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  1. Thanks for the info. Will have to check that out. It's a little more than I wanted to spend, but what I have at the moment is really holding me back.
  2. Hey all. I recently got into recording myself playing guitar and adding it to a few (shitty) songs. I use my laptop 99% of time time so I need some advice on what to do about sound input, or is it even viable on a laptop? I've been using the microphone jack... but thats just shit obviously. Something like this would be perfect, if it was made for an express slot rather that pmcia http://us.creative.com/products/product.asp?category=1&subcategory=205&product=10769 I google'd around for a bit and came up with nothing that was really tailored to music production with features I would like (ASIO, Multiple inputs, Low latency). Or should I just get a USB external sound card? How well do they work? I've had a lot of lag issues with USB sound devices... but these were years ago. Anyone have any suggestions?
  3. Well, I like the folk tale of Faustt. A guy who basically sells his soul to the devil for power, but just as his life gets good, the devil rips him into hell. I was making a character in Everquest 1. Faust was taken, so I added the extra T at the end. Thus, Faustt was born.
  4. few obscure ones that people may have mentioned. California Games Rescue (bad ass music) North and South -better with a friend to play with. Hijacking trains FTW Deja Vu Solstice - hard as hell isometric platformer, still haven't beat that damn game Super Spike Volleyball - again, fun with friends. Was awesome way back in the day with 4 players. Whomp 'Em - Think Megaman but with Indians and spirit monsters... Cowboy Kid - Sort of like an earlier Sunset Riders
  5. I haven't been a serious console gamer since the N64 era. Console games just seem limiting and less responsive to me. For almost every game I'd rather have a keyboard + mouse rather than a dual analogue setup (there are some exceptions like fighting games, which I don't care for a whole lot). The most major thing for me missing from console games is the modding community. They are starting to catch up with downloadable content, but aside from some extra maps/songs/whatever PC is still where it's at. I paid $20 for the original half life and I *still* am playing new user created content. To each his own though. It's all about having fun isn't it?
  6. why is this so enthralling...?
  7. There is another program like this called Doremi Mania. S'ok. I have a hard time with Drum Mania, way too much going on the screen for me to keep up with.
  8. I have an an M3 Adapter (for my DS) works fine for the GBA though. http://www.m3adapter.com/products.htm movie quality and sound quality isn't that great for MP3/Videos, but it works.
  9. Hey thanks for the info about PAX blueblazer. It certainly sounds like something that would draw OCR goes out to Seattle... Only main drawback I see is the cost (50 bucks at the door) which may be a little steep for someone looking to just to come and hang out with fellow OCR people. Like I said, I'm really not the best person to be setting one of these things up. Plus, I don't know Seattle at all. I've only been there a few times. I'd be more than willing to help out someone though, if they decide to try and setup another meetup for Seattle. *cough* overcoat....
  10. 48 hours and nothing!? Man, this is why the NorthWest sucks.
  11. It seems like everyone everywhere is setting up meet ups lately. I am 100% the WRONG person to set something like this up, but is there anyone in the North West US that would be interested in a meetup? I know there was talk about one in Seattle awhile ago, but it never really got off the ground. Seattle seems like the first obvious choice, but Vancouver seems like a good idea too if one of these were to happen. thoughts?
  12. I was going to take a stab at making a "fan" sig, but was wondering what font is used. anyone know off the top of their head? I'd search, but "fan" is too short to search on this board apparently.
  13. Thanks for the words of warning Smoke. I have rough idea what I'm doing. Plus I have a friend to fall back on whose an electrical engineer, though oddly, not a PC person. So I asked him a few questions and said it's probably doable. But to make sure I test everything with a multimeter. So in theory, combining two USB ports should result in 10 Volts and 1K mAmps. I think need to use a resistor to bring the mAmps down, then a voltage regulator to get the voltage down to 8. Then a capacitor so if something does go wrong, that'll blow vs my laptop. I'll give this a go weekend. I'll test it out on an old laptop. That 333Mhz PC will have a use again!
  14. I'm okay with a soldering iron. I was planing on heading to radio shack with my base station and trying random universal adapters until one fit. Then just solder on a few wires and electrical tape it up.
