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  1. Yeah. Back then, most of us were hoping the album would be out soon after that track was posted as a preview
  2. FUCK YEAH I'm in a Pokémon mood right now! Listening to Pokémon music right now in anticipation of this new collection!
  3. OH SHI- (goes to missingno.orcremix.org) 403 Forbidden SOOOO CLOSE....
  4. Will the Missile Matcher OST release yesterday push back the release of this project? Just curious since releasing this album today would mean that djp and crew have been working hard to release two albums in two days.
  5. Who needs Jeff Goldblum and his Mac when you could have a Perversity Serperior completely rape the aliens with Leaf Storm?
  6. Exciting news! Can't wait to hear Fishy's take on Dire Dire Docks!
  7. So will we have possession of this pogeymanz album in 24 hours (or less?)
  8. So, can we start the one week countdown starting tomorrow?
  9. Dammit, I was really hoping for the Disney Princess take you were going to try Oh well, what you did instead was better!
  10. This album blew my face off. AWESOME beyond all imagination. Congratulations to everyone involved!
  11. Really? You need them to consent to you using their work? I thought they already agreed to let you own their music, art, children and Pokémon when they joined the project.
  12. Someone throw mud, or rocks or whatever they use this generation to pester him on.
  13. Awesome! Looking forward to it!
  14. So could someone explain what this album is about? Is it about remixing music from a certain series or about remixing unremixed songs?
  15. I'm pretty sure we'll see Super Mario Land, Link's Awakening and Tetris on launch. Hope they get Metroid II out there soon.
  16. Who the hell is Another Soundscape? This is a great album. Anso's definitely one of my favorite remixers on this site, and his album doesn't disappoint
  17. w00t! March 1st! So is Sonic or FFV before you guys?
  18. It wasn't a video game, more a video game site. I used to browse VGMusic back in the day when I used to listen to midis, and I found a link to this site. Came here, scrolled down to "P" and was astonished when there weren't any Pokemon remixes. Listened to a few Sonic reMixes and became a fan. But I guess you could say Pokemon bought me here, since Pokemon bought me to VGMusic and VGMusic bought me to OCR.
  19. ANOTHER sneak peak? Awesome! So you guys are next on the list?
  20. Maybe. But then again, you didn't say which Christmas it might be.
  21. Oh I can't wait for the fight on which version of the soundtrack they'll do.
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