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  1. once again I would like to affirm that this mix is the soul reason I havent remixed the Legend of Zelda theme. Nothing can top this mix. The production is amazing... the performance, the comedy, the shael, its all hear in a neet little package ready to be served to the populous. it doesnt complain when i come 'home late at night. This mix is king. Bow your heads before your king!
  2. of course not having ready the reviews, im posting... so a lot of what Im about to say probably has been said already... absolutely captivating Is this peice. The song flows very nicely from one segment to the next with intamate detail towards all the individual instruments. Especially around 3:12 does this peice express itself in a very sexy fashion. I never got into the secret of mana... maybe i should holy crap I like this mix.
  3. HELLOL!!! HAHAHA OMG KTHX RETENTIONS OF CONFLICT WTFLOL! NEXT!! Btw good stuff to be had in this mix. smooth and sexy. Shame I hate Squaresoft so much these days. Great jorb. What i like most, is that the guitar work is great, the drum isnt cheap and overpowering like it is in a lot of mixes of this type, and the bass is crsip and tight and uses a lot of detailed sequencing. oh man...
  4. ellywu what sequencer are you using for your mix? I mix with edirol in FL... if you do simlilarly , than I have some reccomendations. First off, the samples clip because you have them turned up too hot. Instead of sliding the volume for their FX (or master if you dont use the fx yet.) track up higher, put a preamp or otherwise on the track. when the percussion comes in, it is being processed too loud so it clips. it would be good to extend some of the tails on those piano and harp notes, as they do sound a little flat. yours is very very bouncy. Me likes. And hear is mine. pick one anywho... yeah, going to transition through a few different styles exploring the material. I plan on the included in WIP orchestral, synth pop. I also plan to move into some darker territory... perhaps with a more industrial sound... something brooding and powerful, and frightening all at once... Cant keep this chipper attituide i've got now for too long.
  5. ah good ol' VG Frequency #32 with Infamous Female Mustin: listen to her whine like a hor for 3hr50min
  6. is there an official track list in hear somewhere? Because im doing star general and track 1... I would like to know what other people are doing, so I could gauge the possibility of pulling in extra source material such as a line or two from track 51 or track 3 and so forth. (Im getting more and more jealous of 51 the more I listen to it. lol )
  7. WTF?! its tooooooo short. I would love to hear this one go on and on and on and on... who cares?! It's fucking great.
  8. I have absolutely no problems with a peer review, even if it my own neck that may be cut. Im for the reveiw... but it would have to be a very large majority voting someone out of a position on the team, as even if someone is clearly a better mixer, it never hurts to give someone a shot.
  9. This fucking mix gave me herpes but it was a good fuck while it lasted. Bring on the Valtrex! I love the brass in this micks. It totally accentuates Gray's feminen hips. The percussion sexy as well.
  10. ... this is absolutely dreadful. ... Perhaps only by todays standards... but yegh.
  11. this remix is magical number 1234, brought to you in part by the letter Q.
  12. Weee I'm on the pimp list! FEAR! The latin sound invasion continues. Eh, The song is much longer now, Eventually ill submit this and about 10 other Original tracks to soundempest. I am fashioning Oloren, city by the sea to be suitable for both an RPG, and at the same time a fighting game stage for my friend mike. It is going o be a grove fest, i just hope some of the changes i have made dont detract or turn off my listeners as I enjoy them quite a bit.
  13. Really enjoyed the first minute of it, and the ending. I was however really expecting it to pick up somewhere towards the minute mark. While the music is very clean, and the progressions very transporting at times, i feel as though there is a lot of ramble writing. There are parts that are very unfocused. The strings were also a bit of a turn off as I like mine a lot softer, to the point where I'd prefer synthetic ones to real ones if thats what it took to get them soft. Definite points go to thee though for a very different take on Zelda than I am used to. This could easily be the credits theme to a futuristic Zelda adventure, or the opening CG movie (the way the games are going these days). In short, I cant dance to this without wearing a white wig... white wigs are for old people, and dead old people. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO BUMP THIS IN MY HOOD? I'd be shot. John demands drums! Good stuff... more dance next time.
  14. Sux! I dig the groove it lays... excellent use of synths, and the texture... geeze man. complete suprise. You somehow manage to keep it playful even though it is a very serious peice. i was dissapointed with the way some of the mid stuff is so stiff.... but its okay... a few listens later and all was set right, and it felt more natural. Excellent work.
  15. ::drool:: and its not just cause its orchestral. man, emotive as all hell. very very good arranging there are time swhen it screams "im synthy," but thats okay, its very adaptative in this vibe that it should sound like this. very surreal texture to a lot of it, and a completely enjoyable listen, DL now cause the man says so. (is this Squid font? if so, I have never heard a better usage of those samples... like DEAR GOD! thats some amazing sequencing for squid.)
  16. ::shiver:: GOOD STUFF! when the rest of the orchestra comes in... man that is like nails on chalkboard almost... but in a good way if you can unserstand that... its REALLY fitting for the mood... very scary, very... well metroid in my opinion. I love the cello vs guitar a SHIT LOAD. since it sounds like you are playing it yourself, would you be interested in being part of my band? I have some large projects planned for my game music related stuff in regards to OCR. (I have already been forming small ensembles for unsubmitted works, with plans for future submission.)
  17. stellar work. I heard it for the first time today. Damn. good stuff indeed.
  18. oooooo pretty... Ok, the drums are little weak, just about the only thing wrong with this WONDERFULLY enjoyable mix. Long, full of rock. above average guitar work. A LOT of respect is being given to the source material. Geeze.
  19. SWEET LEAPING J-SUS! this is fun times. at first I was like... man this is gonna blow (sounded like a van halen rip off of 1984) ... and then BOOM! AMAZING !!1 amazin' amazifying conventional writing into an astoundingly thrilling and transporting peice. The quality may not be the best, but it is excusable given the detail to transportation. SO freaking grooveable. Damn I could hgo on and on about how much i like this without actually naming specific things. I dont believe ive had this much fun listening to an OCR in a long time
  20. Am I the only one missing out on this supposed low end? it has such a weak low end... no punch to those drums... very treble filled Track. I swear I love it, its not that its bad, I just feel i would have been so much more in love with this track if the bass and drums hit a little harder.
  21. VERY NICE! I must say the brass in the begginning sucks..... But this is very cool later on, a very very ethnic middle eastern sound on that May(clarinet sounding flute). The string stabs are not the best Ive heard, but i certainly couldnt do better yet. I love the percussion you are using in this. (is that Sonic implants Silk road? I have it... and if you can get this sound out of it, I may have to go back and start looking at it again! Or is it yellow tools? ) That is a bad ass gong btw... A shame its so0 short. it builds up and builds up, and then... stops. its was beginning to sound like Harry Gregson-Williams ala MGS:SOL... I was so expecting the technic sound to come in, but it never did... Good work though. More than worth a few listens every now and again.
  22. MWAHAHAHAHAHA! This rules. I didnt know squidfont could do something this nice
  23. At first I really didnt like this. I thought immediatly that the lack of a low end would drive me nuts, (and it still kinda does.) But overall I really dig the mix. Man, if the kick drum had more oomfh and the bass was thicker, i'd probably say I dig this mix as much as everyone else. Great work though.