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  1. my biggest complaint is the direct transcription of the melody add some extra notes, vary the rhythm, something I'm talking about at the very beginning, btw
  2. flik you never cease to crack me the fuck up this is weapons-grade awesome
  3. ahahahahahahahaha btw love this remix... pseudo-chip-mixes are one of my favorite guilty pleasures
  4. super smash bros melee - *pauses super smash bros melee* YES fun for the casual gamer, a complete addiction to the hardcore guitar hero 2 - YES it has incredibly detailed transcriptions of the guitar parts for the controller, and is easily my favorite music game ever EVER
  5. well that went way over my head, didn't it should I feel stupid thinking..........thinking.........thinking...........no edit: so I just noticed that you're prizm, you know like, the remixer now I do feel stupid
  6. yes it did, you just don't understand music he posted a very common chord progression used in pop music frankly, I love the standard punk progression I V vi IV.. especially when you shift it over by two chords to make vi IV I V in fact, that last one is probably my favorite rock progression ever... I use it in almost all of my songs edit: wait did this just get moved from unmod to gendisc it's the apocalypse
  7. dunnah nunnah NUH nunna WRONG this thread is for discussing why certain people (geek-chic hipster cockfags) dismiss pop music merely because it's popular, and whether or not that's fair the idea is to get a bunch of different opinions on the matter and discuss them LIEK SOME KIND OF BOARD WITH MESSAGES ON THE INTERNET OR so, if the goal is to get a bunch of different opinions on the matter, it only seems logical that the person prompting the discussion also shares his opinion, which I did so yeah you can quit with the holier-than-thou bullshit whenever you like
  8. darsox recently sent me that fatty acid remix it's fucking brilliant, to say the least
  9. hey superpal this thread isn't about musical taste it's about pre-judging music based on popularity and how I don't think that is right good try though D+
  10. I bet you're in the pit in marching band they kind of encourage the dancing thing
  11. oh yeah all you people who tell me to submit linear groove 100 times a day I submitted linear groove so shut up
  12. nowadays, 'indie' means 'independent' just as much as it means 'alternative'
  13. it wasn't a response to your thread more of a spin-off
  14. oh yeah, about kelly clarkson it's even worse because she was made famous by a fucking talent search television show talk about shallow and manufactured again, this isn't about whether or not there exists bad pop music... we all agree that there does
  15. what's worse is when kids actually stop listening to a band (or at least stop letting on that they like them) when they get a big break or air time a good example would be say anything and their single "wow, I can get sexual too" this band rocks, and they've amassed a pretty huge following in their rise from indie to popular on myspace... anyway, they recently got the video for their single played on mtv's trl, and legions of their so-called fans immediately began whining because trl is for preppy kids who don't listen to real music first of all, you don't own the bands you listen to, and you
  16. there's this site it's basically what you're trying to do, but on a much larger and more developed scale you might have heard of it
  17. when discussing music, my brain automatically translates "x band sucks" to "I don't like x band" I thought everyone on the internet does that now
  18. I'm not saying you can't like specific instances of it I don't like a lot of pop music, simply because it sucks but completely discounting all popular music simply because it's popular is completely illogical and annoying as fuck
  19. a lot of people like the way this sounds and are willing to pay good money to listen to it at home obviously it must be terrible because PEOPLE SUCK
  20. nothing, that's what I'm growing increasingly annoyed with this ridiculous group of counter-culture bullshitters spouting about how popular music is "simplistic" and "manufactured" and "not real music" GO BACK TO YOUR HIPSTER CAVE
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