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  1. Whaaa? Why didn't I see this sooner. It's not too late for me to join in is it?
  2. Also, I believe this is awesome and deserves recognition!
  3. Here's another one I recently finished. Now, the question is...who knows who Kirby ate?
  4. Wow, I overlooked this while checking the thread. Pretty hilarious stuff. I rofled when I heard "Have one on the house!"
  5. I'm having way too much fun with this.
  6. Gitaroo Kirby! (I spent way too much time on this, but it was worth it)
  7. Ah...I wasn't aware of this. Thanks for letting me know.
  8. If the last thread was deleted because a mod thought it had to do with the removal of Unmod, then you were sadly mistaken. I need to know how to change thread titles, because I can't seem to find the proper tool to do so, or can it not be done in VB?
  9. They look great! Mixers go ahead and add these to your sig if you have room. Also, the next due date is coming up very soon, so keep working on your mixes!
  10. My entry is done. Ill be submitting it shortly.
  11. Eh, dont you mean 24 hours from? First post says Saturday at midnight.
  12. If I knew Zircon's place was so close to where I live, then I would've called for directions and driven over, but I was way too tired last night to even consider it. Great meeting everyone! Good times were had by all (hopefully)
  13. Had an interesting dream the other night... TheProphetofMephisto came up to me and said "Ill mix the bowser stage, only if you do the yoshi stage" that's all it was...then back to nondescript sleeping. Perhaps it's a sign...hmmm
  14. Thanks, I'm glad you like it so far. I'm considering drawing a flashtoon for it once it's complete...but for now I'll work on finishing the sections and writing lyrics.
  15. I got: -$25.00 gift card to Best Buy -$25.00 gift card to EB (competing gift cards! zomg!) -a 4 bottle hot sauce gift box (Cayenne, Habanero, Chipotle, Jalapeno) -a Wii remote, -a Nunchuk -Zelda: Twilight Princess -Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (which I'll probably use my gift receipt for) -an IOU for a Nintendo Wii
  16. Seems to me it's becoming less of a habit and more of an OCR competition tradition. Anywho, I have a start of something and may yet be able to finish it.
  17. Charlieeee! Come with us to Candy Mountain! Merry Christmas denizens of Unmod
  18. OJ does a world of good. This year was the first time I inhaled 2 gallons of OJ within 4 days, and catching the cold last Monday, I got over it yesterday, and now I feel like I never had a cold. Hope you feel better in time! Anywho, I'll definitely be going.
  19. I can't say Im familiar with the original, but I think you've got a pretty solid arrangement here. The only thing bugging me is the guitar sample, it just seems detatched from everything else in the mix. Aside from that, I personally like the synth lead a lot for the most part...The only thing I would change would be to *very slightly* reverb it, because when it solos near the end, it sounds rather bland being exposed to that extent. I think percussion could use some sprucing up a bit...it's a rather bland repetitive pattern, and all of the other instruments are miles ahead as far as energy. Overall, I think you've got a great start, and I suggest you continue working on it.
  20. Owning Electroplankton myself, I can really appreciate this, and even imagine the plankton swimming around to make these sounds as I listen. Nice work!
  21. I have to agree with Snappleman on this. All of the points he mentioned, also the high end EQ is extremely ear piercing. As is, this will not make it past the judges' panel.
  22. Chromatic WIP1 Highly experimental piece I started working on a few days ago. I have the foundation for what the song is going to be for the most part, and in the long run would like to add vocals to the final mixdown.
  23. I say just use the upper right quadrant. Also, the deadline is Saturday night, correct? I've been busy with finals this past week, and also dealing with a cold, so I haven't started yet. If it's at night then I still have some time at least.
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