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  1. Ill release the B side of this song in this review thread featuring the reason I ended with Mario.
  2. Glad most of you are able to enjoy it. Those of you who could not, hope it didnt waste too much of your bandwidth.
  3. I listened to a few demos of the kirk hunter collection busta suggested the other day. Has anyone hear used it? Or does anyone hear have any experience with it? I am pretty sold on it given the things its supposed to be able to do, and as an alternative to EWQL I am definetly considering it. Some of the demos are forgivable considering they were made on a pentium 3 with 386MB of ram lol Currently I am considering one of the following 3 orchestras for purchase. EWQL SO Gold/silver (depending), Advanced Orchestra and now Kirk Hunter pending posts.
  4. Hes got you by the heart in a one way, brawl from the start Man. I know Ive posted in this thread before abobut how much ass this song kicks. I once again gotta say... man... months and months since that post, Oh fuck I cant help but sing along to this gem. Thgis song gives me shivers.
  5. Hem hem. As King of the Kingdom of Trenthia, I too shall express my warmest regards to the wonderful German Fellow known as Compyfox. May he continue to Kick ass and Chew bubble gum, but run out of Gum forevermore. <3 CompyFox
  6. I dont know... I have only seen the last half of that movie. I should watch it sometime. Thats the one with dustin hoffman and T cruise right?
  7. wow... from the one comparison, its obvious that all the haters about "omg roland is taking forever," or "compy is messing up the tracks" need to STFU right now. its an incredible difference.
  8. The bass is sweet, but its panned off to the side. This reduces the over all flavor of the piece and is one ear heavy. Later on there is bass panned more normally which is good times. The drums are unacceptable to me. Edirol is a very nice percussion set, but the drums are too all over the place. While varied, this is very distracting to me. The clavi and main lead work is very nice. This mix has plenty of pros, but it certainly has its cons. Overall I'd yes this too. But Its not really my cup of tea as far as remixes go.
  9. Alright. I want to do some recorder recording. Sign me up for soprano, alto or tenor recording. For my work outside of any OCR material I will charge a fee. For OCR material, free.
  10. Orchestra Players will be reading from standard Scores, Notation and such. If you need help with this, Im available for Chat on AIM. Modern sections such as guitar, e bass and improvised parts will be reading from a lead sheet. Its okay to arrange for ackward instrumentations as well, as long as it adheres to what will be available in formation plan. Just bear in mind smaller stuff will be the first served.
  11. Its a bit of a ways off, But wherever I end up, Im paying for and forming an Orchestra. Planned Development Stages. 1 - For the core, Im starting as a string ensemble, so that will take priority in the early stages. 2 - Expanding with Woodwinds and french horn, solo trumpet, And modern rhythm from there, 3 - Adding Brass 4 - Seeking additional parts like digital piano and exotic things. (Stranger instruments such as E.Keyboards, sitar, koto, theremin, taiko or whatever.) I wont bore you with how Im going about recording them, but at first it will be live performance type recordings, perhaps even with an audience. If you are local to me, (wherever I happen to be at the time of the recording as Im moving right now) you will be invited to see your piece played. If you have conducting experience Ill even allow you to guest conduct. I will be needing arrangements for them to practice and of course record. This is where you come in. On a Submission style examination of material, I will look at your score, see if we can perform it. If we cant perform it we will tell you what isnt working to consider for a revision, or work out how we can change right away so we can do it with less pulled hairs. If you have music that you would love to hear with a live Orchestra, Consider arranging the piece for us. While I will look at everything submitted, I encourage the majority of music I recieve to be video game arrangements. As part of the Orchestras plan is to submit them to OCR as a collab with the writer. The Orchestra has its own Website in the works, and once we are ready (with a couple pieces hosted) we will debut it publically. If you would like to arrange stuff, understand that first stage instrumentation music will happen sooner, as