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  1. 1. Roll 2. The King of All Cosmos 3. Mick and Mac
  2. This Everlasting Wind - The morning theme from Way of the Samurai. Perfectly encapsulates the feeling of morning imo
  3. pokezel


    Nase you are my favorite mixer of all time! I hope you find your motivation. I still listen to jhhl-tessinmix1.mp3 Here is one of my favoite OLRemixes: http://olremix.org/remixes/915
  4. pokezel


    I will politely refer you to the following website www.olremix.org] Regarding my favorite, it has to be Juese Belmont (the original version, on OLR).
  5. The spirit of overlooked remix is alive and well in this mix 10/10
  6. jun wan 2 post up sum covers of dat good song dat just post to ocr. thought ocr could use a little flavOLR LOL Original: http://olremix.org/remixes/300 Minimal Electro Remix: http://olremix.org/remixes/753 Remix.ThaSauce Mix: http://remix.thasauce.net/song/RTS0205/ Double Ice Backfire Mix: http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR02319/ Disk Mastah Smokabitch and Hella-Tight MC Fukkaslut 4 lyfe
  7. Mickey's Racing Adventure is a rather obscure game, with very good music. It was made by Rare, which has a reputation for making games with excellent music. I recently ripped the music myself since I couldn't find mp3s anywhere. I've uploaded it here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=X3ZDBGRH If you'd like to look at some keynote tracks as starters, someone uploaded several on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zO6gytPC-Lo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=giU-ci8KRdQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUdQZCqocic I think the sources have great heart and could be interpreted in a bunch of different ways. So, remixers, please give a listen, and I hope you get inspired. Thanks!
  8. Rudicon 2010 is proud to bring you Shael Riley and the Double Ice Backfire! This incredible bitpop/indie rock group will be performing such original hits as "Asian Kids Have All the Best Moves", "tip eht fo mottob", "How to Fire a Gun" as well as pop-rock covers. Using an NES and a Gameboy as instruments, they will be an excellent show! For a quick taste, visit http://www.thesixtyone.com/#/SRTDIB/ They will also be opened for by chipmusician Zen Albatross. Entry is 2$ for the general public and FREE for Rudicon attendees Where: The Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester NY The RITZ Sports Zone (In the Building labeled "SAU" on this map http://facilities.rit.edu/campus/maps/general/RIT-CAMPUS%2011x17.pdf Park in the lot labeled "U" ) When: Saturday, December 4th Doors at 8PM What is Rudicon? "Rudicon is an event which brings together people who like to have fun through games that represent worlds. Rudicon welcomes role playing gamers, tabletop board gamers, card gamers, and miniatures gamers together in a single event that caters to all, and encourages you to find and try games that you haven't heard of before. It is a chance for new worlds to be created, tested, cultivated, and shared, as well as test your skills against other gamers. The point of all of this is to play games, and to enjoy the games you play! Have fun!" For more information about Rudicon, visit our website! http://www.rit.edu/sg/rwag/rudicon/index.html If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Check the event out on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=134348456618471
  9. Mickey's Racing Adventure has incredible music, but unfortunately I have never found mp3s or rips of the music from it. Personal favorites from it are: Donald's Theme Goofy's Theme Daisy's Race Theme Goofy's Race Theme Casey Jr. Puzzle Theme If you can manage to get a hold of the .gbc file, it's definitely worth it.
  10. The navigation feature I used most was the alphabetic game navigation. So I hope that comes back someday.
  11. :truck: / 11 I'm assuming you saw the front page of OLR?
  12. djp is the man. I have a lot of my identity that was caused directly by his work in creating this site and community.
  13. I CANNOT believe this song is still on OCR. I love this song to death, but the STATIC! Anyway, <3
  14. I've been checking the homepages for MONTHS waiting for this song to be posted. It was an instant favorite for me when I first heard it on OLR, and now having heard a few different versions and its change from OLR quality to OCR quality, I feel as though it has matured and grown nicely. My favorite parts are as follows. The spot in the beginning right where it picks up, "the warrior's body WEARRYYYY", and the massage. I hope to see much more in this genre, and even moreso some more OLR/OCR crossovers. Da Black Market and Warrior in my Longjons, next: Jesue Belmont?
  15. I do love this song, I have to admit, but it sounds like it belongs on OLR. I like seeing how OCRs standards have changed over time.
  16. More like "doesn't fight Dracula, only makes pancakes", M I RITE? Happy Birthday, Shael, I'm a big fan of all your work. Keep up the good work.
  17. This piece is beautiful. Stunning. I'm not so crazy about sound quality, so the quality of the song hasn't bugged me. To tell you the truth, I havent noticed it since I read this topic. Moving on, this song moves me to tears. It is absolutley wonderful. Instant favorite. Thank you, BogusRed, for making such a beautiful arrangement.
  18. I love this song. More than life. honestly... it's put together so beatuifully. cthonic has moved up to one of my favorite remixers as of this mix. Even if you dont like the mix so much, you can at least spend time listening and picking out the different songs in it. <3
  19. Sorry to be the annoying guy who does this, but the Moon Stage was definatley from Drack Cloud 2. Anyway, on to the review. Very good mellow. Reminds me of the low, laid back Moon theme. It doesnt detract form the original's vibe, which is very positive. I do think it could make a very nice background tune, even though it is a bit complex for one. I wish it was longer though. ;_;
  20. Ah, this is one of those songs i love and hate. I dont appreciate this kind of music, but none the less, the chocobo kwehs/warks are a great thing in the song, as well as the fact that the chocobo theme is the best. Keep the chocobos coming man! *rides off into the sunset on an armored chocobo*
  21. DDR. MAXX UNLIMITED. HARDEST.BOSS.EVAR. if you count it as a boss of course ^^
  22. Oh man, This song is beautiful. I love the unplugged electric, always have. The plugged is also great, though I dont like it as much as the unplugged. Also, the hard guitar is a bit too hard for this song, combined with the unplugged. Even though it dosent fit, it matches and goes well, and thats good. My favorite part of this remix is the wah piece at the end. Wahs have always been my favorite guitar effect, and now I love them even more. The only problem I have with this remix is its a bit too quiet..... its not too bad, because I can just turn it up! I can imagine like 4 guys around a campfire playing this song.... that would be bliss..... - Ethan
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