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  1. Might I suggest putting CMC# in the front of the forum title? It makes the thread a lot easier to find. (yeah, I have a tough time finding it each time I come here)
  2. I kind of like how this comp is ending right when At World's End comes out...oh it's going to be great.
  3. I definitely love this theme...Not sure if I'll get around to writing something, but I'll be looking forward to hearing what everyone can come up with.
  4. Oh man...long time since this has been posted in... http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/info/items/tinfoilhat.xml This was pretty hilarious. Nice laugh for a random joke which has nothing to do with any particular dates of interest...nope.
  5. Bren

    I'm out.

    Projects...Remixes...what? I'm just here for the competitions.
  6. Now this is something I can definitely look forward to...Though I've never had the privilage of playing NiGHTS, I have looked up gameplay videos and heard a lot of praise from people who own or have played it...Definitely good news!
  7. Yeah...sorry folks. There's been too little activity for such a long time for this project to continue. I really haven't been getting any new tracks from 90% of the mixers who originally signed up for a very long time now. It's quite difficult to do this, as I had high hopes for this project, but it just isn't moving along. The project will have to come to an unfinished close. If anyone would like to take over and try to bring it back to life, feel free...I'm stepping down however.
  8. Aw man, I really want to go but that's a huuuuge trek for me. I might go, but it's unlikely. If not, then I too will be looking forward to recordings, pics and all that good stuff.
  9. 7 entries...somewhat small, but a vast huge improvement from late TOMCs and recent CMCs...it's good to see the multi forum idea was a success. You can expect a vote from me shortly.
  10. I'm having a really hard time thinking of anything which fits the theme well enough...but if I come up with something you can expect an entry from me.
  11. Yes. Like you mentioned, the Zune is a first release, so I'm not entirely sure I'd want to go out and buy one not knowing exactly how reliable it is...I'm simply stating I think it has good potential, and that I have heard very few negative comments about it so far... I'm just saying that in addition, I would definitely trust a Zen, since I've owned a creative mp3 player which worked perfectly as long as Ive had it (as far as I know, it still works)
  12. Calpis and I just finished a round. He won 3-0. Man those were some fun rounds
  13. I'm looking for a soundfont (or multiple soundfont) of male and female vocals with "oh" and "ah" sounds. Would anyone happen to know of any decent free, or less expensive ones?
  14. Why is it that everything made by Microsoft has to be "evil" and shunned? I have only heard good things about the Zune from people I asked about it. The reason behind it is in fact a counter from Bill Gates that Mac had terrible customer support for people buying Ipods. At least that's my understanding from what I've read and heard. On that note, I would certainly trust a Zen, because a Nomad was my first MP3 player, and it worked great for a few years. Not saying it broke...it still works, I just haven't had a need for portable music much anymore.
  15. Just got back into it, after 3 months of WoW sobriety, I caved in and reactivated my account a few days before the expansion, and luckily enough, picked up the last unreserved copy of BC from all local stores within a half hour of driving distance. I can say I'm very much impressed with the new content so far...the dungeons are just leaps and bounds more fun than old ones...perhaps because the new dungeon bosses now act more like raid bosses (magic effects and curses which keep you on your toes, new unpredictable actions, etc.) Even the Outland overworld is more exciting than most endgame overworlds before the expansion. Such a great improvement from an already great game. /my2cents
  16. I have yet to see any snow showers this winter. It's almost like just a cold autumn.
  17. Nope, I don't know what he's pointing at or what he's yelling.
  18. Hey everyone, today is the WIP due date. A lot of people still need to check in with their mixes.
  19. I believe that was the original intention.
  20. I don't think this would be possible without a channel. Also, we need to decide which Battle.net server to play on.
  21. For some reason, I can't get UDP to work with my machine...TCP works just fine, and I was told that UDP is better for hosting online gaming. Would anyone know of any possible reasons why UDP won't work?
  22. Well, I was, until I came across this thread.
  23. Nice one! It made me laugh Out of curiosity, what program are you using?
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