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  1. I didn't forget Arek, I sent it to Myth a while back, but I guess he didn't see it. LT: We've got enough Kirby, plus dat wun ain't even dat coo'. Sorry.
  2. Sweet, I've been looking forward to this since I read that you were working on something new for OCR on your forums, and it doesn't disappoint. Nice work, hope we don't have to wait another 2 years for your next mix.
  3. Well, if you want to quote a post, click the image on the top right of the post you're trying to quote. Then you could reply to it or edit the quote in case you're trying to quote a specific part. Also, you could always use the quote tags if you want to quote something else. [quote]Your text here[/quote] You can even quote images and whatever. If you want to quote a person using the tags, then it's [quote="Name of person"]Message[/quote] Hope that helps.
  4. Angelfire and Geocities don't work anymore. Alternatives include... http://www.photobucket.com/ http://www.imageshack.us/ http://www.graffiti.net/
  5. For snazzy stuff, you might want either Photoshop, ImageReady (which comes with Photoshop), Paint Shop Pro, Gimp (which is free), etc...
  6. Looks like you figured it out, but I'll post it just in case. [url=www.whateversite.wtf][img=[url]www.yourpicture.lol][/url][/url]
  7. Mysterio in the Speedy Mart in Spider-Man 2.
  8. I'm talking about images posted within the last day or two, not including ones that have already been posted before then, like sigs. Images that have been posted before then seem to work, but when I try to post some now, it only shows the link with the image tags instead of the actual image.
  9. Probably a phpBB update, but is it just me or does the .txt trick no longer work for newer posts?
  10. The url doesn't look right. Upload the file, view the picture and copy the url exactly as it's written.
  11. It's small in terms of file size, but large in terms of image size. You should reduce it unless you want to get some flak for other members.
  12. You need to change the file extension from .gif to .txt, then upload it.
  13. Rei's the best, he's probably my favorite RPG character, though I never understood what it was he was saying when I used pilfer. Common sense would suggest he was saying something along the lines of "PILFER!", but I always thought it sounded more like "ITARAKI!", so I guess I was way off . And my Breath of Fire III guide has most of it's pages detached from the spine, doesn't that just beat all? PS: Does that mean I have to stop screaming ITARAKI! now? Edit: Well what do you know, he DOES say ITARAKI!
  14. Your new signatures are bad, they lack angels, and that makes me frown.
  15. The first two pictures need to be changed to .txt, the third one just doesn't seem to work.
  16. You have to change it to a text file, change the extension at the end to .txt, then just upload the picture to your account, it should work then.
  17. I know he got some JSR pictures here http://wf.31rsm.ne.jp/%7Ekymg/top.htm (Look in the works section) and here http://come.6to23.com/aczone/pic/falcoon/fi.htm (Your going to have to find this one, don't remember which page it was.)
  18. Next time, please try reading the FAQ on the FIRST PAGE of this thread.
  19. www.geocities.com www.angelfire.com www.freewebs.com Those are just some. I prefer freewebs out of the three. Remember that when you want to post pictures here at OCR you have to change them to .txt files. And you shouldn't get yelled at in this forum, unless someone is doing something wrong. *Glares at those people*
  20. I guess all those Altered Beast quotes I used payed off.
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