This one's getting saved to my hard drive. Though I have to admit, I was really hoping for it being modeled after the intro to Star Trek: TNG haha
  16. I hadn't realized there was a void on OCRemix until this song filled it. Reminds me of some of Dick Dale's more mellow works, and it makes me wonder if there's some great surf guitar out there. I'm definitely checking out djP's references there.
  17. A rousing ballad that wraps us in the unctuous coilings of heavy metal, it is a journey across the immeasurable reaches of space and time, glorying in the vastness of subatomic particles, the scant span between stars, an eternity found in a moment, aeons passed in a mere twelve minutes. You will laugh, you will cry, and maybe... just maybe... you'll learn a little about yourself.
  18. Ever since Little Sisters of Illusion I've basically just auto-downloaded everything by Rexy. I am pleased, most pleased, that this has the proper cheese I've come to expect. Are you mad??? You would ruin what makes this great by improving its production??? I am disappoint.
  19. Wow, what a ReMix. I listened to it four times in a row and all I could think of for an improvement is that the higher-pitched brass bits come out a little... artificial, synthesized. And I dunno about those screams for an ending. But really, the whole thing is too good to care about such trifles!
  20. Whenever my playlist comes to this song, I have to admit, I hit next on the vocal part. But it always gets me thinking about the discussion in this thread, and hey isn't that something But this time I did think of something. If I were to pick a quote that is relevant to Chrono Trigger and things being lost and forgotten, I'd probably go with Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time: "The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again." Or as I would phrase it: Events become memory, memory becomes history, history becomes legend, and legend myth; myth is forgotten until finally events rise to become memory once again. edit: Bonus points if you could get Keith David to read it for you
  21. The only thing that could possibly make this better is a sudden and inexplicable change in time signature.
  22. I like dubstep well enough, but meh. Just... meh. Sorry I'd like to emphasize what Radiowar said about "the drop." Lead with a clean sound, and then when the WUBWUBWUB drops, it has more impact. For example, "Strung Out" by Bar 9 starts crispy clean, light and airy, with a very sweet violin part. Then about a minute in, WAAAAABWUPWUPWUP. Or in Nullification here on OCR, where he drops the "Hey... listen." And then drops us back onto the bass. It's these kinds of jarring shifts, skillfully wrought, that make dubstep interesting rather than noisy.
  23. I've heard of dubstep before, but never really looked into it.. until I heard this song (and my friend said that she listened to the genre). So I've been listening to a great deal of dubstep. It's horrible.. I love it! So after having listened to quite a bit of the stuff I came back to this song, and I'd say it exemplifies the genre. It is dirty. It is the 0.1% that Lysol cannot clean. It cannot be cleansed by purifying flame. It is filthier than holding excrement and clapping your hands. It is more unclean than Rhapsody in Poo. It is the cup in 2 girls 1 cup. It makes Hexxus from Fern Gully look like Mister Clean.
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