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  1. you're face is stupid! and smells like my groin. I must say, everytime I listen to this song... it makes me want to laugh. (esp when the part about link looking a lot like my groin happenes.)
  2. First off, I would like to say, BRILLIANT work... The honey bee manor was my favorite FF7 song by far. I used to tell my friends that it and Gold Saucer (and I still do) were/are my favs. when i saw that there was an arrangment of Honeybee manor ... I was like DEAR GOD !!!! YES! Anyways I was really looking forward to seeing someone elses interpretation of this work. (I have my own... but it is much more straightfoward read: Duplicate but for orchestra) I am WOWED by the depth of the song's interaction between the different sections. The progression is VERY pretty. Some of the passages seem a little empty, but i must say the emptyness is very very sexy, because its always satisfying to hear the stuff come back in, so subtly and much to my expectations of any accepted OCR honeybee manor... this RULES And I typically hate the FF7 soundtrack so someone mixing a song i too like makes me smile on the inside. I think what im saying is that i want to make sweet love to you, you know in your heart that we are meant to be together! do you want flowers? I can do that! ::sigh:: It took that orchestrated one winged angel that they used in the to change my opinion of that song... I really couldnt stand the original. (and im starting to grow weary of my OWA mix.) and yes I still hate the original, more so now for having heard the orchestral one. Anyways ... Excellent and soothing work. It doesnt really bring to mind a burlesque house, but it certainly does its job to be pretty. Keep writing and now.... FIRST POST MWAAAAHHAHAHHA!!!
  3. at first i was ultimately dissappointed with how the B section of the song was handled, keeping the same bass line and chord progression as the A section, making me feel like it was in the wrong... then the bridge hits us with the True section B which sen me goin on my "oh yeah" vibe. and as far as the voices go... ::sniffle:: i love them... I love Sakura, I lust after her, i wish she was real, which is why I seek a shortish japanese girlfriend with a loose understanding of shotokan karate and a fiery attitude ::drool:: this mix is the embodiment of sex, featuring Sakura good work. ::edit:: I feel very happy to hear someone else bringing forth the Hand Clap love hear I thought i was the only one who still cared. Many times funjob! sweet lord this is a listenable peice. this easily goes into my file folder of "not crap" remixes. Instead i think i will make a new folder dedicated to sakura mixes. Loud+agile+cute+japanese+house+funk guitar= sexy
  4. ::sigh:: I do declare... this is grand work my boy... pipin' good show chap.
  5. I would like to take this time to point this mix out... Dear god ive been listening to it for like 40 minutes! This is where the REAL mix is
  6. OH MY SWEET GOD... Evil... horde.... STYLE STYLE STYLE!!!! ::the groove never stops:: Oh man I almost cried when i heard it start to fade out, but then I fixed the problem by starting it over. Plus points !
  7. personally, I think trenthian is an arogant bastard, and a rude and abrasive character. He probably doesnt bathe either. Mostly, I find most of Vig's write up on this Peice to be EXACTLY how I feel about it. It started off as an experiment in vocal work (vocals are teh win) So really the mix Relies HEAVILY on them... because going to the roots its them that this was all about in the first place... Some people showed interest in this in the WIP forums, so I really didnt want to let them down. I may update this peice in the future with a MUCH more focused peice but to tell the truth i really think that the arranged version of this song played by the Tokyo pops is all the arranging this peice will ever need and I am content to have played ball with this Idea. Im just a guy looking to have some fun. Eccles, you still make me smile man (I really love your honesty, as blatant as it is.) When it was in the WIP forum, someone asked the question "Does it stand alone without the vocals?" at the time... it was true that it did not... and that is why the second half is where the party is at. I now understand that Vocals aside, A mix MUST carry itself as a mix... Vocal rips over a beat are just as bad as the original over a beat. In conclusion, as groovable as the beggning is or not, and in retrospect on how much the second half pwns your heiny, I hope you folks listening enjoy it as it really was a Mix for the peeps... (im usually really selfish about my music. AND I HATE FF7 ... crucify me if you will.) If I "were" to do an updated OWA... it would be a different mix entirly, not an update... and it wouldnt be this song... it would be something else... like 4 measures of insanity from Kid Nikki the radical ninja... I would like to take this moment to extend a very much deserved THANK YOU! to compyfox. he ish teh 1337 mixar! THANK YOU! Things to come Maybe! ... highlight and copy to text. I jest... in truth, Things I would like to do in an update... Different Bass- More awesome lead oboe, a longer version of the second half material where Im actually mixing, The most awesome Ethnic Percussion solo on the planet, (I hand placed EACH and every drum strike from the SF2s, its not a wavform loop... its midi loopage controlling sf2) I would have Done this mix as orchestral, but its been done (professionally.) I promise there will be no hand claps in an update if every there is one... but like the Triangle and Cowbell... I will miss them dearly.
