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  1. Hoping for a shiny. Really excited about this project! Gonna kick some serious ass
  2. This was, by far, the cruelest April Fools Day joke OC ReMix has ever done. Couldn't stop laughing when I saw this in the morning
  3. What the hell kind of release is this? You guys trying to outdo Arek in craziest releases? I'd rather listen to Hedgehog in Heaven than this shit. Greedy bastards
  4. Does Ska Buffet (the last track for Disc 2) cut off early for anyone else? It seems like there should be a few more seconds on the track. Duration is listed as 4:25, and I used the second mirror download link for the album.
  5. I'm sorry, but I though OC ReMix posted music on this site. . Badass remix.
  6. The whole storybook/art side of this project seems like it had been misguided from the start. If the music is ready, then screw the art and just send it through the eval process.
  7. Welcome to OC Remix Aivi! Been a big fan of your work for a while now, and great to see another piece from you! Hoping for more. please don't disappear
  8. Don't forget about , and new Zelda, Mario, SSB and Mario Kart
  9. Harmony of a Hunter is easily one of my favorite albums in my library, and the sequel is 101% as awesome
  10. rofl, in Humilau City a lady will let you walk around with her Meinfoo ala HG/SS style, but only in that house and only with that Meinfoo. Nice trolling, GameFreak
  11. I'm not a fan of either version. Spelling Koffing's Japanese name or Pokemon is lame either way.
  12. Pic of pregnant mazedude? But seriously, congrats! Loved your music for years, and I'm happy for you dude!
  13. That pissed me off the most. At first, I thought it was a The Hobbit trailer, but when they showed Clark Kent I figured they must have mixed up the audio somehow. That music completely took me out of the mood for that trailer because I couldn't get LOTR out of my mind, and it is not music that I expect for Superman.
  14. The only Apogee games I played were Math Rescue and Word Rescue. Fun games, even if they were educational.
  15. Black 2 and White 2 coming out in the US October 8th and in Europe October 12th
  16. That didn't make sense when I said it out loud. But it does when reading it
  17. Wish they would have made that Book 4: Air instead of a comic series, but still looking forward to it
  18. My guess is that it'll be an entirely new plot, conflict and maybe setting for the next season. It's pretty obvious now that the creators intended to tell the season 1 story in 12 episodes, and after a second season was confirmed they probably decided to come up with a new story for that. Similarly like how FFI was intended to be a stand alone game, and instead of making a sequel to that game Sakaguchi decided to make the second FF game have a new plot and setting.
  19. FUCK. YEAH. ...but what's Season 2 going to be about? Figured it would be about Korra rediscovering her bending. Going to be interesting to see where they go with this.
  20. Oh snap! Zuko's son! (And voice actor) 1 hour season finale next week
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