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  1. In if there's still a spot. 1: Fire Man 2: Flash Man 3: Metal Man
  2. Never remixed the ccotm version of this before so this should be nice
  3. Mine is done, just gonna finish up some mixing real quick
  4. Bonus entry! unfinished, but why not
  5. Looks like I'll have to rush my track...
  6. Just letting you know the YouTube link is for a different song
  7. Actually submitted this time!
  8. For real I'll make something this time...
  9. I'll make sure to actually remember to submit a track this time.
  10. Wasn't able to make a track, but these are all great entries!
  11. It's Tales of Phantasia, so I have to participate. c:
  12. Tried to make a happy hardcore-like song, not sure whether I got it down. Feedback is appreciated!