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  1. hello, my name is shnabubula I "study piano" and "play very well" this is ridiculous you once again cause me to re-assess the musicianship of this entire site with your genius you can't humble your way out of this one, sam... it's just too damn brilliant at any rate, consider it saved, backed up on DVD, and somehow transferred to vinyl
  2. first of all, what happened to the forums omg change I can't handle it actually it looks pretty nice second of all, after playing both the wii and gamecube versions, I decided to buy the gamecube version some may say that I only did this to avoid paying 250 dollars for a new console to these people I would say "maybe", but to myself I would justify my poorness with something along the lines of "the screen is less cluttered, I have camera control, and link is properly left-handed" anyway, I'm thirty hours in, with eleven hearts and two mirror shards, and it is quite simply the best game I have
  3. yeah, I'm not happy with the ending either I'm currently trying to fix it with weapons-grade awesome I'll listen for the reverb issues you brought up... I didn't expect anyone to have a comment about that, but now that I think of it, I didn't pay very close attention to the effects levels
  4. I'm thinking of making the official title "techno robot trees olol" not really, but it would be thoroughly awesome to see that title on the front page of ocr
  5. Thanks! And yes, I do write somethings. Poetry and some short stories and stuff. Good guess! Glad you liked them and feel free to mess around with them as far as combinationness. I do a lot of singer/songwriting on the side, so if you ever want help or critique on lyrics or poetry, feel free to pm or e-mail me
  6. glad to have you back in my virtual life also, all of those title ideas are pretty damn cool and suprisingly insightful as far as the flow and direction of the piece, as well as the connection to the parts of the game it encompasses are you going to be a writer by chance anyway, I'll take all those into consideration and maybe formulate my own combination of them or something
  7. does the download link not work for you or are you just saying that I can still ask you to host it for me if it's the first thing, goddamn it if it's the second thing, I appreciate it but I won't probably ask you to do it until I have access to aim again
  8. http://www.sendspace.com/file/di8w67 finally, version 2 is finished and uploaded! alright, this version has an ending, but I'm not really happy with it any comments are welcome and appreciated, and HELP ME THINK OF A COOL TITLE kbye
  9. I'm going to have to rapidshare the new version, unfortunately gimme a few minutes edit: no update tonight, I can't find hosting goddamn it
  10. sorry for the lack of updates; I unfortunately don't have access to the internet on my computer, so I have to transfer via CD ACTUALLY count on an update tonight
  11. hey all, I've got the mix structurally finished... it's about 4:40 I ended up scrapping the theme that plays during the exposition (the last theme you hear on the current version) and replacing it with the fairy's fountain theme, which turned out phenomenal in my opinion anyway, look for the new version tomorrow; I just need to get a chance to upload it
  12. I've found the best way to handle a remix becoming "too full and confusing" is to not subtract any of the elements, but lower the levels of some of them and alter all the lines just enough so that they fall into better sync... it makes the climaxes infinitely more satisfying good luck, though... I'll definitely be watching this one
  13. I can tell you pretty confidently that this won't end up getting passed it might get a few no resubmits, but any yes's are unlikely if you want to increase your odds, try a few things first, vary the percussion a LOT more... add and subtract subtle patterns, like handrums or an extra hihat, maybe distorted loops run through a filter, that kind of thing. right now all you have is the one loop going when it's needed, and that's good for establishing rhythm, but you need to vary the soundscape much more second, vary the instrumentation more, add subtle synth lines that fade in and out to accompan
  14. ok, I think I'll put it in plain english now this isn't finished this isn't finished the ending that you hear is not the real ending in fact, this mix will end up being approximately 5 minutes it's not finished one might even refer to it as a work in progress if one were feeling bold
  15. I make remix you listen remix version 2 (or 3 I don't really know at this point) post your think
  16. at any rate, it makes me happy that fifteen people chose "absolutely not, fag" I was expecting 20+
  17. so I don't know how long this project is going to take or if it will ever be finished however, I am doing a really neato zelda 3 remix that is almost finished kbye
  18. Beautiful tirade. Really. Self-important, tangential...only remotely on-topic at all. Next time I care to know why GLL thinks he wouldnt be a good judge, I'll subscribe to his newsletter. well thought-out zing! hm doesn't really roll off the tongue does it
  19. shut up koelsch you ruin everything shut up koelsch you ruin everything shut up koelsch you ruin everything shut up koelsch you ruin everything shut up koelsch you ruin everything shut up koelsch you ruin everything shut up koelsch you ruin everything shut up koelsch you ruin everything shut up koelsch you ruin everything shut up koelsch you ruin everything shut up koelsch you ruin everything shut up koelsch you ruin everything shut up koelsch you ruin everything shut up koelsch you ruin everything shut up koelsch you ruin everything shut up koelsch you ruin everything shut up koelsch you ruin
  20. blah blah blah woman joke blah blah blah no one knows bgc joke generic congratulatory remark seriously though gg nextmap
  22. shit rayman is a possibly playable character? I think I'm going to need some new boxers
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