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  1. Whooo boy, those orch hits indeed ("what about their legs...they don't need those..."). It's so funny to think they were cutting edge at one time because nowadays they instantly date the music they're in. There's some New Order stuff from ~'86 that has them. Must've sounded like the future at the time. Anyhow, I don't know Terranigma, but this ReMix is slathered in so much cheese that I can't help but...stick my finger in it. Or something.
  2. Some interesting arrangement choices in this. When I listen to the original, I kind of just fold my arms and wait for *that* melody towards the end of each loop, but this version adds more color to the earlier sections, too.
  3. I am just hearing this now and it is SO deliberate and SO deathly serious. It's everything I'd want in a remix of this song. 11/10.
  4. I don't know the original, but this has such a great, churning build to it. Great mixing, too.
  5. I really dig how the electric bass and synth bass shift in and out of one another. I'm trying to tell where one starts and the other stops and after three listens I can't. Really cool.
  6. Not a deconstructed vid, but I've always loved how this track squeezed as much crazy noise out of the chip as possible. If you listen for a couple minutes, the later verses really go nuts with modulation and whatnot. https://youtu.be/FZ5BNxcQpqQ
  7. Incredible version. Like something from a Mario Odyssey version of Zelda. Some stuff here is a teensy bit raw, vocals included, and the take sounds a little loose, and it just makes it all even better.
  8. I only "discovered" Moroder in 2019, but this is a cool tribute! I also just found out about Bitwig; they have a holiday sale until Jan. 7th so I'm taking the plunge, methinks. I'm excited!
  9. @prophetik music"if this was on an OST for a game, there'd be someone out there who said that this is their favorite track." I kind of treated this like an OST deep cut, yeah! @Rexy"If anything, it quickly turned into the musical equivalent of a shitpost" I need to save this quote for the back of a release one day, like the John Stewart quote for The Book of Mormon playbill. You know, there's more humor in this than most of the stuff I do, so it's really cool to have it on OCR (especially after being a fan for almost 20 years!). And to be mentioned in the same write-up as Harold P. Warren's masterwork?!
  10. Great vibe, great stutter. Finds that sweet spot between grime and sheen. The harmonics at 1:55 - gimmie all of that *gobbles it up, greedily*. Agree 300% with OCR being a kind of bastion for less popular genres. I think my first ever tastes of industrial AND trance came from this site, 17-18 years ago (both FFVII mixes, ironically). Also, as someone who just got back into making my own music after some years away, I always appreciated this site for supporting interpretations over straight covers. The creative process it takes to arrange something new out of something old...sometimes a track doesn't work out the way it does in your head, but the end results can be incredibly rewarding when they do (or after those happy accidents). PS. I'v also been constantly impressed by DJP's writing/write-ups. Manages to find new ways to write about music with each new post. As we're all at the point of no return with texting, social media character limits, and clickbait pseudo-journalism, (not to mention professional deadlines and shorter attention spans), it's often very refreshing for me, personally, to see a well-worded paragraph or three on the main page of a site that supports creative arts like this one.
  11. This one is definitely a highlight for me. Funny lyrics but in the context of a pop song with a strong melodic structure. An encouraging example of taking your work seriously but not yourself.
  12. Love the bass on this, sound and arrangement-wise. It has a great attack and just goes and goes.
  13. Love how this ducks in and out of the groove. Cool switches between moving forward and moving side-to-side.
  14. I love so many little touches here, but I especially love the tape drag Egyptian strings towards the end. I don't think I've heard such a meta-usage of strings like that...ever?
  15. Like listening to a mystery un-Ravel itself over 3 minutes. Really though, a piano version of Wind Fish in this style is one if those great concepts that one would write on a scrap of paper but never actually go through with. Except you actually went through with it, and it's everything I could ever want from that scrap of paper. Fantastique.
