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  1. On the real. Everyone has blocks and frustrations. Just don't take this shit too seriously.
  2. That's a deep hurt proph. A deep hurt. *Cries one single tear*
  3. Hahaha, of course sambalambalamb's chip tuney ass got you to write some. Badass chip though.
  4. Thanks broski! Although usually I consider myself Big, Tasty, Thoughtless, and Delicious.
  5. I didn't notice the fade-out had any problems in the torrent I downloaded.
  6. Hahaha, we make the happiest time you can possibly have sitting in your bedroom. And yes, we're better than sex. Any kind. Truth.
  7. It was a good christmas this year. Playstation 3 (80GB w/ Motorstorm) Ratchet and Clank Future Planet Earth Complete Series Blu-Ray Logic Studio Kontakt 3 Upgrade And Money for Clothes Here's to financial stability at Christmas. Woo.
  8. Ello. So this is the last update I'll be able to make until I go back to Arizona on January 10, but this is what I have until then. It still needs some transitions (you'll hear) and needs to be finished, but in due time I guess.
  9. Yo, I haven't sat down and remixed anything just for the hell of it in awhile, and I guess this is the first thing I've made in a long time I've felt like pursuing after I've started. It's a remix of the Balamb Garden theme, but it's a little darker and more progressive. It's still really rough, but I think it works well with the theme. http://www.arnoldascher.com/Ross/Dragon%20Army/BalambMasteringv2.mp3 Enjoy.
  10. YUHR STOOPID THIS SUX. Seriously though, awesome shit O Scaled one. Use the Balamb Garden theme somehow. Do it.
  11. About time you actually released this. It's been fantastic for ages, and will continue to be. Great work. Be proud of these shits.
  12. Fantastic mix man. I absolutely love the supersaws, they seem to breathe. Great stuff.
  13. SH-32 + Kontakt 2. That's basically how all of my sounds are made. FL just puts them together.
  14. Yo, So I got bored and decided to remix myself. The original song was called "The Inamorata Complex". I posted it awhile ago but it's probably buried at this point. Anyway, the idea was a laid back dance track. The Inamorata Complex (Asleep Mix) Thanks for listening, and comments are appreciated. Ross
  15. Hey, sorry, college has been hectic. But I'm actually almost done with Portal. I'll upload it when I get to my brother's apartment (It's on my PC, which is there), but I think I can have it done within the next two weeks.
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