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  1. Actually now that both my friend and I have a lot more skill in Melee, we turn the items off and have LOTS of fun, every now and then we turn them on but in very low, obviously leaving HC and MT off.
  2. Pardon me if Im wrong, but isn't <Ukemi> the same as L-canceling?
  3. OMG guys have you heard the remixes from Metroid Prime 1 & 2? They Bloody OWN!!!! Specially the Prime 1 Menu remix, its freaking sweet! I love 'em
  4. Hey guys 1 Q to the ones that have played the game, Is Cptn. Falcon´s Knee back?
  5. I was curious to know which game is "Yell "Dead Cell" from? I also wanna thank Eurologic for uploading all those songs. They are fantastic! Yet I'd like to ask you if you could upload all the Metroid songs, please.
  6. Hey Atma? Once the english version of Brawl comes out. Will you buy it and start again?
  7. That sounds like its would work better. I'll check it out after I turn the assignment, because my professor is special he might not want me to do that IDK. But next class he will give us to do something similar but using inherited classes. And fallowing the Presentation. Business and Data tiers. Which are new to me, but dont seem to hard to fallow. (I hope)
  8. THANK YOU SO VERY, VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! I dont know how I didnt see that before, I was probably to caught up with everything else. WOW, I'll be forever grateful to ya
  9. I have it and I can play really well in hard mode, and pass half the songs in expert. But for some reason I cant join the server irc.enterthegame.net
  10. So the Dojo site will keep on updating stuff, but will not be spoiler free Adding all the secret stuff lil by lil Also I cannot seem to watch the video, has a anyone seen it yet?
  11. Im having problems with a program I'm making and since its too late at night to ask my professor I'll ask here. Here is the whole thing if you have VB2005+ you can open it and check it out. My Problem is (logical most likely) that when I hit the Special checkbox instead of subtracting the percentage from the price, its replacing it. You can see the problem if you run the file. Everything else works (as far as I know ) PS: I know there are site dedicated to help people with VB programing, but they take 4ever to answer. And I also like you guys. ..
  12. So wolf is confirmed as the 35th character and hopefully not a Fox clone http://img175.imageshack.us/img175/6840/1201682173878dy2.jpg http://img213.imageshack.us/img213/6529/1201682214109nt8.jpg
  13. I've beaten every song in the game, but TtFaF (10% in quick play and 78% in practice) and Raining Blood in hard. But in expert i dont pass 4%, Im not at that level yet, but one day I'll get there.
  14. Its a shame that there is only 1 [playable] character representing the Metroid series
  15. L.T.W.

    Nintendo Wii

    All I understood is the Ridley,Jigglypuff and Falco will be in, and how to unlock them right? Ridley by doing something with Samus in the Sub-Space E. Falco by clearing the 100 man or 15 min man? And Jigglypuff by idk what. Can someone clarify?
  16. I freaking loved it. A really awesome immersive feeling, I was gripped to the screen from the first explosion till the end. And I dont know why so many people complain about motion sickness. Not once I felt disoriented. Oh and I'm definitely watching it again.
  17. Could I really get tired of Video Games? I don't think so. As long as Nintendo is still around making great games, I'll be around to play them. Also, I'll always have my WoW account if I get tired of my current games or while I wait for some delayed games to be released. And I'm very sure that Brawl will keep me busy for another 8 years just like Melee did.
  18. North Miami Beach, FL WOOT Anyone around? (other than MiamiGuy of course )
  19. I knew I saw a Metroid like character in the commercial, but really? How good of a character could a Metroid be? All it can do it suck your life and grow bigger. Im saying tomorrow is gonna be Pikmin FS or stage
  20. I knew that I remembered the yellow allow from somewhere. It was from Meteos of course.
  21. And pretty much the same reason I like Brinstar Depths
  22. Its all Sakurai n friends' fault for going on vacation. This became a thread that has nothing to do about Brawl
  23. I wish Ganondorf was back, but with a new move set, cuz a clone of C. Falcon w/ no knee is worthless. IMO Still fun to use tho.
  24. Man, I love this new minigame. It's gonna make it lots of fun to get the trophies. And about Mman, he could have been added a while ago, but kept as a secret from us. Or not at all too. Im 90% that he wont be in the game though.
  25. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY WARRIO ALONE?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boo to Nintendo /cry
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