  15. I know this is FAR from the right board to ask this, but I was wondering if anyone knew of a board, or knows anything on the subject. Basically, I got a new wireless mouse and it's great. the base station however needs to be plugged into the wall. being 90% laptop user this sucks. on the power adapter it says 8 volts at 500 mAmps. USB is 5 volts at 500 mAmps... So just going from USB to the connector in the back isn't going to work. Not knowing exactly how volts work, would it be possible to use TWO ports to get 10 volts? or does it not add up like that? With 10 volts it would power it, but I'd have to add a resistor... or something so it wouldn't over heat or anything. The thing supposedly gets 13 days off of a charge, so I probably won't have to worry about charging it if I take it with me somewhere without a wall outlet. I just wanna solder something though =)
  16. First off, I'm a huge LP fan. Hybrid Theory was great the first listen through. All the songs stood out to me. At first I didn't like Meteora that much. Their first single Somewhere I Belong seemed very "cookie cutter-ish" to me. especially the ending. For the most part, the rest of the album was good though. Now with Minutes to Midnight, it feels like the same "cookie cutter", uninspired sound has spread. Most of the songs seem boring musically, the guitar and base parts are very uninteresting, and there is very little "DJing" happening besides some looping. Also, many of the songs just end abruptly and pretty uncreatively. Another thing, WTF is with the clapping in like 3 songs? Is it for some sort of "live" sound? ugh... The two political based songs felt a little like pandering to me (IMO). While Hands Held High really just irks me for some reason, The Little Things Give You Away just has some powerful lyrics. After a few listen throughs it grew on me a little bit. But still about half of the album just doesn't sit well with me. I just hope this trend doesn't continue with their next album. Since it seems to be slowly going downhill, for me at least. /rant
  17. While I do feel this is a glorified favorites thread, I still like the idea. I finally picked up a PS2 for the first time and I now have all 3 last gen consoles. I've been catching up on "must play" games on the PS2 for the last few months and a list like this would be a good guide line for what to try. A few worth mentioning.... Ninja Gaiden - Xbox Osu Tatakae Ouendan/Elite Beat Agents* - NDS Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow/Portrait of Ruin - NDS Frequency/Amplitude* - PS2 Silent Hill series* PS2 * I know not everyone is into survival horror or rhythm games, but these are solid games if you're into that. Also, no PC love? Bah!
  18. this has to be the faultiest logic ever. you can string anything together to make that kind of connection with little to no effort. Guns kill people (or bullets, whatever) Walmart sells guns Therefore walmart promotes murder! *gasp!*
  19. Faustt


    I played the beta and hated it. I'm not sure if they optimized it much more since then, but my decently equipped PC just didn't handle it well. It's supposed to be a sort of throw back to the old style EQ. Where you really had to work for what you wanted rather than the (near) instant gratification of the newer MMOs. I was a huge fan of EQ back in the day, but Vanguard just failed to keep me interested. The enormous amount of bugs and lag just killed the fun for me. Lord of the Rings Online is supposed to be half way decent. From what I played, it felt very polished for a beta so I imagine Live would be just as good or better. It felt like a mix of a handful of other MMORPGs sort of taking ideas from all of them, but it didn't really bring anything special to the table, other than the "LoTR" draw.
  20. No one has mentioned this one yet. Killer Instinct Gold for N64 anyone? Great sound track with a wide variety of music. Another good gem from Rare on the N64 is Blast Corp. Also a very diverse sound track. KI link http://www.hcs64.com/usf/sets/prelim/Killer%20Instinct%20Gold%20-%20hcs/ Blast Corp link http://www.hcs64.com/usf/downcnt.php?blastcorpsusf.zip
  21. You guys are in the know. I just setup my PC to be hooked up to my HDTV (looks AMAZING btw). I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with setting something like this software wise. Right now I just have an XP box hook up to the TV networked with wifi (108mbps). I was wondering if there was some sort of software or app that works like a client/server setup to stream files to the media center... if that makes sense. Example. Say I have the "server" side hooked up to the TV. I right click a file on my client (laptop) and click something like, play on media center. and it'll stream it, or transfer it over to the other PC to play. That would be a nerds dream come true! But I have no idea if any kind of software like that is out there. If the above if a pipe dream, does anyone know of something similar or what a "typical" media center uses for software?
  22. Holy crap! That was you?! Wow... this takes me back to around late 03 early 04. I was riding BART a lot then (bay areas train system for those who don't know) and this song always seemed to come up on my CD/MP3 player. I thought this was bad ass back then
  23. just played through Katamari Damacy and started We <3 Katamari the other day. I'd say play the original one first, because the sequels story is somewhat of a play off of the original (hard to explain). Not that the story really makes any sense anyway (god I love teh cut scenes from We <3 Katamari) Both games are easily worth it with their "budget" prices.
  24. I was actually going to make a post just like this. also just got a PS2 and catching up on some games. on my list to play so far are: Katamari & We <3 Katamari Shadow of the Colossus Ico Gitaroo Man God of War FFX (I haven't been into FF for awhile, but figure I owe it at least a rental)
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