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  1. MGS2 was pretty much the worst MGS. MGS 1 and 3 would make better movies... In any case, games have artistic appeal in their design. I wouldn't call just any video game "art," though.
  2. ... You can't ignore the fact that MGS2 is a video game because it is a video game. To say that it would be a cheesy action film if it were a movie is rather stupid, because you would have to have a redone screenplay. Also, concept art. :]
  3. lol you guys are pretty funny. No, really.
  4. Since I torrent just about everything, I laugh when I see services like this.
  5. Graphics are a lesser selling point. It's been said a million times; gameplay is a lot more important. Visuals are a part of gameplay, but they are certainly not as important as the last few generations of gaming has held them to be.
  6. Last time I heard from him he was helping his sister with her kid and stuff.
  7. That's one damn catchy chiptune. Much better than the shit they turned it into. Nothing against any genre of music, but the original just sounds better to my ears.
  8. Why is everyone talking about him like he's dead? He just resigned his position as a staff member, which is probably a blessing given its status quo. In any case, continue to maek mix, plz.
  9. If anything, this belongs in the Requests forums. But that's not my call.
  10. Wolfstan

    PC Gaming

    This town ain't big 'nuff for the two of us!
  11. This got me laughing for a good few moments.
  12. Wolfstan

    Sony PS3

    http://ps3.ign.com/articles/746/746482p1.html Ouch. Costs nearly 1k to make a console?
  13. Alright, guys. I never thought to ask here about SSBM tips, but here goes. I've been Smashing it up with the guys in my dorm, (first time playing anyone outside my family, we're all fairly evenly matched) and we're about to hold a dorm-wide tournament. I've been playing this one guy who uses Dr. Mario and Pikachu, and ALWAYS uses their down-Smash attacks at every possible moment. I consider myself a good player, though I can't L-Cancel very well yet, and my wavedash is far from good. Doc's and Pika's down smash devastates me when I try to get past his guard, no matter how much I wavedash and roll away. He just casually walks up, and WHAM- downsmashed, even when I roll away. Part of this, I think, is because both characters down smash attacks have what can be best described as an "instant" effect, in both directions. Doc's down-S is FAST, Pika's is seemingly instant and has a cyclone-effect. The thing that frustrates me is, I can hit the guy with well-connected combos, but all he does is spam his smash attacks and own me. I mainly use Yoshi, the Links, Zelda-Shiek, and to a lesser extent Fox. I'm usually able to defeat him with the Links, more so YOUNG Link, because he has more mobility than Adult. I have trouble hitting opponents with Adult's Spin-Atk on the ground. His pattern is usually something like- Jump towards me with <-A-> Aerial, I evade or hit him, he spams down-smash, I get hit 70% of the time, he continues to stalk me using Smash attacks to keep me off the ground... This continues with some variation, but that's largely his pattern with both characters. He's definitely beatable, but it bothers me that Doc can KO so easily with his Smash attacks. It definitely requires more skill to use Mario compared to Doc. I just can't seem to stop this guy 100% of the time when he uses Doc.
  14. This game is going to suck ass. EDIT: Before I am jumped by varios posters, my philosophical point is to expect the worst.
  15. Voted Medium, I figured 34-36 fell in that range... hopefully
  16. If anyone ever wants to play SSB on PJ64k, I'm game.
  18. Sorry to disrupt the conversation here, but I'm wondering if I should get a DS Lite or get an original DS. What are the differences? Are there cons to getting the DS Lite? (Besides price) It would be nice if there were more than one color for the Lite... all the vendors I've seen with it only have it in polar white.
  19. Question; does anyone know the rough size equivalents for the shirts and hoods? I'm a fairly lean guy (32-34 waist) but I don't know if I should go with medium or large...
  20. Ah... this mix brings my ears great delight. A real treat from the man himself, djp. I loved the piano, and the guitar harmony. It really added to the hybrid of the mix. Well done, and highly reccomended.
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