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  1. I appreciate WillRock's effort, nice that you chose to leave it like that, embracing the process et cetera. Reminds me of OCR Talkback, which I miss.

    In WillRock's defense, that's not actually WillRock--just a very silly, over-the-top joke impression. Look at those lyrics. Do they seem like a serious effort to you? :P

    Sorry my last entry sucked so much and I couldn't sing for GLL's entry before that, and part 2 of the story isn't up yet....been teh sicks. Part 2 is coming soon I swear.... (Glad you guys liked part 1.)

  2. I think the team Maverick Astley is taken very seriously by Rick Astley....  I feel Rick Rolled


       I believe I can shed some light on this, by providing a little bit of their backstory:


       The illegitimate offspring of a 12-person jury and a Dorito chip, Jorito spent much of his childhood convicting marijuana aficionados while simultaneously providing their sole source of nourishment. He had difficulty making friends as many people feigned interest in him solely to satisfy their munchies. But Fate had more in store for Jorito than simply staring out from jury boxes at white people with dreadlocks. Indeed, Fate Johnson introduced Jorito to Rick Astley changing his life and the world forever.
       Jorito wanted to be everything Rick Astley was--everything that everyone around Rick Astley was. He started hanging around schools in a tan trench coat and sunglasses, serving alcohol to empty auditoriums whenever school was out. For some reason, the police didn't like this very much and tried to arrest him. He attempted to wall-jump off a chain link fence to escape, but the police still captured him. The convicter became the convicted.
       The warden had it in for Jorito. Having lost his mother to unhealthy snacks, the warden took his chance at a bit of revenge placing Jorito in the same cell as the deranged killer, Tuberz McGee. Tuberz had a host of untreated mental illnesses, all of them contributing to his extreme violence. Perhaps most dangerous of all was the violent rage he entered at the sight of uninjured people.
       Jorito entered the cell cautiously. The heavily-muscled Tuberz appeared to be asleep. Jorito stepped as quietly as he was able, but a loud crunch sound resulted anyways. He cursed his Dorito heritage. Tuberz awoke to the noise and looked right at Jorito.
       "You look yummy. What's you? A 12-person jury or Dorito?"
       "Both, actually."
       "You mostly look like chip." Tuberz didn't enter a violent rage at the sight of Jorito, despite Jorito being uninjured. Jorito concluded McGee's rage must activate only when he sees pure-blooded uninjured humans.
       "So, uh, what're you in for?"
       "Man laughed at Tuberz. Man got tubed."
       "Oh, well that's uh...uh..." Jorito stammered.
       "Then jury convict Tuberz but Tuberz escape. Jury got tubed."
       "...An entire jury!?"
       "Then another jury convict Tuberz, but Tuberz escape again and tube them too!" McGee's anger seemed to grow with each word. His steady drool turned into a turbulent sputter. His veins bulged and his face reddened.
       "You know, I consider myself much more Dorito than the, uh, other half of my parentage..." Jorito hoped his quaking fear didn't show on his face.
       "TUUUUUUBE!" Tuberz punched a hole into the wall with steroid strength, ripping out a metal pipe with tremendous force. He proceeded to demonstrate violent "tubing" motions with it, reenacting his myriad murders.
       "Tuberz HATE JURIES," he shouted, unable to contain his rage, before his eyes glazed over and filled with tears, "and.....and juries hate Tuberz. Why they hate Tuberz?"
       "I don't know. I, for one, like you a lot."
       Tuberz paused his bawling. "You like Tuberz?"
       "Yes. I think you have a terrific personality."
       McGee appeared dumbfounded by Jorito's claim and stared at him blankly, ".....All of them!?"
       "All of wha--oooohhhh....yes, all of your personalities."
       "Tuberz like you too. Tuberz help you escape."
       "You can do that? How?"
       "Tube." Tuberz proceeded to break down the wall with his fists, revealing a chute, probably intended for laundry. Tuberz ripped a hole in it large enough for a person to fit through. "You go in now."
       "Hold on. Let's say this takes us outside. What will we do then? If we don't have a plan, we'll just be caught and jailed again."
       "We go see my friend, Evktalo. He help."
       "Ok, I just hope he knows we're coming."
       "He know. He wait for Tuberz," McGee said, before lowering his voice to a whisper, "But Tuberz must warn you something about Evktalo."
       "What's that?"
       "He completely insane."

       (To be continued in Part 2.)


  3. Looks like I'm going this week. I'm thinking Gregorian Chant Breakbeat.


    So basically I can't decide what genre I'm doing so I'm doing all of them. 



    Hope that helps.

    Oh, and here's my lyrics from GLL's remix last week:


    Darkesword compo

    With a deadline coming very soon

    Mixing n' fixing
    Shoveling caffeine in with a spoon

    Not much time left
    Gotta rush this and get it done
    'bout to master
    Oh no I forgot a whole section


    I'm halfway done

    I don't want to let the team down

    And I've only used one theme

    Just hours left

    Barely awake


    Not much time left
    Gotta rush this and get it done
    'bout to master
    Oh no I forgot a whole section


    I have a feeling these will become highly relevant for some of us in a couple of days.

  4. Doesn't the third person on your team have to go this week though?


    That's what the rules say....


    The competition is divided into blocks. Each block is divided into three one-week-long rounds, and there are three blocks in the competition. At the start of every round, I will reveal the Gauntlet theme (which will be the level music from one of Sigma's Fortress levels), and the team-members will decide who will be the remixer for that round. Remixers can only take one round per block.


  5. Is it possible to see the lyrics for Evktalo's and Jason's song?






    The night passes into memory

    I drift from my bed

    Animated by my longing

    For my beerloved

    How I waited so long for you

    Now I need you near

    I'll press you to my lips and drink

    You're my favorite beer








    My beerly





    My one true brew

    I'll be with you

    I'll drink anew

    And I'll find you.


    I wrote more, but didn't get a chance to record. Oh well.

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