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  1. Djpretzel needs an apprentice or something so we can more funk songs than once a year.
  2. I did not like this song before but the more I listen to it, the more it grows on me.
  3. Better remix than anything thing I thought could come out of Metroid Prime. He took the best tracks of the whole game, remixed them in an original way, and made a great song. I enjoy these gamecube remixes DarkeSword, keep them coming.
  4. All though this is old news for me, it is a good song. I wounder why this song was not put on this site earlier?
  5. Great peice. Although, it is like the Hillbilly Rodeo, good for an occasional listen but not for everyday.
  6. This is the best Chrono Trigger remix I have heard. Thats saying a lot being that there are like 50 of them.
  7. Mazedude need to make more remixes. He has made such good songs and I need more.
  8. Great remix of the song and the sound effects are awfully cool.
  9. Great remix. Gotta love those metal/rock Castlevania remixes. Nothing quite like them.
  10. The original song from Castlevania 4 is one of my favorite songs in video games. It is nice to see it remixed this way.
  11. I like this. I have always love ryu's stage, nice to see it in piano.
  12. I extremely like the original song so its hard to hate the remix. This is good stuff.
  13. Three simple letters for this remix W T F. But it is definately a classic song just a little scary.
  14. I did not like the orignal song very much but I like the remix. That is what a good remix does and this does it very well.
  15. Wow, this is a long thread. I wonder what the longest in Overclocks history is. That one on SSMB and chistian bashing were pretty long.
  16. This is what I classify as "great stuff". Nice and remixed, thats the way I like 'em.
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