  16. This is certainly an experimental approach to the water theme (which I couldn't pick out last night but did today!), and a lot of good experimental music divides people. But I think this remix will find/has found an audience that will appreciate it for what it is. YouTube is maybe the biggest forum for video game music ever, and is also the land of instant gratification. People like their EDM, chillwave, orchestral, etc (me too), and will slam that dislike button - even if they don't truly dislike it - and quickly move on. If this remix was created to be a patience-tester, you've dropped it in the right sample group!
  17. This is so heroic and.......driving. Really love the mixing and compression here. Super professional. Reminds me of a modern Mario Kart track or maybe an F-Zero tune from Smash.
  18. Wow. I think you made aesthetic advances from the original that make nothing but perfect sense.
  19. Underrated game and overlooked OST for sure. I feel like this is a great track on it's own but there are definitely parts that can be reworked.
  20. Sanctuary Fortress is my favorite tune from the Prime trilogy. I think you have a fantastic general idea of what you want this arrangement to be. The source tune has a lot to offer and you're fleshing out a lot of it well. There are two constructive criticisms I can give off the top of my head: 1. The single note piano line sound that you're using is far too dead. I'm hearing the hammers on the piano strings more than the actual notes. You can add a high pass filter on that and a little reverb, and I think it will blend it much better with your song. 2. The wacky sine wave freakout section (the one that's basically like, the signature of the original song) you have is cut and pasted throughout several sections of the song, and after the 3rd time it shows up, it's a little predictable and a bit flat. Maybe you can write a second version of this and go back and forth between the two versions, or add some filter sweeps/panning/octave jumps/whatever to liven up that section. I actually made my own version of this song, and I listened to the original at 0.25x speed on YouTube probably 20 times to parse out all those notes. You certainly don't need to go that far, but there's actually a lot of crazy stuff going on that you can parse through. Unfortunately I don't know much about EDM production to offer focused advice on that front. But from V1 to V3, you've made leaps and bounds with the instrumentation, flow and dynamism. So, yeah, keep it going!
  21. I'm really enjoying this one. Exotic is the word; this reminds me so much of exotica music from the late 50s and early 60s - maybe a Les Baxter arrangement, or something from Martin Demmy's "Primativa" (FYI, I'm unfamiliar with the CC source). Just a really colorful trek piece that's playful and quirky but also slightly unnerving.
  22. This is still so, so good. I found an ancient CD I made with this on it and boy...an all-time fave. I recently spent like 6 hours trying to get a WIP of mine groove like ol' Mud Mix, and it still sounds more quantized than this.
  23. I really feel like the balance and mix of this composition is from the drummer's perspective (the drummer of a band that does esoteric Japanese OST covers - it may or may not exist). Or rather, it sounds like the listener is drumming on the song. The snare, to my ears, is at the center of everything in mix and panning, and most of the other elements fall around it. It's such an interesting kind of mix in that regard (again, to me). Plus, all those greats fills and flams sound great. FLAM! FLAM FLAM! ... Anyhow, I like this.
  24. https://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/koji-kondo-the-legend-of-zelda-ocarina-of-time/ Okay, not quite as huge a deal as this would've been 6-8 years ago, as Pitchfork has lost a lot of influence as of late, with the new-ish popularity of YouTube music reviewers and recommendation algorithms. BUT I've personally been waiting for them to review a game OST since I started reading in 2002, so this is really cool to me. What do you think of it? I like the esoteric tidbits of Nintendo and Koji Kondo lore. I would praaaaahbably agree that OoT is the best soundtrack ever (white-hot take, I know), in the sense that it has stuff that's both catchy and ambient, and has so many pieces of music that are integrated into not only the gameplay, but the story and world-building of the game itself. A lot of subtlety, a lot of earworms, and everything always serves its purpose in-game almost flawlessly. Thoughts on the review? Thoughts on how well the OoT music/game has aged? Is it overrated? Underrated? What do you think makes a game soundtrack great?
  25. This just flies by, doesn't it? I love the game but can't recall the original song to compare, but I love simple, somewhat linear tracks like this. Adorbs, indeed.
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