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  1. I can't really give you any advice, but it's a good start, and hopefully a sign of things to come when the game is released. It's about damn time that Hamauzu will get the spotlight...
  2. The music from Evergrace and Forever Kingdom is...well...figure it out yourself.
  3. You know, this isn't that bad. I actually like the direction that you're taking this in. The parts where you actually incorporate the theme (1:20) sound like a weird mesh of Sakimoto and maybe Hamuazu or Shimomura, but it's definitely and interesting take on the original song. That said, this still needs a lot of work. The rest the arrangement outside of the main theme is obnoxious, and there doesn't seem to be much structure to the piano melody you have going on outside of the fact that its annoyingly pentatonic. Better samples would help, but this is still a far cry from General MIDI, so they aren't so bad either. I would work on the arrangement itself first and then listening to more experienced remixers tell you what to do next. Keep at, at least you're doing something original!
  4. ...I hate to be Debbie Downer so far into the process, but I'm still not a fan of the way you sing the song. It's not that you have a bad voice, and the reverb makes quite a difference, but I think your voice still sounds flat compared with everything else. The notes seem right, but there isn't any emotion in them, or the emotion you're using just doesn't match up with the accompaniment. There's such a great potential for this mix, I'm glad you're perfecting it and not hastily submitting it. Good luck!
  5. Assuming you weren't a total douche and didn't have the Karasawa, FINGER, or the energy sniper rifle equipped and you weren't using PLUS abilities, Ultimate Nineball in Armored Core: Master of Arena is just ridiculous. If you fail to move within the first two seconds of the battle, you will die. Then you have to deal with a constant barrage of homing missles, machine guns, and rapid-fire plasma blasts. Get too close and he'll use his dual-blades that shave off 2000 AP with each hit. Lightweights with just a machine gun and missles could probably take him out easily, but I fail to see how any heavyweight could last for more than 20 seconds.
  6. 10/10! Although I wish I could remember when this song was played in the game, (The "Futuristic Sky Place"? Or was it when you were in the presence of "DNA Dude"?) I've always loved this song, and you did an EXCELLENT job of remixing it.
  7. 7/10 Pretty good, but the Hymn of Fayth is kind of a gimmick. The rest is made up of not so great samples, and I too cannot dechiper what song this is a remix of. It's still fun to listen too.
  8. I agree with Systemaniac and GrayLightning.(who doesn't remember me from VGMIX!) The intro is just FANTASTIC, and when it started climbing to the main theme, I knew this would be an unbelievable Remix. But when your remix actually HIT the main theme, everything seemed to fall apart; it was too fast, much more midish than the begginning, and it felt like a cheesy TV action movie. The bombing run part sounded like it had it's percussion all out of place, and didn't seem to be as loud and, "declare" as much as the original. Still, it's a very good remix that I enjoy listening to, but there's always one "reorchestrated" Remix from VGMix that will always be in my heart, and unfortunately in a higher place than yours. 8/10
  9. Hardest boss eh? Well I could be a n00b and say Mundus on DMD or Ruby Weapon, but then there was Dr. Wily in Megaman 7. Considering Megaman had the mobility of a turtle when compared to X, this was damn near impossible.
  10. 8.5/10- I heard the original remix back when it was posted at VGMIX ( ), and I have to say, this version is INFINITELY better than the first. The beat still kinda throws me off, but the intro is fantastic the song's more complete. Good job.
  11. 5/10. Lame, boring, and short. The piano varitions sound like something I came up with when I was ten using my ever so sacred Music Write program. And there's no intro, whatsoever.
  12. Hello? No one's ever played Armored Core: MoA? The last boss was RIDICULOUSLY hard! He had every type of weapon in the game, and could fly! It's my favorite boss battle of all time...
  13. 3/10-Really, really good in the begginning, really, really bad by the end. Whatever sample you used for the actual melody completely ruined the remix. I would have given you a six if you used a flute instead.
  14. 4/10. Here...let's just start off with an analogy: Men In Black: Men In Black 2:: Dancing Madly First Form: Second Form For the uniformed, MIB2 really, really sucked. But the first one was VERY, very good. I just thought this remix was too empty, it just wasn't as detailed as your first mix.
  15. 8/10- Although your mix is far better than "ZerotheUltimateWarrior", both of you forgot about the best part of the song!!! I love that weird vocal sample in the background, but I don't really agree with the beat...overall though it was a very good mix.
  16. 11/10 AWESOME!!! There's a funny story behind how I first attained your remix. I was searching on Kazaa one day for the original, and found yours. Looking at the "Artist" section I said, "So Alex Prievert is her name, huh? She's a pretty good singer!" After playing it I realised this wasn't the one in Xenogears. "Hmmm... this must be the original. Why would they remix it? They should have had THIS one in the game!" Four months later I find out the real artist's name in Joanne Hogg and your version was the remix. Long story short, I thought your remix was FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRR better than the orignal.
  17. PERFECT! 10/10. The reason I like this remix so much is becuase it gives the song a more "insanely ultimate" feel, because in FF7 the battles against Jenova were insane considering how powerful she was.
  18. 7/10. The remix itself is pretty good, but the timing of everything seems off. Also you're not a bad singer, (at least no where near as those on American Idol) but you should probably stick to what your ex girlfriend said. Or you could just say "to f*ck wit her, I got da sh!t, myan!"
  19. WOW. 11/10. The ULTIMATE Remix. It doesn't get any better than this from what I've heard. Anyone trying to remix this song now should just stop. Now. You have no chance of doing better than this. P.S. What was that weird noise in the background during certain parts of the song? I'm not referring to the voices or any of the electronic stuff. P.S.S- Was that guy talking about acid reflux? Me confused.
  20. 9.9/10- At OC.org, I am searching for the "pefect remixes" of videogame songs. Yours is damn close. I like the song so much becuase it's sticking to the original theme, but is still something different. The use of the "clap" sound was wonderful, and whatever you used for the backround theme was perfect, and never tired me out. The ONLy problem i had with the song was the instrument choice for the main melody, which is played at the end. It could have been a little more "in yo face". Otherwise, it's an excellent remix.
  21. This is absolute crap...why anyone would listen to this over the original (or orchestrated!) version is beyond me. The remix sounds sooo empty, rushed, and incomplete. 1/10.
  22. Maaaannn! I was lookin for this everywhere! After downloading your song and burning it on a disk, i deleted it off the computer. Then the disk broke and VGMIX went down! Anyway, this is one of my favorite remixes of all time. I love that weird "tshsc" beat. However, the instrument choice for the main theme was kinda annoying, too bad you couldn't have used something a little smoother like in "Temporal Distortion."
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