its easier to organize. NOTE: The Orchestra is about a year away from happening (date now: December 6th, 2005.) If you are in a hurry to have something completed, this orchestra is not for you. For all others, this is a perfect oppurtunity to start a pet project or consider waiting on an OC submission to gear it up for the Orchestra. I wont lie to any of you, Ive never recorded anything of this magnitude before. The largest recordings I've helmed have been 4 mic rock sessions. It is my pledge to do it until I get it right though. And I currently have all the needed equipment to do it right. A note on the Orchestra. I singlehandedly organized 47 players in the Los angeles area to play Modern arrangements. This group has been disbanded. Wherever I go, Organizing a new group is a cakewalk as I now have a management staff of 3 to do it for me according to my instructions. Instrumentations to consider are listed below. once again, if you would like to arrange something new, take adapt something in the works, or adapt something you already have completed understand that first stage instrumentation music will happen sooner, as its easier to organize. Once again, VG arrangements are encouraged over all else, but we will consider anything that is submitted. Instrumentation : Stage 0 Violin, Viola, Cello. Here is the instrumentation for Stage 1. 5 Violin 3 Viola 2 cello Instrumentation Stage: 2 11 violin 7 viola 3 cello 1 Bass ------------------------------ NOTE: From this point on, I will be adding Modern elements to the orchestra such as a rhythm section. (Aim: 2 guitars, E.Bass, Drumkit. Later on, Electric Drum kit, ) Instrumentation Stage: 2 + Expansion 2 Flutes 1 clarinet 11 violin 7 viola 3 cello 1 Bass Instrumentation: Stage 3 3 Flutes 2 Oboe 2 Clarinet 1 Bassoon 11 violin 7 viola 3 cello 1 Bass Solo French Horn. Instrumentation: Stage 4 3 Flutes 2 Oboe 2 Clarinet 1 Bassoon 11 violin 7 viola 3 cello 1 Bass 3 French Horn. Solo Trumpet Solo Trombone. Instrumentation: Stage 5 3 Flutes 2 Oboe 2 Clarinet 1 Bassoon 12 violin 9 viola 5 cello 2 Bass 4 French Horn. 3 Trumpets. 2 Trombone. Baritone or Tuba (whichever I can find.) All Further Stage of Devolpment will be announced once we get there as at that point, the Orchestra will expand as people come along.
  12. If I did, Im unaware. I probably wouldnt mind in the future though
  13. Problems: - Rhythm guitar work is very sloppy. - Some of the sections have conflicting chords playing. Anti-problems: - The tone of the acoustic guitar is awesome. - Soft and sexy throughout. - Excellent take on Epona. -The electric stuff sounds great (rhythm problems aside.) --------
  14. Wow. I absolutely hate the way this song starts, but once the melody of twoson kicks in this is a really unique track. Very very very nice stuff. I was a bit suprised not to have the funk with this one. So while this track absolutely rocks... NO Make longer and resubmit.
  15. you bore me to tears, its pathetic that you ever registered an account here.
  16. 3 hr phone call make your head asplode.
  17. I know I have a pretty full plate with my guile track, but sign me up for character select as well.
  18. when I first listened to this song, I thought it was rad. I still think its rad. I now have a few reservations however. while they are fine, I would like there to have been more snap to the snare, and pop to the bass drum. The drums also seem kind of low mixed. This song screams I want to do a bass solo. otherwise this song is 100% awesome. Great attention to transforming a well known peice into something new and exciting.
  19. OMG its djpretzel disguised as a noob trying to steal a shtty remix.
  20. I say, I really didnt like this one. I was so looking forward to it too.
  21. Im going to end this thread cause I have the clearest most precise answer to this question. it is irrefutable. "The Holes" from Atari's E.T.
  22. hahaha!! people still talk about this mix...! wow... im flattered , really... now hopefully this will be the last post... GET OUT THERE AND REVIEW THE MANY BETTER SONGS ON THIS SITE PLEASE KTHXBYE. Ditto
  23. to avoid being too negative, not such a fan of this mix. joshua can do much better. that bass sucks, the piano part is to rigid, koto blows, pizz strings are a little too fake. there is nearly no variation in rhythm, the song stays in the same method for way too long. repeat listens are not going to happen with this one for me. Come on Joshua, you can do much better.
  24. it was indeed bound to be the 2nd earmix to make it onto OCR. I love you shael. Ill eat your children.