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  1. few things that come to mind. I talk in my sleep I guess. there have been a few times when I've been quoted saying something from/about a game. some what embaressing the next day. I used to be really into Everquest. There were more then a few times when I thought of money in terms of PP (Platinum Pieces), or going to a friends house and gating back home afterwards.... yeah.... I also used to be die hard into Stepmania. for those of you who dont know, its DDR but with arrow keys on your keyboard. anyway, almost any song I'm really into I'll start tapping to the beat with my fingers like I'm playing SM. I get a lot of funny looks doing that. my friends and I use the lingo IRL, but mostly to poke fun at eachother. though I have slipped a few times we talking to non gamers. they just tend to stare blankly at me as I try to explain it to them.
  2. I went and got shafted. only thing they had marked down was NHL 2k6. glad some of you guys got lucky with deals though.
  3. nice thread! you have pretty much anything and everything I've ever seen on that list. only thing I can think of adding would be abbreviations for game consoles or very common games. but I dont think thats really in the spirit of the thread.
  4. well I went to best buy today and noticed the secret rings was released. I somehow justified buying it and here we are. I've only made it to the 2nd world, so I can't say much about it. I think Vyse is right. The first world is pretty much bleh. The 2nd one it feels like everything is out to kill you and you really have to be on your toes to stay alive. So it may pick up a bit after I level up some and get some more skills. So far I have mixed feelings about it. The music is over the top cheesy, the story, dialog, and cut scenes are... not good. (the cut scenes are a personal taste thing though. I would have preferred they did prerendered CG, or in game engine ones ala SA1/2, but they are sticking with the, "inside a book" thing so I can understand it.) The sense of speed is back though, but it's just a bit too "on rails" for me so far. We'll see how it sits after a few days.
  5. my bad, that was from SA2 upon looking up lyrics. granted I'm not the biggest fan of hip hop. but come on... ....maybe it's not the worst EVER, but damn, it's pretty bad. who ever wrote those out really got into the feel of that song. lol http://www.sonicsdomain.com/lyrics.htm if anyone wants some sonic lyrics.
  6. I've been a huge fan of sonic games. I own carts of Sonic 1, 2 3, S&K and sonic spin ball (I also bought a Sega CD solely for Sonic CD). I also have Mega collection and SA 1&2 for the Gamecube. all in all I've liked most sonic games. however I just can not get into 3D blast or the Advanced series. I *loved* SA when it first came out. It looked great at the time and I really like the sort of RPG aspect of it. granted, it was VERY weak, but it was somewhat cool to see it go in a different direction. what I didn't like about it was the fact you had to play a total of 5(?) characters to totally finish the game. it's not so much that I didn't like the idea of different characters, it's that some of them were just AWFUL. there should be absolutely zero fishing in a sonic game, period. I also wasn't too thrilled with Amy's stages either. giant hammer? wha? oh, and I swear to god, that pumpkin hill zone for knuckles has the worst stage music ever.... why does he knuckles have hip hop music associated with him now? playing it again after 5 years, the game really shows its age. SA2 is where things just went totally wrong for me. 2 story lines that end up the same? making 2 very gimmicky characters just to balanced out the "good" and "evil" teams? being FORCED to play through strange robot stages along with treasure hunting to progress the story? no, not good. plus the already awful voice acting somehow found a way to get worse. I know sonic has a "tude" but come on... and the camera, oy the camera! I tried Heroes for all of 10 minutes before turning it off and saying "No. Never again....". The Shadow the Hedgehog game seemed blasphemous to me and I haven't touched it. the new sonic game looked great at first, but then more and more bad reviews started to hit the net. I really have no idea why they stuck him in the real work in the SA series. though it was "reality", it was still sort of detached, he didn't really interact with any humans that much. now I guess theres this really lame kiss, thats just bizarre. I mean... hes a giant talking hedgehog... kissing a teenage girl.... I have low expatiations for the Wii title (Just got one last week though. yay me!) but I'll give it a rental when it comes out. The next gen titles have just been getting worse and worse, so my hopes for a good new sonic game are pretty dismal. /rant off
  7. I was wondering if anyone has heard of this show before. I can't for the life of me figure out the name of it. I was going to see if it was out on DVD. Anyway, what I CAN remember about it is that it was animated, on comedy central around 2002-2003 pretty late at night, and was about 4 friends who go away to college together. I thought it was called 'Undeclared' but I soon remembered that was a crappy fox series. Anyone have any idea? Google has failed me thus far...
  8. Easiest way would be to http://www.vgmusic.com/ and lookup and download the midi file you want. then just send it to your phone. or you can edit OCR tunes into MP3s and mail them to your phone or upload them and download them to your phone. www.funformobile.com is okay as an upload server. just make an account and you can upload stuff to your phone via txt message. just make sure you have internet on your phone. if not downloading them from the web can get spendy!
