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  1. Done, completed, and sent away. Hope you find your results satisfying, Zircon.
  2. Level 54 Orc Hunter, Moon Guard, transferred from Alleria. And yes, Role-playing is fun. To those that will say 'lol RP': lol PvP.
  3. I'll take a Squirtle and a Cyndaquil if you don't mind. Fire-types are lacking at this moment, and Blastoise just kicks ass.
  4. Wow, I'm not the only one then. I agree with you, though. Of course, I just need to find a Dark-type or something to conter her crazyness.
  5. ...Anyone else here tend to start a Gym battle to test if they can beat it, and quit the game once it looks like a lost cause? I do that, and I'm not sure if it's wrong to do so or not. Man, I'm such a screw-up on these kind of games.
  6. Hmm...Damned, how exactly will we trade our Pokemon?
  7. I laughed when the article mentioned a bunch of Zerg coming in, spell out "GG", and turn into suicide bombers. As for lore, anyone remember that Zerg-Protoss hybrid in Brood War? Xel'Naga, anyone?
  8. Hmm...that might pose a problem. Tell you what, name me all the Pokemon you want, and I'll see if I can grab any.
  9. Holy fudge popsicles I would LOVE a Mew. I will give you my Friend Code when you confirm my request. Hmm...want a Happiny for it? I have no use for her. Wait...do I need a National Dex first?
  10. It's called "Lament of the Highborne", for the BC soundtrack. If you notice, all versions of the Eversong Woods background music are based upon this one song, some even in The Ghostlands, sort of. If I find ANY source of an MP3, I'll be sure to post it here. Oh, and if any of you guys visit the WoW boards, a CM named Tseric has left after a tirade about Shamans, I think, leaving Blizzard a new job opening for a Community Manager. Looking at said thread, and based on my opinion and the boards as of late, I think Tseric's rant against trolling was deserved.
  11. Tell me about it. Crasher Wave is one hell o' a guy.
  12. I was thinking of trying to actually beat that blasted game this summer. I must know this.
  13. Hmmm...in that case, anyone want a Sheildon I just got? Level 20, knows Rock Smash, Metal Sound, Take Down and Iron Defense, and an Impish nature. I'll want a Skarmoryor a Scyther/Szicor as a trade-off.
  14. Wait until he starts claiming that Warhammer: Age of Reckoning will utterly "destroy" World of Warcraft. THEN we came flame him with logic.
  15. They've been riding the Final Fantasy train for so long, they forgot how to make a fresh, new game. (Of course I joke.)
  16. I seriously dislike people like you. This is Blizzard, NOT Games Workshop.
  17. OKAY, so I recently got Pokemon Pearl, and am to the third gym. Currently, my Pokeymans are as such: Grotle (Koopa) Lv. 29 Machop Lv. 16 Zubat Lv. 19 Psyduck Lv. 15 Shinx Lv. 10 (Can't remember) I have recently caught Kadabra, Ponyta, and Kricketune. I know my Psychic type is the one to train up for, but any other suggestions? Any other types to try to ctach? Of course, to me, using a Kadabra seems a bit..redundant... EDIT: Oh, I thought of something. If anyone here has a spare legendary (Lugia, Ho-oh, Mew, Zapdos, Moltres, Articuno, Somesuchoranother), I'll trade ya for any Pearl-exclusive Pokeymanz. Why Mew? I just want to tick off my sister. Unless I need the National Dex for those...
  18. Someone should sue Jack Thompson for slander and libel. Why? For the lulz.
  19. I say make Final Fantasy XIII tie up every previous FF game into one incohensive plot hole that makes Resident Evil plot holes seem like small cracks in the floor. Then they can FINALLY give it a rest, and work on other things. Like Kingdom Hearts: The Mushroom Kingdoms.
  20. ...And it didn't open a secret passageway filled with monsters in hopes of saving the Queen, thus protecting the royal line? What a rip-off. I want my money back.
  21. If we start to listen to some mustached guy called "Big Brother", run like HELL to Eurasia/Eastasia.
  22. Too much techno-babble. Not enough Pokeymans/Pocket Monsters. BILL COSBY IS NOT AMUSED But anyways...
  23. And would kill Warhammer: Age of Reckoning. Hell, I'd play it!
  24. I know it sounds strange, but World of Warcraft. Especially the Burning Crusade soundtracks. Just do a search for Lament of the Highborne, The Burning Legion (music), and Hyjal's closing (music). Pretty loving epic.
  25. ...World of Warcraft 2!? Nah...let's just hope they take a different approach.
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