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  1. Hi, I'm in Knoxville, TN in ZIP 37920. Mae told me to post this.
  2. http://darkesword.livejournal.com/257727.html You were one of the few staff members that would talk to "the other side" when shit went down around here. Even though we rarely agreed on anything, it was nice having you here. Good luck with whatever you do from here. EDIT: I ended every sentence with "here." How noobish is that?
  3. I spent some time in the 10-19 WSG last night with my 14 warrior, just to see how the new BGs look. We had some problem and no one could talk to anyone else in /1 or /raid.
  4. When I was little, ZTNet touched me inappropriately.
  5. I play WoW but my account is closed until I get my new check card - it should be here by Wednesday. Garithos (Horde) ---------------- Amanshe - 24 Tauren Shaman Molto - 11 Undead Rogue Blackwing Lair (Alliance) ---------------- Haituyu - 17 NE Hunter Orko - 8 Human Mage As you can tell, I'm new to the game - I've only played for a month.
  6. Hi everyone! I'm new here and I hope soon to have a mix posted. I submitted one that went over pretty well, but not well enough to make it. I'm interested in Japanese games and culture, but not anime. I prefer the historic, pre-Western Japan.
  7. I was mentioned for owning. How awesome is that? Jato is the new Jenga.
  8. I was totally mentioned in the last show.
  9. #VGDJ on irc.enterthegame.com Add this to the first post as well.
  10. I voted for the only REAL shttyjdgfgt.
  11. I finally got around to subscribing, but I haven't listened to any yet. I fly to Hawaii in the morning and will likely partake of the show while in the air.
  12. I'll be honest - I don't like it. The drums overpower the rest of the mix, and while techincally sound, I had to do some major adjustments to be able to hear the melody most of the time. I'm actually a fan of this genre, but I'm not sure it was appropriate here - from what I can hear of the original (I'm not very familiar with it), this piece might have done better if it were a bit more ambient, or if the mix went somewhere. As it is, I feel like I wasted my time by listening to the entire thing - the first 30 seconds summed it up pretty well.
  13. I recently downloaded the Unofficial Bittorrent zips, and stumbled across this song. My opinions: The rhythm/background sound (drums, bass, pads, etc.) really capture the feel of the conflict inherent in Killer Instinct. The lead comes across to me as very dramatic, but it seems to lack a bit in innovation at some parts. I can really see this being a theme from a "Killer Instinct" movie - God forbid. Also seems to lack an ending, but the fade works here - it implies that the aforementioned "struggle" from the game is ongoing, instead of lasting four minutes.
  14. This is a wonderful mix. Admit it, you can't listen to the Zelda theme anymore without hearing this in your head.
  15. This is a great song, and IMO is a wonderful change of pace from the other SMB3 songs on the site.
  16. The guy at the end of the original bubble bobble is pretty tricky, and I like to think of myself as a hard boss on SSBM . Also, the final bowser on the original SMB
  17. According the the LttP Player's Guide, oth Link and Zelda have Hylian ancestry and are considered Hylian, as well as about ten other people seen in the games.
  18. There were probably 256 levels, since there is no level 0. In Zelda, there was a range of wealth from 0-255, or 256 different states. You must have been close.
  19. I know that this song has been up a while, but does anyone else hear influences from Layla? listen to the two back to back and see what you think.
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