  9. that cable *may* be used to connect your laptop to your providers wireless internet. I got a similar cable with my phone and I was expecting to just plug it in and load up stuff to my micro SD card in the phone. also, you may want to disable internet on your phone (unless you pay for it) when you connect it to you PC like that. its possible that you're "using the internet" and the fees can get pretty big if you dont pay on a month to month basis. if it is a modem cable, you can try a program called QPST. it uses said cable to access the phones internal memory. if you try to use the program, be careful! you can brick your phone easy if you mess with the wrong files. for QPST you also need what my provider calls an MSL code. the name may vary by provider. its basically the code you punched in when you activated your phone. you can call up your provider and get it and they should give it to you if you ask nicely. Datapilot (a pay program) should be compatible with the RAZR. may want to look into that if you dont want to deal with the huge mess above.
  10. pretty much sucks on a laptop. I use a wireless keyboard when I play. works pretty well. btw, Stepmania forevah!
  11. I really have no idea at all what to buy. right now I have a PSR 170 that all I really use it for is a MIDI controller. as a controller it's fine, kinda. Im starting to take paino lessons so something a bit more..... less shitty is needed. lol Heres what I need it to do, which isnt much really: full sized all 88 keys velocity senstive weighted or "semi" weighted and have a midi ports or some sort of USB setup what I dont need: extra sounds anything synth related I did some quick searching and couldnt find much info. I really just need a basic paino without all the bells and whisles. oh, this is on a students budget, so the cheaper the better. 100-250 range (is that even reasonable?) is good, but can go a bit higher if Im buying something that will last a long time. am I looking for way too much? thanks! *edit* went to musicians friend.com and was presented with pricing. I think Im screwed =D. maybe something used I should be looking for?
  12. got mine awhile ago but have been out of town so I didnt have a chance to play with it. all I did to get it working was put he CD in, install the right drivers (did the wrong one the first time somehow) and plugged it into the USB port. installed ASIO4All and opened up Cubase and set it as the mini in port. no issues at all so far. thanks for the info!
  13. exactly what I was looking for. thanks for the info!
  14. wasnt sure if this should be posted here or under tech help. Im looking to buy a usb midi interface (I think thats what the proper term is). Its the box that from a USB male end to a box, to the two in/out USB plugs. my school had them and I should have looked into what brand they had. my laptop is my main PC now and of course it doesnt have a midi port. just wondering if anyone has experience with these? how much will they run me? brands to stay away from etc...
  15. just downloaded and installed. seems like a pretty cool idea. my WU says it will end jan of 07. that cant be right.... lol. it's a 10,000 frame one.
  16. alright. will have to twiddle my thumbs then I guess...
  17. anyone know the status of the store? was thinking about picking up a t shirt but dont really want to deal with a buggy store =\
  18. I recently got a pair of Sennheiser PX100's and couldnt be happier. they retail for about 50 but can find them online around 30ish. cost to sound quality ratio can't be beat on these things. they are very portable, sound amazing, and even fold up into a carrying case. only down side is they they leak sound a little bit, so if you're using them in a quite area it may be a problem. they do make a closed version (PX200), but the sound supposidly isn't as good. I ususally cant hear any outside noise on these unless I'm in a very noisy area (lunch room mainly) but everyday sounds arent heard at all. Since getting these I've been missing a lot of phone calls =D. see if you can get your hands on a pair to try them out.
  19. thanks for the info. Looks like I'll be getting a lot of lab hours in over the next few weeks.
  20. we're using SX3 (on macs if that makes a difference). depending on how much I get into cubase I may invest in it (though will cost me an arm and a leg). I know it was a pretty genereal question, theres just so much to the program. I just dont know where to start with it. I'd be happy with some sort of tutorial site where I could just try out effects and get a better understanding of what they do and how the application works with them. yes I am a newb I havent had that much experience with digital music other then just dinking around FL/Reason. I understool FL pretty well and reasons rack totally boggled me. cubase makes sense to me, I just like the looks and feel of it all. Im just clueless as to what to do with it besides basic midi and step editing. I just need a place to start. a site, book or direction to go. I'm sure after I get a few projects under my belt things will fall into place and I'll know the right questions to ask. if that makes sense...
  21. I didnt see an offical cubase thread like the other apps had so I'm taking my chances and making one! I'm taking a digital audio class and using cubase on macs with some pretty nice midi pianos. I'm loving this app so far, it's just a lot to soak in... only been taking the class for two weeks but I've got a good grasp on the interface and how things work. We've mostly been playing around with midi but will be moving on to effects, sampling and other things later. was wondering if anyone had any tips? must have VSTs? (can probably search a few threads for those) or anything else that is good knowlege to have for cubase. thanks!
  22. I still to this day have not beat Shining Force 1 or 2. I must have rented SF2 for at least 3 weeks. I could never figure out what to do after you got lemon. you had to get mithril weapons I think, but could never figure out where the damn dwarves were. thanks to gamefaqs I have an idea now, but refuse to sit through those long ass battles again.
  23. what can I say? I love your tracks Beatdrop. keep up the good work!
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