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  1. I'm not home to completely evaluate and say for sure but I like the sound of the space you use. It's like somehow dry but also feels like it has good energy as well. Are you just using the verb from the instruments? I have Soundiron's Olympus Elements and sometimes I use that verb only because its nice.
  2. Spooky compo, good compo! Good work everyone, see you next time!
  3. Still working on my Salt Flats mix among others but I like to do little things like this when I need a break or inspiration. I'm actually really happy how the choir worked out. For Christmas I got Soundiron's Mars and Venus choirs (from myself 😅) but haven't had a chance to put the legato patches to the test. Still need practice but I think they fit the track well enough.
  4. Woot woot good job everyone! Wassup really surprised me with the orchestral approach and expanded interpretation. I always expect some guitars from ya but you went the extra mile on this. I always wondered what everyone's instrument is actually 🧐.
  5. Hope you get it solved voudou lady!
  6. You deserve the biggest virtual hug for this lol. Your point about automating EQ and the like is something I haven't done personally yet. I got Gulfoss awhile back and I've been lazy about automation since then haha. I still have to do a lot of panning, volume adjustment, and EQ by myself but at the end when I have a mud monster, it is very helpful to have Gulfoss alleviate some of that or at least show me what is making things not sound like I want. Then I can go back and do some stuff. About the bass mono thing. I dunno how exactly I can do that but usually if it's a heavy bass instrument or it's percussion I point those pans all the way to the middle haha. Idk if that makes them mono or not but I find that having those kind of instruments anywhere else often creates problems. This isnt cut and dry (especially with strings) but I do it a lot.
  7. Another day, another FFVIII mix lol. I dunno what it is about this soundtrack but I have done more songs for it than anything. Anywho, I was going to make this a full mix but I think its run its course in my mind and I've not much else left for it. It helped get me out of a funk of not completing a song though! Hope there is something in there that you find enjoyable.
  8. I have some time off from work so im gonna try and work something out!
  9. I think I just meant that in this case, you mentioned earlier the stark contrast between the two vocals and for me, they didn't actually feel too different haha. Besides the fact that one I had actually eq'd and added reverb and the other just was using the natural reverb of the vst. Sometimes I think I feel rather discouraged if something one person hears is very different than what I hear. Like my ear needs more training 😜. No worries though! I think like you said, I'll just continue to explore the ideas and if I come up with a concept that requires me to make the vocals different, evolve, or whatever...I'll just go do my best. Its the same with EQ, compression, and all sorts of other things. I'm still learning to use them and half the time I just discover their functions on accident or by fooling around. Usually there is something sound wise I want and I know I can do but I don't know how. So...I fool around and pray I find new techniques along the way! So if someone recommends I change something with EQ I just know it's going to be...a journey lol
  10. Thanks for coming by and sharing your thoughts. I think I struggle with the concept or idea of the two voices coming across as separated from each other. That being said, I had yet to apply reverb to the male voice and in the current iteration (which I did last night lol) I used the same verb on the two. I also moved them to similar spots on the sound stage and upped the eq on the female voice so she sounds more forward. Also took some time to think about what the vocals being more forward meant for the rest. So I changed the guitar up, let it sit back more so the vocals could shine. Other than that yeah, im still trying to work on adding more and really sending that last part after transition to the Galaxy without brick walking the frequencies and such. I need to add some more things but after that, I have to...really try my best to balance and EQ. I am not so good at these things though 😂. Anywho, much work to be done still. Thanks a lot for your thoughts!
  11. After my first OCR rejection I finally got the gumption to get up and back on the keys lol. I dunno why this song but it felt right and I had some fun ideas. Probably gonna extend the beginning maybe twice as long and then go into the little surprise in the middle but we will see. At some point it kinda just cuts out most of the instruments and thats where I stopped. I guess we will see where the road takes me this time! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hQujqMGaY04r-7QzLJSrvA8jAEwPb1i5/view?usp=sharing
  12. Here, YouTube, Reddit, and anywhere else it may be applicable!
  13. I thought this was going to be for three pianos hahaha. A bit disappointed but then pleasantly surprised. It's a decent start. I think even if the automations and such get much better, unless the mix is unbelievably exquisite and emotional, I'd want more originality. Maybe in a B section? What do you mean by modeled by the way?
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