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  1. If they do it well enough wouldn't there be no difference between the sound of a synth and the sound of a live instrument?
  2. That's ridiculous, I've got an MX510 from when they came out that works fine, a hard drive from over 4 years ago that's still in almost perfect condition, people STILL buy trinitron CRT's even though they were discontinued years ago, and if you buy a keyboard that has mechanical keys instead of rubber that degrades over time it'll probably outlast whatever type of plug it uses to connect to the computer. I still have a buckling spring keyboard from when a ps2 port was considered new and exciting. It's actually very common for gamers to stick to the same set of peripherals and hard drive and just upgrade the core machine as necessary. I myself used the same buckling spring keyboard, 200gb hard drive, and MX510 mouse for at least the past 4 or 5 years. For the next 4 or 5 years (barring a mandatory hardware change because USB died or something) I expect to be using my G5 and G15 on my primary machine. Bullshit and bullshit again. One of my monitors, from 1995, finally died just a few months ago after (literally) 24/7 use for over 10 years and since I've been keeping the same hard drive I've only ever needed one copy of XP pro at a time. Oh and the Corsair 520HX IS a good power supply. It is, in fact, one of the BEST power supplies and is by and far (along with the bigger 620hx) one of the most popular power supplies on OCforums. The problem with making stuff up as you go, like you did with that "kills their life" thing, is that you run the risk of doing it to somebody that actually does this for a living. But you go and keep making more and more desperate and random excuses to justify your conviction that a gaming computer costs more than $1000. I'll be laughing the whole time on my sub-$1100 quad-core gaming rig that eats xbox360 games for breakfast. And by the way. $300 for an xbox 360 core, and about 10 $60 games is equal to one gaming PC. It looks like a better deal on the surface but unlike your 360 and games I get mods, free multiplayer, freeware games, emulated games, cheaper retail games, better framerates at higher resolutions, and most of my stuff comes with a lifetime warranty and is unlikely to ever fail. It will also still be quite good in ~4 years whereas your console will have to be replaced by then for another ~$1000 while I will be good with maybe $250 for a new graphics card.
  3. Actually the problem is crysis itself. It seems like everything from 640mb 8800GTS's with 2ghz dual cores to SLI 8800ultras with 4ghz quaddies will still only get 25-35fps at conventional resolutions. My guess is the game just needs some code optimized somewhere. If you really want an awesome rig though, here's mine for right about $1000: $330 Q9450 2.66ghz quadcore, overclockable to ~3.4ghz easily. $120 Antec 900 midtower, best non-fulltower case $140 p5k-E p35 mobo, same 8-phase power as the $200 ones $120 Corsair 520hx, well known and well tested PSU $94 2x1gb Gskill ddr2-800, ram's easy at least $250 EVGA 8800gt 512mb, any of the big3 but evga is best Assuming that like any smart PC gamer you're cannibalizing the hard drive, optical drive, and peripherals of your old machine that brings you up to $1054 or so for a quad-core gaming monster that can run crysis at 1920x1200. G92 based 8800 series cards are beastly, but they don't tolerate anti-aliasing very well at all because of the 256bit memory bus, which is also why they have 256 or 512mb of ram instead of the other amounts. And for the record a computer with these stats bends an xbox360 over and does it up the ass. Ps3 not so much but then again the ps3's an entirely different architecture so there's no real basis for comparison.
  4. A ~260 dollar 8800gt and even a singlecore pentium4 and 2gb of ram can get you crysis at 1920x1200 with no AA and ~25fps solid.
  5. I wanna be the guy isn't about skill, it's just random bullshit killing you until you memorize a screen's safe path.
  6. Fucking SPOILERS much yahoo? Way to fuck with anyone that wants to watch sweeney todd.
  7. Didn't that "tennis for two" game beat it? Didn't farcry add HDR lighting before lost coast? And if I recall correctly Painkiller was released before HL2.
  8. The DNF thread reminded me to bring up Duke Nukem3d as the first 3d game with 4 dimensional play areas in it. 720 degree circular levels, rooms occupying the same area in space and being bigger inside than outside... I think DN3d was also the first FPS to start the "just go through the vent" cliche.
  9. Just because hell hasn't frozen over yet doesn't mean that it isn't starting to get a bit chilly down there >P
  10. Dunno if it's been mentioned yet but I'm pretty sure Rise of the Triad was the first FPS to feature true Level-over-level gameplay.
  11. And many of those levels violated the laws of space and physics. Remember Lunatic Fringe from the vanilla game's second episode? The whole level is a giant ring that's 720 degrees around. Lots of the others have areas that overlap or rooms that are bigger on the inside than the outside. If they pull that shit in a full 3d engine there are going to be a lot of confused nerds on gamefaqs when they try to make maps.
  12. Right, so how many of us are going to be getting laid on thursday?
  13. fuck you kayin. If you can GET to the bosses they're complete bastards to fight.
  14. Well, I'm watching what i guess is part2 right now and while the focus on games normal people consider "important" is annoying I guess it's to be expected. It just bothers me that they pay more attention to grand theft auto 3 and sports games than they do to final fantasy and Half-Life. Then again RFB is right, this IS for normal people.
  15. It's certainly an interesting topic to see on the front page though. Made me laugh a bit. Personally I'm an asshole, I like waiting till I hear the neighbors start up then blasting the worst music possible. Nothing can cockblock like blasting some Daler Mehndi at max volume.
  16. Except the controls for Trackmania Nations are an absolute bitch and it comes loaded with securom >P ---- More Nifflas Games I heartily recommend Within a Deep Forest. It's INFURIATINGLY difficult at times but very rewarding.
  17. Actually because it's going to a place where there are lots of people with no real immune system everything has to be new. One thing occurs though. The amount of money CP generates would probably be basically nothing to a diabetes research program but when converted to toys it's impact is considerably greater. Think about it. 500,000 isn't that much for doctors without borders. It's maybe one X-ray machine. But convert that to xboxes, DS-lites, books, and whatever else you wind up with a much more significant impact on a lot more people's lives.
  18. Shadowe

    Crysis Demo

    How did you get motionblur working? Multiplayer does it for me but even maxed out in singleplayer the Depth of Field and Motion Blur don't turn on.
  19. Shadowe

    Crysis Demo

    Are you guys on vista? Because on XP with the "dx10 features" running I can play the demo pretty much maxed out without any problems. Pentium 4 550 (3.4ghz hyperthreading, prescott core) 2x1gb DDR2-800 8800gts 640 OC2
  20. Damn you coop, your smiley sig distracted me long enough to lose a winning game of reversi.
  21. Shadowe


    The first one was awesome but had absolutely no autosaves, so when I got caught by helicopter blades on accident I screamed "SHITCOCK" anddecided I didn't want to start over from the beginning.
  22. Shadowe


    I just beat the game and while I think it was awesome it played like SHIT on my comp. First of all since I don't have the games explorer right now (bloatware) it wouldn't run at all except in XP Sp2 compatibility mode, second off even with vsync off no matter what settings or resolution I got ~20fps. Wtf? A 3.4ghz p4HT with an 8800gts and 2gb of DDR2-800 should perform a damn sight better than that. I have friends with half the computer mine is who don't ever dip below 25fps.
  23. Don't try to second guess anon, nobody knows wtf they will do or when. Besides, if nothing else this guy is the perfect candidate for milking lulz from.
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