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  1. can you give a more specific request? even about 10 songs. its better that way for people who dont know the series
  2. sonatina is actually really bad because it sounds too muddy and the reverb is already there making it too hard to edit. and the reverb they used to make sonatina isn't allowed for any money making. my suggestin is you use dry instruments whenever you can in general, so you can eq and add reverb after if you want.
  3. i use fl studio because the free one lasts forever and you get full access execpt you cant save progress. you can save sound files though. also i think the best version of fl studio is 300 dollars? not a lot of money. so it's a really good program that doesnt cost too much, has a good demo, and has lots of updates, and a lot of people use it so theres lots of tuorials on youtube and stuff. i think "pro tools" is standard program for professinal recording companies though....
  4. um i can't pretend i have a right answer but when i do orchestra (like in my one song i have here xD) i took a seating chart i liked and panned it just like i saw it there. i like having it that way, but outside of like a live orchestra performance at a hall or something i hear people change it to what they want all the time. like mario galaxy puts trumpets left and bass in the middle and cloudtop cruise in mk8 has low brass in the middle and violins right? i think i mean you can use it as a suggestion but anything is okay if you balance it and it sounds good for the song. maybe you want to put trumpets in the middle for a trumpety song
  5. my opinion is it has too many repeat lines just so the song can go on longer than it need, especially with the left hand parts....
  6. there's a rock band called avenged sevenfold? it's a band that have a lot of songs where it feels they wanted to make a song that's like arranged and new, but force themself to only use their normal rock instruments and no more....maybe they are afraid the songs sound too different or want to sound the same when playing live? but yes they are what really made me start thinking i wish i can change songs i like. the first song i ever tried a remix was this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VUrskFjfhc parts of the song sound really happy and i made a midi that sound like spyro 3 music. it was fun n.n
  7. : it's k, lowering a frequency and adding reverb isn't always something you have to start all over just to do...and even if you don't use any EQ effects you can just lower the volume of those bassy tracks a little bit. um....i also think the violins are maybe toooo far left...
  8. you're looking for a synth called "fantasia" in midis and soundfonts and stuff the fantasia in arachno soundfont sounds just like that one http://www.arachnosoft.com/main/download.php?id=soundfont mega man x5 yay! EDIT it's also called "new age"
  9. this type of track feels weird with no reverb to me. ad someone in the comments said to eq? i think the track is too high at like 62 hz frequency? i have an eq thing on my computer and it sound better when i turn it down at 62.
  10. i love amazing mirror! i think this cover matches kirby games more than the one in rainbow curse
  11. hi i did your song request

    1. Allx360


      Cool! Where is it at? I'd love to hear it!

  12. i don't know if this is how you wanted but i covered. hope you like~! http://ocremix.org/community/topic/41376-kirby-rockets-big-blastoff-sonic-adventure-twist-kirby-and-the-rainbow-curse
  13. requested remix. i made it like station square in sonic adventure because it reminds me of that song and i love it~ i use soundfonts and amp plugins https://soundcloud.com/hoshihearts/kirby-rockets-big-blastoff-remix
  14. this is a very rushed remix i made a while ago but it doesn't hurt to just link it, right? https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/em3imc81ss3ccbf/stormeagle.mp3 https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/vkae87pap498lc6/eagleroom.mp3 ya i wanted to try out making it sound like a room too.
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