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  1. You should get the XBLA version because they added achievements and crap ton of new stages.
  2. Can't we just have a party at Trenthian's house again like last year? BJ's was the SHIIIIIIIIIIIIT and I want to go back.
  3. That's not my implication. My implication is that you guys got the
  4. Venom and Eddie Brock both refer to themselves as "we" and "us"
  5. The digital game is awesome: no clean up or set up.
  6. Whoa whoa whoa...The recompense for using Blood on the Asphalt in SS2THD was each remixer got two free Capcom games? Really? My god, Capcom is taking that deal and laughing all the way to the bank.
  7. One of the most awesome online games ever. It's made by the guys who did Armored Core, but the game is very different. It's a much slower, tactical, group-based type of game; one might even say a "mech sim" if such a thing existed. You still build your own mechs (and believe me, you'll spend hours tinkering in the garage with your own designs) from parts you buy with money you earn from battles. The single player is really an extended tutorial and is pretty much a throwaway after you learn how to play. Online, however, Chromehounds rules. It's kind of like an MMO: there is a persistent war happening between three different national factions for control of the country the game takes place in. What this means is that the nature of the game changes even when you're not playing. You start by choosing a squad to join, and here's where it gets important: Chromehounds is not a game you can just buy and jump into online and play with anyone. It's certainly possible of course, but it's most rewarding if you can make some friends who play it first, or if you can convince some of your friends to get the game along with you so you can play together. Once you form your squad, then you choose a nation to belong to. There are three different ones (a U.S.A. clone, a Russia clone, and a Middle East clone). Each nation has access to different parts and specializes in different combat styles. Luckily you can change nations after the war has ended (about once every 2-3 weeks or so). Once you have your squad, your nation, and your mech, you jump into any of the contested maps and play against either the CPU or another squad. Victory on a map earns you points towards your nation's control of that map, and once you control 100% of that map, you can advance the front of the war to the next map, with the ultimate goal being to reach and defeat a nation's capital home map to eliminate them from the war. Along the way you earn money to beef up your mech or create new designs. Once the war is over (either when one side wins or when the game's pre-determined time limit is up, usually a month or two), everything resets and you can start again. If you're not into the online war, you can also play quick skirmishes against other teams for fun or to test your mech designs; these battles have no bearing on the outcome of the war. Chromehounds is an awesome game, but having people to play with is the difference between being really bored and confused or having a really unique enjoyable experience. If you know anybody who's going to start playing, drop me a PM and I'll join up with you guys. My old squad has been inactive for some time, but I'm always up to play Chromehounds.
  8. Releases confirmed for arcades, Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. The home versions will have a bonus character (or characters) I believe. Online play also confirmed yesterday.
  9. All the cool kids do the Xbox thing, dood Also, is it possible to be excited about awesome games anymore on the internet without people bitching about Wii or not-Wii within 10 minutes? Jesus fuck, I'm sick of reading it everywhere. BG&E2 just got officially announced, you sods. BG&E2, a sequel to a game that bombed harder than Pearl Harbor. This defies all business and logic sense. But the world will see it. Can we ignore the Wii for a bit and celebrate in unity?
  10. Was this actually recorded in a coffee shop? The R&B in the background sucks.
  11. Worms, Rez HD, Catan, Carcassonne, Puzzle Quest, Puzzle Fighter HD, Assault Heroes (and Assault Heroes 2), and the list goes on. You could spend weeks just cruising through XBLA demos. PLenty of quality stuff.
  12. GTA IV comes with a free month of XBL gold. I also suggest Mass Effect (best 360 game), Assassin's Creed, Lost Odyssey, and Gears of War.
  13. If you guys want the old TechTV style of programming, I suggest you tune in to the G4 Classic stuff as often as possible. One of the reasons the network is doing this is because of all the feedback from viewers stating they want the old format of material. Ratings are king to the powers that run the channel, so you should make your presence felt if you really care that much; it could make a difference.
  14. R-Type Command comes out this week. I have it pre-ordered. I think it's cool to have a sci-fi space setting for a turn-based strategy game; not enough of those.
  15. My friend's list earlier tonight was like this: GTA IV GTA IV GTA IV Away GTA IV GTA IV GTA IV GTA IV GTA IV Xbox 360 dashboard
  16. Thanks Yeah, I had many other questions for him, but the entire interview was getting on by the time I ended it, so I figured I could save them for some other time. There are also a few snippets I left out because they didn't really have much to do with anything. He's very passionate about what he does, and I probably could have let him talk for a couple hours with only three or four questions. It was also a real privilege for me to talk to him; Secret of Evermore is one of my favorite soundtracks ever, and I've been planning this interview in my head for a long time.
  17. I don't usually like to plug my own stuff, but thought the OCR community at large might be interested in this interview I did with Jeremy Soule last week. He talks about his career, what drives him in his work, submitting to OCR, and many other things (including games he's worked/working on). Anyway, hope you enjoy. http://www.g4tv.com/thefeed/blog/post/684326/Jeremy_Soule_Talks_Music_And_Games_With_XPlay.html#readmore
  18. I use them on my 32" LCD. Games look good and playing on a big screen is nice, but be warned that because the PSP only can output in 240p, you're going to get a letter boxed picture for game playback (photos and videos can go all the way to 1080 if I'm not mistaken).
  19. Maverick Hunter X Mega Man Powered Up Final fantasy Tactics Jeanne d'Arc God of War Start with those. More than enough gaming goodness.
  20. I would buy Xbox Live The Board Game and play it with friends.
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