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  1. Maybe that's the case for this track and you need some more experience. But from what I can hear, you got at least a good ear on you and a musical mind. I hope on your journey you continue to find what moves you! Looking forward to hearing more.
  2. Hey man, even though it probably isn't different enough to become an OC Remix song, beauty is still beauty. There is a lot of really nice work in the dynamics here imo. The flute is nice too even though like you said, there are some ornament issues. I guess it was accidentally triggering them? What VST is that btw? Im wondering though, even though it is straight up and there are many other orchestra Terras on the internet these days, what could be done with a rather moderate arrangement to really make it standout? Maybe once you are done here, you can do some soul searching and find out h
  3. I think all the percussion here is from Damage 2. Except the Windchimes that is. I really think if you are just casually making music like me with only a few other projects on the side, then Damage 2 is kind of just...an all in one solution for cinematic percussion. I mean, some of my other percussion works well but they came from packs of other things or were just nice free stuff I picked up along the way. Some people say Damage 2 isn't very versatile because of the heavy industrial sound but I somewhat disagree. It just needs some taming and loving and care if you want it to do other things.
  4. Oh my God this whole time I was wondering why nobody even looked at the link haha. I never even put it there *sigh*. I feel so bad for wasting people's time! It is there now.
  5. If they are wav files you should be able to just drag and drop em or go to import and import the wav into your session. That's how I would do it in pro tools anyway and it tends to be way more fickle than logic lol
  6. Took a break from my more uhh, finicky projects to try my hand at Cid's Theme. I think there are some rhythm issues that I could never get fully quantized but it mostly works out. Mostly though I wanted to do a little quiet part and then bring it really big haha. Thankfully YouTube saved me with compression to hide some of the faults with my EQ abilities. I hope you enjoy it!
  7. Hi there! I'm not big into the super loud epic stuff but I wanted to try some stuff for a request I got on my channel. One problem I'm always running into is getting things as loud sounding as I want or present as I want without clipping hard or just jacking up the sound stage. In the track in question I think I've come a long way from where I was at. Mostly doing easy automated eq panning with the solo instruments and lowering/raising the volume on certain instruments when I need them to back off or come forward. Still, I know if I wasn't an absolute EQ noob I'd be able to free up some of the
  8. Thank you for the tip! Problem I'm running into is I'll definitely need to make decisions on the loops I'll keep so I can freeze em. If I want to change something later I'll need to reload and change stuff. I think though for the percussion since I solely rely on loops (I kinda suck haha) I'll make executive decisions and freeze em up! Long live my ram space~. Thank you for your thoughts and tips!
  9. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tTI2jiT6mbB7F2idA63X-PxT3C6Rk3q7/view?usp=drivesdk Think I've just reached a point where I'm currently lost. I've also heard some feedback about the transition being out of sync with the guitar which I don't hear but maybe because I'm too deep in my mind is playing what I want to hear as opposed to what is being heard. I also haven't done the proper EQ (which I'm bad at anyway) and balancing yet so maybe that would help. Regardless, I'm not really sure where to go from here. Maybe I need to take some time away from it or something. I kinda have
  10. Started to dig more into part 2 and trying to flesh out the direction I'm going. New link in the original post.
  11. Thank you for the lovely comments! I'll keep working to try and make this something I can be proud of going forward. As far as vocals are concerned I really like searching for new vocal packs and goodies. I think primarily I use Heavyocity's Vocalize 1 and 2 and 8dio's Jennie for solo female stuff. For full choirs I use 8dios studio sopranos and Strezov Sampling has a few choirs I like. I think personally I get way more bang for my buck on vocal libraries than anything. There are a few more I want but money is tight and I am not able to really demo things to determine whether it's worth a
  12. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tTI2jiT6mbB7F2idA63X-PxT3C6Rk3q7/view?usp=drivesdk updated 4/21/21 I actually started this awhile ago but never really did anything with it. I guess recently I had some new ideas that came to fruition and I can finally post the first part for feedback. I know the second part will just be the first part but with a more aggressive vibe but I'm unsure how the whole thing will go after that. Hopefully I can do something interesting haha.
  13. Honestly I really dig the approach. I especially like the horns and what you did with em. Really funky and I'm getting almost like a marvel vs Capcom vibe or some type of late 90s early 2000s Capcom 2D game. Personally the staccato notes you added don't do it for me or maybe it's just the instrument/synth being used for them. May I suggest something like Spitfire Labs' mandolin or moon guitar? And maybe make it less straight forward? Like a eighth and two sixteenths type of beat with maybe some twang on it as well. It could definitely just be my ears but as it is now it just sounds distr
  14. Needed an outline before I start doing more funky stuff with it. Unfortunately I'm running out of RAM at this juncture so I need to figure out what to do about that first. 16GB isnt enough! In the meantime I'll work on instrument balance and EQ and developing more unique ideas to make it my own/a proper remix. But for now, a nice sketch.
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