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  1. I do still have it! Sorry about the long delay!

    Email me at b33j83@gmail.com. How shall I send the file to you?

  2. I has a forum post in a relevant thread. Looking forward to some good videos!
  3. Hey, do you still have that Stuck (Penultimate) song I made? You said you really liked it. But my hard drive crashed, and um, well, I'm quite sure that my friend already salvaged the Penultimate version for me. However, I did make a version after that; I was wondering if by any chance you have it. Please respond. I don't really care about much in the hard drive crash, but that song's my child.

  4. Hey man. Go listen to NIN's "Adrift and at Peace" song. I'd REALLY like to hear some pretty low, wide, synthed bass stuff like what comes in near 1:40, for your song. I think it'd fit pretty well.
  5. Hey Binster! I'm glad it's released. Keep up the great work!
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_SGwDhKTrwU A tactile sequencer... Just watch the video and drool for one like me.
  7. Yeah I really like this too! Even if it's just a little no-idea song or whatever, i'd like to hear a finished version. I might change the hi-hat sound after the breakdown though, but it's got a real good bass/groove sound, yo!
  8. I kinda second what Zircon says. Make it heavier, more bass. Also, that songs at that version seems to be too short. Maybe like Pendulum's Slam, you could do a keychange of the melody closer to the end and give in a whole new part. Likewise, have the breakdown stretch out longer. Hot shtuff yo. I've had this up all day long playin it.
  9. HAHAHAHA oh my god i laughed so hard at the title of this thread... my brother and i would always make that joke of what it sounded like mario said.. Wow dude, kudos for you for typing that! 10 year old jokes coming back are awesome
  10. Shoot, I'd think that if you submitted it as is, it'd almost get accepted. Of course maybe work on the timing a little bit, but minimalistic piano pieces do pretty well here, I think. I've had it on repeat for a while now. Very enjoyable.
  11. My computer already came with a name. >_> Nemesis But my 3 hard drives names are, for system stuff: The Stellar Ring games/media: The Grid and my external: The Verge
  12. I think we were all hoping for this to be said instead. >_<
  13. When the beat first kicked in it really made me think that this song could be a good industrial remix.. The soundscape is a little shocking at the 0:32 second mark because the percussion changes up so much, the low end bass disappears and the synth that plays the main melody that's panned to the right is extremely generic sounding. My opinion: Keep the hihat sound going past the 0:32 mark and see how it sounds.. Might keep the shock down. Also try panning more of the hard non-backing percussions around more. Work with a bit more reverb too. Some things seem to be in front or on top of other sounds. As well, some sounds are not loud enough, while a few could stand to be turned down a smidge. Even though the intro is kinda simple, it still builds up the anticipation a bit. When the :32 hits, it doesn't going any higher.. just hits this kinda plateau. Like it needs more loud screaming synths and the backing percussions need to have more presence, more strength. The thing at 2:09 sounds like the end of a song.. I don't what you were intending to do with it but just sounds funny Find more complex synth sounds and try those out... Try to find a less midi-sounding guitar PLEEEAAASSE!! And what other people said, production is a big issue. Work the sound levels better, reverb, and plan the soundscape better.
  14. The ONLY time someone has acknowledged it with me was when I walked into a gas station and the dude behind the counter said "nice shirt". Down here in ole central Georgia.
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