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  1. Two weeks until the next episodes. fffffffuck. Awesome episode, and getting to see the old gang was nice Edit: Oh, nevermind. There's an episode next week apparently
  2. I wonder where she's being taken. Maybe to one of the air temples. No better place to contact Aang
  3. This show is so good. So freakin amazing. Especially after today's episode
  4. fuck. yeah. Why the hell can't the anime be this awesome? If it's based off of Pokemon Adventures, then I'm totally down with that
  5. Muwahaha But in all seriousness, this album will rock hard when it comes out.
  6. I know what day it is. ...uh, what day is it?
  7. I hate this stupid likes thing before releasing an album. Just set a release date and get it over with. I really hope it doesn't become a norm with releasing OCR projects.
  8. Yeah, there are two projects open for FF6. That soundtrack is so great that we have two albums in progress at the same time
  9. If there's one thing I can say about A Flea and His Giant, it's this: DAT DRIVING BASSLINE. That song is so fucking awesome. Wish I discovered this guy earlier. This album has a lot of rock songs, and I love that! This is definitely one of my favorite albums on OCRemix
  10. Instead of releasing all the tracks, they should release 20 of them and offer the rest as buyable DLC. Or, even better, release all the tracks in one package but only have 20 of them available and force everyone to buy a key to listen to the rest of the tracks.
  11. Any plans for Plumber's Bane Part II? I know it was rejected 2 years ago by the judges, but I was hoping RandomHero would resub it. The song feels incomplete without the 2nd part
  12. Now THIS is how a true Jarl sits
  13. Wow, didn't expect this to come out quickly. Can't wait!
  14. She sure is fiiiiiiiiine But seriously, regardless of whether she comes to OCRemix or not, I hope she keeps making music.
  15. Got it today, and it's pretty awesome. And the Rainbow Road theme put me in tears. Absolutely beautiful and nostalgic
  16. Sorry, guys, but there ain't nothing better than slammin it to the speedway
  17. The Super Smash Bros commercial was always memorable for me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lv_eXLdOJl4 The StarCraft 64 commercial, although I could have sworn they had one with Hitler in it
  18. Wow, Emu's really tearing up the Judges Decision with all of these judged mixes. But he'll slow down. They all do...
  19. Robotaki reminds me of that evil scientist guy from Jimmy Neutron. The guy who makes brilliant inventions, but never finishes them. Come on, man! We need ONE awesome, finished track from you!
  20. I'm surprised the thread went this long before they began
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