  8. solid work... I applaud the arrangment stunning really while i think a lot of the samples are ghey... they really help this sound happier... man definetly a jam... makes me feel warm on the inside... I love this song with every part of my body (including my pee pee) ::files it into the folder labeled Phat trax.:: A++ material. And mad respectful props for Yoshi's Story music.
  9. The bassline is half cool and half suck. there are times when the tonality doesnt belong for it to sound fluid enough for me... But I do like the vibe otherwise.
  10. when playing as reinhart in dragon force, madruk is a pain in the ass, because you dont fight much in reinhart's story, you dont get to level up much its REALLY FREAKING HARD! SCREW YOU MADRUK !!!!#EQHDF<HJ C<FX,m
  11. @ 128 it was 5.2 mb on my machine and I thought the limit was 5 mb ! lol I may update with a higher quality bitrate, *esp around 128-160 vbr or something considering the space I still have
  12. NO! It's mine! He beat me in the race! ;_; HAha!race? you guys are way behind... the WIP I submitted for owa rounding the judges panel corner.. I know because I submitted it about 3 weeks after BOF it was finished then, and it is finished now anyways really good luck with your Submissions. Im confident in your work in general blake. Although I cant remember which one of yours you submitted! to talk breifly about my BOF mix. I'd just like to say... the rooster is your king! also.. I would like to say. the SFX were not the focus of the peice, just there to help tell the story. Story of Ryu's First good Deed --- opening---> Ryu Arrives in Camlon, a desolated town, taken by monsters, the people have been kicked out of their homes, and the duke forced from his keep. The children are not safe. ---1:12---> Although its not really his quest and is going to be time consuming, Ryu decides that it is completely within his power to lend these people a hand. It is on the way to Windia afterall anyways. Ryu makes his way to the Ducharchy and tells them to step aside, --- 1:35---> as a man on a mission he makes his way through the keep's gates (strutting is optional) and --- 2:07 ---> lays eyes on the giant oak doors, which he then opens. The mysterious halls reek sour of spoiled and spilt blood. ---2:22 (make a wish ryu)---> he moves on down the halls. A great battle took place here. Bones lay scattered about... ---2:39--->Loses his cool for a moment, ---2:47---> he rebounds ---2:49---> and dumbly stumbles forward. His wits save him from a lethal claw swipe from a Giant Ugly Toad. ---2:52---> the battle between good and vile has begun! At first Ryu gets his bearings and musters up the will to stand his ground... but the beast is huge... by the crown it wears atop its head, it's likely also the leader of the monster incursion. the two face off in a lethal dance. ---3:35- A blow is struck upon the beast with keen precision! Ryu's courage is bolstered and the beast is bleeding and angry. As Ryu successfully connects a few more hits home, the Toad gains a second wind, and is totally super pissed. ---3:43---> the Toad fights back and ryu pays with some of his own blood this time... ---3:49---> and just as it seems hopless again, the toad comes crashing down atop the young man... as the toad tackles him, Ryu slashes bringing the blade in a circle and Up into the toads heart. ---3:57--->Silence, ---3:58---> no one is watching so why make it dramatic? Preferring his life more than suffacating under the dead stinking toad, Ryu climbs out from beneath it, bathed in putrid, green, slimey blood. ---4:15---> the toads body glows and blinds the room in a flash of red-orange light. A steady stream of energy pushes Ryu gently back the way he came to the giant oak doors, ---4:32--->As he approaches them they open... upon sighting him, the Hamlet rejoices in the name of the Light Dragon Clan. (NOT the Wu-tang, or cherry clans.) A night's rest and good food in the temporary shelters ouside the city help Ryu to ease of mind. A week later after the wounds have all healed, Ryu finds himself wandering again towards the lands of Windia, with the blessings of the Duke of Camlon on his shoulders and karma totally super awesome. ---End--- THAT is the way it was. (its true)
  13. if there was a pilotwings chrono trigger crossover, this would be the music. very fluttery. likie EXCELLENT playing of the violin there boyo... would have been cooler I think if it was an Erhu.
