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  1. Well someone finally uploaded a video in youtube, so here it is: Its bad quality though. I love his guitar, its super cool looking.
  2. Are there tutorials on that? Because that sounds like it could be lotsa fun!
  3. Doom Plutonia with 2-4 people. That game is just too damn fun online. Its definitly my favorite online first person shooter. Thee has been no other online FPS that I've loved more than Doom Plutonia.
  4. Where do I get Samples and Instruments? or How do I make them?
  5. The thing is that I used to have FL3, but I'd never ever use it, so 3 days ago when I formatted my PC FL3 got deleted in the process because I thought I'd never use it, till today. I was playing my bass w/ my cousin today (he was playing the guitar). And we would have really appreciated a drum line to play along with. That's when I thought about FL3, but then I remember that I deleted it. So do you guys know of any free or cheap program that can do that? You see, my cousin also created a nice song and we already have the bass line, so we would like to create the drum line for it.
  6. Actually I got the ISOs through the Students Academic Alliance between my college and Microsoft, I even got all the CD Keys. But I dont need any more help I installed Vista and my PC is fat and clean once more
  7. Well, I want to format my hard drive, but the drive has a partition that is the system recovery. So if I delete it to format the drive, how could I recover the system back up? I also have both Windows XP professional and Windows Vista Business Eds DVDs, but I have them both as ISO files and I dont have a DVD burner. Tips?
  8. DAMN!!!! That guy is good! Maybe someday if i dedicate myself a lot to play. For now ill only play in my free time. Oh yeah and I just got it today, I had lotsa fun for a couple of hrs of practicing. Totally different experience than guitar IMO. EDIT: Ill post pics with it l8r
  9. Ibanez IJXB190 Jumpstart Electric Bass Guitar it was the best package IMO and my cousin's opinion.
  10. OMG! He's gonna do a special arrangement consisting of Hell March 1 & 2. Link Is anyone gonna go so it can be recorded and further posted online?
  11. Yay, According to UPS, I will be getting my bass guitar this Friday
  12. no floppy drive installed in the machine
  13. Well, IDK what she did to her computer yesterday, but this shows when she starts it today, and I dont know what to do: What should I do?
  14. This is truly bull crap! IMO the only way to stop governments from creating laws like this is to raise awareness on people that is illegal to use Limewire to get Music and Movies. I mean, buying a movie or song from iTunes is super cheap, and there are many other websites that sells you music for very cheap. I havent used Limewire in 5 years since I discovered iTunes and I plan staying that way. Limewire also gives you ad-ware, spy-ware and viruses. The speed is also a lot slower than iTunes. If people would stop downloading movies and songs illegally this laws would not exist.
  15. Thx for letting me know about that feature in PayPal, I just finished installing it. Such a cool feature! Ill try using it to buy the bass and Amp EDIT: So I just payed for this (Ibanez IJXB190 Jumpstart Electric Bass Guitar) and should hopefully get it next week. Its really cool that I can pay it in 3 payments of 100 and comes w/ free Ground Shipping. All the reviews on that item were between 4 and 5 out of 5. I also talked it over w/ me cousin and his friend (plays bass) and for the cheap price should be a fine choice.
  16. So, yeah. I really want to do it, I believe is never to late to learn something you really like. So I bought a little book to help re-learn to read music (I used to know long ago). Well now after two weeks of reading I wanna buy a bass guitar, but my economical situation makes it very hard to do so. I dont have a credit card, only PayPal ( bank account e-check kinda think) So buying it with payments is kinda out of the question. Any tips? and any tips in general on bass playing?
  17. Why are the meetups so FAR away always I wish you guys made a closer to the south for once so I could go, I've always wanted to go to one, but its always so very far from me Even if it was Georgia or South C. or maybe even North C. I'd drive to that, but drive to Philly... way too far Idk about planes, they are too expensive around this time of the year. Is there a train that gets up there?
  18. Check in week 2: I havent been going to the gym much mainly because of the crazy schedule I had at work last week, I only went twice. Hopefully I'll get a better schedule this week.... which I doubt because the new kid just got himself fired yesterday, so I'll have to cover many days that he worked. I really want to loose weight though, so I'll keep going.
  19. I loved Thoughts on a Shoreline, so I'll definitely listen to the 3 mixes.
  20. Well, this is my check in: I went 4 times this week to the gym. Doing 30mins of strong cardio fallowed by 30 more minutes of weight training. On average, I'd burn 450 calories on the cardio. On the free weights I usually do everything w/ 25lbs dumbells and I can flat bench up to 125lbs counting the bar. I used to be able to do 145 though. I decided that since I dont have a good set of routines I'll just do 2 exercises for every muscle in the upper body every time I go. I have 1 question that is not gym related, but I want to know if what Im doing is safe for my body. You see, I work in a meat department(For Publix ). So since Im the youngest guy in there, they have me doing the truck at least 3 days a week. Meet is HEAVY (Average of 50lbs per box). And I like that because I get to lift weight at work too. I always use my legs to pull the boxes up and not my back, so no problem there. Every now and then i get the real heavy boxes (80 to 100lbs each), so to try my strength, I lift them from the floor all the way up and the over my head, kinda like a dead lift, I think. So far I've gotten no injuries, so I guess its safe. Is it? I got a little picture that will help you understand: (Im not an artist, but I think its pretty good )
  21. Yeah that guy is a genius. There was a thread about Head-Tracking VR Displays from this guy a couple of months back. About the scratching... I guess you can always buy a protective sheet for the screen. Kinda like the one for a Nintendo DS.
  22. So I just remembered a new goal that I actually had set for resolution. To comfortably fit in my new jeans (34 inches to the waist) and to be able to use the new belt I bought from Guess with is also a 34. So far the jeans fit, but not to comfy. And the belt also fits, but not the way it should I probably need to loose another 2 inches on my waist. Today at the gym I burnt 470 cals. on the Elliptical machine in 32mins. And yesterday I burnt 450. My Problem is that after Im done with the cardio I run out of ideas of what to do really quickly so I just hit the flat bench Ill just stick to cardio every day. Im sure thats gonna help a lot, that and a more balance diet should suffice for now, right?
  23. Sorry that is off topic, but I had to post this: (Just for you Taucer ) Its just very funny And remember to always check ur equipment so that ( 0:33 and 0:40) wont happen to you
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