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  1. Thx TVG for your comment, I learned a lot ^^ See you on the next one ;D
  2. COME IN ! - [Scorpions MK2] 😄
  3. OOH THANKS for the votes guys ! It was more like a tie win. WassupThunder has made a good job too, keep-up the good work man. Okay, time to work on the midi file for the next contest
  4. I knew it ! I should have done an 1 hour extension just for you lol
  5. Slap them in their FACE ! XD Firstly, you can actually report the video ; see the 3 dots on the right of the action of the video ? click on it, report and say out loud that he/she did not respect copyright laws. I'm not an expert into copyright stuff but ... if it's not your own composition, can it be considered as copyright infringement ? For the moment, all we can do as fellow remixers is to spit on his video in the comment section.
  6. Oh ! Another Breath of fire 2 source !! I love it ❤️ @HoboKa : don't be lazy, just make another version of it. What about a hard rock version for a change ? lol
  7. That's a nice pick. I love that game ! Mega Man X1 has so much good memories packed inside. @Souperion : yup I agree. But, I've listened to a lot of great mega man x1 tracks remix on youtube. I'm gonna try what I can to remix this ^^ Good luck everyone on this one
  8. Congrats to the winner and the other participants Looking forward for the next one. @DJ Mokram : We are gonna fight together for the next wooden spoon
  9. Haha, yeah, that game was also among my first video games of my life. Gameboy was such a great experience
  10. OH ! one of my most favorite game of all time ! ❤️ I have to do something for this
  11. Hello Popoi, I used the "Ressource 1" midi version on the page link; it works without problem with Ableton. I just drag and drop it on a new project without issue
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