  14. Great. You know, in a help thread, "read the fucking manual" should never really come up. Layer channel, thanks. Yes, considering this is a help thread, I better start teaching you how to help yourself. Then we'll stop getting stupid questions. ::douses flames:: stop this immediatly. richter pm me and ill help you with what you need.
  15. send me an flp and Ill tell you what to do... I think i understand what you are trying to ask, but you are confusing and overworking yourself in he process...
  16. I use the the event editor... go to a blank pattern (the main automation is great for this..) select the pattern, click the fx button to bring up the mixer... right click on the knob you want to pan... and select edit events... it will take you to the piano roll where you can adjust the pan of the track over the course of the automation... I use the automation for all my little things like mixer vol, pan, and tempo. did that clear it up for you?
  17. producer ROCKS sucka. anyways man, go to a LAN cafe, and dl it there and burn it to cd. or hack it... and try it to see if you like it. I swear by FL studio... dont care if the cubasers and logic audio boys think its inferior because their PC's cant handle the program at full power. its a ram whore... like studio pulls the last drop of ever byte ofram joo got... unless you are working with the bare essentials... I reccommend at least 700+mb of ram to use FLstudio, and 2.0+ghrz P4 or a 1.8 ghrz+ athlon. The athlon may not be as stable a processor to have for your sound rig though. but yeah fruity studio doesnt sound as clean as logic, or as powerful as cubase when you are first starting out... but stick with it. (I havent played with reason ever, and I dont think i will want to.) I look at FL as a challenge to overcome its limitations and produce something that sounds great. Essentially the piano roll will be your all knowing all seeing god of sound. youll want to pick up a couple of VST instruments and some good soundfonts... for whatever you are doing. and dont use any of the sample intruments except for the generators (with your own personal mod to all the sounds) and the drum samples (which arent that great but there are some gems in there.) here is something Im working on with producer
  18. It sounds a little muddy in places... but that is to be expected... there are also moments that i feel that the sound image is a little empty... a little heavy on the reverb.... Kamikaze said it before I could... The samples are a little weak. the string pads feel a little out of place for me. But this IS a great arrangment... (Bonus points for using a harpsichord.) and its worse than that hes dead jim.... I rarely get to hear an english horn. (its not an oboe.) I play the oboe and English horn... not enough music really uses the more beatiful tones they are capable of, rather it tends to use the honky and more undesirable imo articulations... You capitalize on the VERY best of the double reed sound. But largely I wish it were longer!!! (VHD was this made with eridol? I feel like ive heard these samples before.)
  19. Its not an issue with the quality of the bass sound... its an issue with the bass playing completely out of key with the rest of the piece... Is he ever going to fix that freaking bass?! Gar! I love this mix, minus the bass.... its a real shame... that bassline is really driving this one into the freaking ground... Scott, if you are out there! Dude... how can you live with yourself knowing that this bassline blows in every way digital and audial. Man, drop that accoustic crap of a bass, and put the funk back into this mix. you may drive me to have a crack at gerudo valley myself.
  20. I have one request, can someone tell me what he is saying? the lyrics, I cant tell what they are... I dont know if you are supposed to know but it sounds like he just wants to go to bed. ::goes back into a trance listening to this wonderful mix,: in the verybeginning I just noticed the drum playing over the synth very cool
  21. If you are listening bazooie, or rather reading... I would just like to say thank you man. Thanks, this song once you've listened past the 100th listen becomes a deeper part of ones life, it has changed the way I think of harmonics. Thanks.
  22. This ones burned onto my carjam set, disc 3 of 10 and 5 of 10. Those are the two discs i listen to most often. and its prolly in part due to this wonderful mix. I love the flavor. True timbral mastery. I remember thinking when i first listened, it was at the beggining and i was think "Man, this mix would be so much better with a wider stereo spectrum, and then Boom! its wide and raping my ears. ::sigh:: Mixing game music a pastime most wonderful fear this sonic love.