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  1. Sorry about the hold up guys, should be finished with mine sometime this weekend, if I cant do that, I promise a trenthian promise that I will have it finished before april 1st. its coming along really nicely, Its part electronic, and mostly orchestral. very smooth throughout so far. I could just drop an ending on it, but I feel thats sorta cop'ing out since I only have about 2:30 of kick ass happening so far.
  2. Hee heehee!!! some very fun stuff in this one. This is the type of song that watches all the other songs walk about in their menial everyday... then sashays through life and flips a coin while its at it. This song starts aggressive, stays agressive, while maintaining a very very smooth and laid back feel! its a paradox of musical sound. Although never having heard the original... given the nsf requirement I have to say that this is some super calibur material. Excellent work DJP... you have made this humble mixer bounce his head.
  3. ive already posted to say it... but i think it needs to be said again. but with new revelation. This is a masterpiece.
  5. can you say sustain pedal? I can. omg. I do like the arrangment but I feel there are times when some of the more beautiful tones could have been expressed better without everything being washed out by the sustains. Nice work otherwise.
  6. ahahahaha ahahahaha hahahahaha I can offer like SEVERE KAzoo'ings! and like if you want some SMOKING spoons playing count me in. rumor has it that I am capable of playing a jaw-harp with the best of them, this is unconfirmed however.
  7. good times man. It turned out really nice. keep um coming Bliz.
  8. you are a most welcome addition to team aquarius btw lol... how is our team doing?
  9. now, i was originally coming back to this thread to say once again how much i enjoy this peice... but then as i was reading posts and playing the ken song i saw this sig... and couldnt stop watching it as they magically danced the ken dance.
  10. hahaha!! people still talk about this mix...! wow... im flattered , really... now hopefully this will be the last post... GET OUT THERE AND REVIEW THE MANY BETTER SONGS ON THIS SITE PLEASE KTHXBYE.
  11. keep in mind, we are comparing it to the original in game tune... outside the game arrangments by pros are not what we are comparing it to. this is OCremix afterall. its whats in the game that counts.
  12. I would just like to make my original post a little more clear. This mix fondles my genitals just right... a sex machine ready to reload like an atom bomb. This mix helps me realise my ken. Man... and all my friends called me a queer for playing ken when everyone else played akuma and sagat, and other less effeminate characters such as rose and Birdy. I hope they listen and get in touch with their Ken.
  13. this is one of the most enjoyable things ive heard drop into my lap in a LONG time great work.
  14. good stuff...hope it went well... now lets weep for my philosophy grad student friends at LMU that have to write a freaking book as their dissertations
  15. WEEE! just in time for halloween! good stuff. Orchestration is nice. The kick kick kick kick wears on me a little... but over all sounds pretty good times.
  16. I will always love my caramella.
  17. deadline ready wip
  18. ive abandoned my prior WIP due to someone is now mixing number 51, so now its just going to be number 1-2 besides my new Idea is teh winnar.
  19. OMG I REMEBER THAT COMMERCIAL!!! brought back some memories. oh yeah' date=' and KAPOW! [img']