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  1. Your search - you are not john stamos nes chiptune - did not match any documents. Suggestions: * Make sure all words are spelled correctly. * Try different keywords. * Try more general keywords. * Try fewer keywords.
  3. http://www.cs.hmc.edu/~afield/chth-preview.mp3 get it while it's hot
  4. Hm, I forgot to finish the preview track before I posted. Gimme a second.
  5. I'm chthonic, for those of you who don't know. So basically I'm working on an album. It's going to be neato. The concept is this: Think of the word "Remix". Now think of what it meant before we drenched it in things like "arrangement" and "deviance from the original". Yeah, I'm talking oldschool game remixes. 90s shit. To give you a better feel for the genre, I've made a preview thing that spotlights three of the tracks on the album... get it here. The reason I am posting this here is to give you all a heads up and ask you to start spreading the word or whatever, but also to see if any of you
  6. nothing now I can sit back and wait for the will to mix again it's been so long
  7. I really hope Young Link doesn't leave. He's better than regular Link tenfold, and he's my good character.
  8. SOMEONE CAUGHT THE REWIND! I'd paypal you a dollar, but I'm far too uncommitted.
  9. You mean the shield right? If so, yeah, the shield is pretty important. The R button also allows you to do dodges. You should try fighting low level CPUs and work your way up to the highest ones, and multiple opponents. I can beat a single level 9 opponent 99% of the time. I get KO'd a few times, yes, but that's mostly because I turn off all the items. I can come out on top when facing three level 7 opponents in melee, but above that is pretty difficult. I just never ever ever block or dodge, and I want to figure it out.
  10. Important question: If I never ever teach myself to use the R button, will I get my ass handed to me? I can't beat the game on hard without using a continue, either.
  11. haha, the string overlap in the intro is pretty terrible however, the rest of the mix rocked harder than a lot of the stuff here excellent work; made my collection easily
  12. psst zircon said it right thonic, with a long O and a very like K sound before it think of the K as a pickup note to the work kthohnick
  13. I don't know about that one, but it's more easy to go with the flow, and if there aren't any negative comments, it's more demanding to make a new negative post. So, the comments that happen to come first count the most. For example... You didn't like ANYTHING before 2:10 but still the remix was "not bad"? Is it just me, or might your comment have been influenced by the previous posts? rofl jogilius, official spokesperson for reading way too far into things
  14. this is why I remix, people well, this and for pure selfish personal satisfaction
  15. the only difference between this and the vgmix version is that the vgmix one doesn't exist
  16. I will try to incorporate larger amounts of unts in my next remix
  17. sucess! in reality the only motivation for this mix was "hey I've been playing this game nonstop for about a week now, I bet I can get a new game added to the ocr database" in reality the only motivation for this post was to mark it to notify me when someone replies
  18. And yet the issue here has been sound quality, mostly. How ironic. Also, do you use the mastering suite in FLstudio after or before you've recorded your song? I hope it has distortion effects worth mentioning - the ones in reason were horrible... I have a killer chemistry exam coming up next week (more than half of last year's class flunked it), so I might not have time to try fruityloops out until... the week after that one. I hope to be done soon, though. I use fruity compressor, fruity fast dist, and fruity blood overdrive for EVERYTHING I'd say they are worth mentioning
  19. I had this one winning the competition for a reason. Wildly creative, great use of resampling, and amazing all around. However, I am still technically one mix ahead of my good friend Rellik. <3
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