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  1. Skimmed through the topic and was surprised I didn't see anything about the Live CDs floating around. This guy by the name of Hexxeh has been releasing Live CD versions of Chrome OS for awhile now. Something to check out if you're bored and have a free blank disc (or USB stick). It's really not that great.... I suspect it's mainly because these releases are hack jobs put together. It's really slow to boot, but once it gets going it's basically chrome with a few extra tabs. The Google official release will no doubt be much more solid. But it's something to wet your appetite with. http://chromeos.hexxeh.net/ If anyone cares, http://www.xpud.org/ is a similar Linux project but is Firefox based. It could also use some polishing, but it's snappy as hell on my little Atom Netbook.
  2. Faustt

    Your mom

    Kinda the same situation here. I'll have something playing in the car and a family member will ask what it is, saying it's kinda cool. The second I tell them it's video game related somehow it's instantly disregarded as crap. Bastards As for my Mom. She doesn't really understand it, but feigns interest for my benefit. She sometimes remembers to ask me if any remix albums have come out that I've been listening to lately. That always kinda throws me, lol.
  3. I'm almost 25 and I can hear them all pretty easily. The TV is even on and it can hear them fine. I've always had sensitive ears though. I played in band all through high school. In high school I did marching band, Jazz, and symphonic band. I listen to music everyday with headphones too. So my ears should be damaged, lol. Ditto here.
  4. Not a lot of spoony love it seems. I will give you that it's not always a bag full of laughs. It's somewhat in the same vein of MST3K. Taking B movies and games and poking fun at them. You never know what you're going to see on the front page either, which can be a nice surprise. The way I found him was from his FF8 review. I hate that game nearly as much as he does. lol. So maybe that's what one me over. On one hand I wish he would have done the whole game, but I totally understand why he wrapped things up the way he did. Plus I can relate to the guy. College grad with a CS degree that's doing crap from them.... Now, I need to watch some Terror Traxx!
  5. FFX was pretty solid to me. I played it for the first time maybe 18 months ago so I was pretty late to the game. Now that a few people mention it, the battle system was pretty good. It seemed very fluid and quick, plus easy to understand how your actions will effect the the order of whose turn is next. One thing I like about the FF series is how varied all the games are. Oddly, it seems like I only like one FF per console generation. 6 and 9 being my stand outs. Anyway, back to FFX. Anyone play the International Edition? I think the original Japanese voice overs and the "expert" sphere grid would made a 2nd play through more interesting.
  6. If you're looking to get everything that's ever been on OCR, this site will help http://www.doulifee.com/Storage/OC_Removed/ Some stuff has been removed over the years due to reevaluations, lock downs, remixers requesting them removed and various other reasons.
  7. Seeing as OCR is all about mixing and remixing, I was wondering if anyone could recommend some mashups to look into. I got into them when Norwegian Recycling released his Donkey Business album. I recently put him back onto my phone and have been listening to his tracks a lot in the car lately. I've been looking around but haven't come across anything that grabs my interest, or is just plain bad... lol. I'm not into rap/hip hop at all. Sadly, that seems to be a large chunk of mash ups. Anyone have an artist they can suggest? Or some Albums I should look into?
  8. I love spoony. I think I got onto him around the ultimate final battle (or whatever its called). Not exactly sure how to put it. I enjoy his review style because it's in the same vein as watching bad B Movies and getting a kick out of all their flaws.
  9. Kinda funny to be reading this today. Last week I bought a red ringed xbox 360. I "modded" the console to fix an underlying hardware issue. If I go to jail for fixing the console for personal use then that's messed up. lol. Also while looking around for a RROD xbox I found dozens of people locally charging to fix and hack Xbox 360s. The going rate was about 30-35 bucks. I guess these guys should be watching where/what they post (this was on craigslist btw).
  10. Well, when you think about it this was in the 80s. There wasn't nearly the same amount of entertainment out there for kids. No internet, so no youtube, hulu, myspace, facebook etc... think of all the time we spend online now-a-days. TV networks haven't over saturated the airwaves with childrens networks yet. You were lucky if you had a Nintendo Power that was a special strategy guide issue for 1 single game.. A lot of it was just LONG days in front of a TV screen with nothing else to do (playing outside is so overrated). In a lot of those older games about the only way (for me) to beat them was to just play them for hours and hours. I'd get a little farther each time, die, then start from scratch again knowing that there's spikes in the next room now. Battletoads is a good example of this method... lol.
