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  1. hm... the link is dead, you say? well, I unfortunately haven't done any substantial work on this remix in quite some time (mostly due to my adventures in being a singer/songwriter), but I do have the second version here on my HD so let me find a place to upload it real quick and I'll fix the link edit: http://download.yousendit.com/8EB49D767E8A4E4F that should work for 7 days
  2. just a tip guys, they probably throw out any votes that are 100% or 0% derrr
  3. I don't think any of you realize how many people tune in to the Colbert Report every night here's a hint: it's a fucking lot and the fact that so many people are willing to watch a show that clearly satirizes the extremist republican mindset, while still managing to be legitimately hilarious... at a time when at LEAST 50% of the country is against our current republican president uh, yeah... not influential, my ass
  4. well it didn't suck at all so when I get paid tomorrow I might paypal you a few bucks might
  5. I've been done since before this project started I had a pet dinosaur when my mix was finished I sent in the final version from a cave because it was in the distant past additional joke referencing something that happened a long time ago
  6. I can definitely see myself failing to play this song gg
  7. this better not suck, because I paid no money for it or the bandwidth I used downloading it
  8. interesting... what's more interesting is that if the article were about the next mario or zelda game being multiplatform, our heads would explode
  9. so I just decided that at some point in my life I am going to hang out with djp and discuss the effects of this website on our respective lives see you sometime within the next few years, dave
  10. it does not help that the majority of ChthoniC's english-speaking fans are total dicks
  11. "Ok, people seem to think 35 pounds is a lot of money, but Wii remotes are the same price and no-one carps on about that. Ok, the price of the Wii itself is less than half that of PS3, but clearly PS3 games are superior - they get Zelda, we get Gundam, and I know which one I'd rather play - so it balances out. Besides, the Sixaxis is far better than the Wiimote - it must be, it won an Innovation Award at CES in LA, thus entirely disproving the theory that the motion sensing idea was a last-minute rush job by Sony." If I didn't know any better, I'd say this guy is having some fun with his words
  12. I should clarify that I was showing how the "indie" mentality makes things much harder for up-and-coming bands all in all, it seems unfair, but it really isn't... if musicians want to make music for a living, they can't just do whatever they want
  13. tim rogers kicks my ass repeatedly exremely insightful reviews, amazing writing ability, and an extremely mature view of video games as lucrative forms of interaction he's just so damned GOOD
  14. let's call a fictional band "Talented, Creative, & Accessible" TCA starts out early on as young adults, writing music and playing local shows... they become popular with their friends and family and start to catch on over the internet through websites like myspace TCA gets a big break by opening for a much more well-established band that shares their genre, and they sell lots of demos at the show TCA now has many more fans and finally records a full album on an indie label... the fact that the label is "indie" spurs a huge influx of new fans that wear chuck taylors like they just hit store
  15. if genres didn't exist, somehow... this problem would be completely eliminated it's the same with politics: if there were no parties, we'd get a lot more done also, punk rock kids and electronica nerds are definitely NOT the snobbiest of the music snobs try to talk to an "INDIE KID" about music for more than 3 seconds... they win, bar none
  16. so many songs I have to make so many fucking songs
  17. how can xelebes be a mod when he's so busy posting every 12 seconds
  18. This remix is so awesome. So awesome! It's like if Genesis and Pink Floyd were locked in a room with nothing but twelve televisions and a giant hookah, got high and played video games nonstop for three weeks, went directly to a studio, decided that Phil Collins wasn't allowed to sing, and vomited all of their pent-up musicianship into the glorious paper bag we call ocremix. At any rate, after listening to what you have to offer here... you need to start songwriting, if you haven't already. I mean, with the kind of theory knowledge and talent you display with just these three songs... it's mind
  19. I decided to inspect whether or not you have any more remixes on the site after loving "Lake in Ontario" so much, and I'm incredibly happy to find that you do! And they don't suck, either! Quite the opposite, really... this one's got that same old-school progressive album-rock-junkie sound, which I absolutely LOVE, and the injection of latin textures just makes the whole thing even more fun.
  20. This mix... this mix! All across the world, this mix is going to be the common ground between teenage gamers and their fathers. Somehow, you've done it. You have taken a video game song and made it sound like late 70s progressive rock. I don't know how you pulled it off, but you did, and good GOD is it awesome. Anyway, fucking GENIUS. Please make more like this. PLEASE.
  21. That's a really good point, actually. I only have "fun" playing video games when it's multiplayer, and there's a large amount of external social activity. When I'm playing a really good game by myself, it's "lucratively entertaining". ...if that makes sense.
  22. I don't know when this was posted or why I haven't heard it yet, but it kicks major ass. My only complaint would have to be what sounds like a bit of overcompression that causes the snare and other midfrequencies to lose a portion of their punctuating punch.
  23. I'm just going to cite Super Mario 64 and leave it at that. It defines "fun video game" for me.
  24. I have five dollars here in my pocket that says otherwise okay I'm broke but if I had five dollars, it would say otherwise anyway, I'm still toying with ending ideas, and I've recently started a chiptune/house/trance/barf version of terra's theme that I'm starting to like, so just be patient and listen to v2 until I figure out if that's the final version
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