  11. If you're talking about Sonic and the Secret Rings... You're not missing too much. It didn't feel at all like sonic to me. It did get better, but I still couldn't bring my self to finish it. It just got tedious. I've yet to try the newest "Storybook" game, it's supposedly better, but I got burned by buying Secret Rings on it's launch day.
  12. Classic sonic games will always have a warm nostalgic feeling for me. I actually went through and beat S3&K with all character combos to 100%. I think it was like 8 save slots, so 2 of Sonic, 2 of Knuckles, 2 of Tails and 2 of Sonic and Tails. No wonder I did so bad in grade school... Sonic games were... acceptable until Sonic Adventure 2. After that it's been one disappointment after the next. Though the DS titles are pretty solid.
  13. I understand the logic of recasting to lower production costs. I really hope nobody leaves though. After 5 seasons and 2 movies you can't just change actors and expect it to work just as well. Especially given Futuramas cult following.
  14. My friend was joking how pedophiles will have a field day with the "little boy game". lol. To me it seems almost like a tech demo. I think if they held off and fleshed it out a bit more for the "720" it could be an industry changing product. The 360 is going on 4 years old, I'm sure they are working on a next gen Xbox at this point. So why invest all this time and effort (and god knows how much money) into a peripheral/gimmick for an aging system? Maybe the 360 will be the PS2 of this generation and keep pumping out games for years to come though. /speculation
  15. Not even that big of a fan of the Mega Man series and this looks like a lot of fun. Kinda looks like Paper Mario meets Mega Man. Level editor(?) + coop = win
  16. I'm in. Never really completed a track to 100%, so this should be some good motivation over the summer. Sign me up!
  17. Reminds me of an option XMarks has (formerly FoxMarks). For those of you who don't know, Xmarks stores all your bookmarks on a server, so you can easily load up all your bookmarks on any computer that has the plugin and Firefox. When they changed their name they implimented the roaming username/password option. If you have a lot of computers and/or sites that need logins, I can see it being useful. I really don't trust storing that information anywhere besides my noggin.
  18. Like others have said, PX 100s are IMO the best bang for your buck. If you look around you can usually find them for ~$30.
  19. nice cover! I always loved kashmir. the Puff Daddy cover... that thing pissed me off immensely. this is so going on my road trip album this summer.
  20. Eh it's okay. Doesn't have the same addictiveness as Peggle for me. My friend who recommended it to me wasn't able to stop playing until he unlocked everything. Oh casual games, how I loath your ability to consume hours of my life...
  21. I always have something stuck in my head. It's usually like a 20-30 second blip of a song, but it can be just a word phrase too (those make me feel insane for the day). Only thing that's ever worked for me is just loop something equally catchy for awhile. Sure it's still annoying as hell to have that new song stuck in your head now, but 9 days of Tears for Fears and The Police is enough.
  22. Since we're talking about dreams, I had the most bizarre thing happen in a dream the other night. Like most of my dreams, it was all disjointed, but somehow flowed together. I remember this very vividly. I walked out of a mechanics garage (my car needed breaks or something) and walked onto a busy street. Everything was totally blurry and I couldn't make sense of anything. In my dream, I realized I was not wearing my glasses. After I fished them out of my front pocket and put them on *IN MY DREAM* everything came into focus. Seriously, what the hell is that? While I do wear glasses/contacts everyday, I can get by just fine with out them. In my dream it was like looking through an old warped window, which isn't nearly as bad as my vision usually is. I told this to a few people and they either said I was A. bull shitting them B. think it symbolized something deep having to do with "perception" of... whatever. or C.Just think it was a cool dream. It was seriously though one of the coolest things that's ever happened in a dream. The rest of that dream I got lost in a city and stumbled into some sort of underground people trafficking situation. No idea...
  23. Faustt

    Keyboard Cat

    okay I know I have a pretty `effed up sense of humor, but I totally don't get these viral youtube fads. it was funny, but I don't get why there's like 100 spin offs.
  24. Well I got Infection yesterday and had a chance to play it today. Seems pretty good so far. I can see the game getting a little grind-y though. Not sure if I like main characters yet, I've only played for a few hours today. I have feeling if I/You can't get into the story/characters it might be a chore to work through all 4 of the original .hack games. Combat seems a little flat so far. I just started, so it could pick up later. Just feels like burn your SP on skills, then spam X to attack until it regens enough. As you run into the next room it regens. Rinse and repeat. Theres a lot of gear swapping for buffs too. (spells are attached to items rather then learned for those who haven't played). Will give it a few more hours to see how it pans out.
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