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  1. Being the Zelda nut that I am, I am very critical about Zelda remixes...this is definitely among the best. The fact that I'm not a trancehead and prefer classical compositions is probably why I find the SSBM remix to this one a bit better...but I don't mean to take away from the greatness of this remix. Definitely a fantastic remix!
  2. My God, it's absolutely gorgeous. When I downloaded the spc archive of the DQ3 Reprise, I thought the SNES version of this song was fantastic...but this...I can't stop singing its praises. I don't want it to end!
  3. Brilliant arrangement; reminded me of how much I adore FF7's soundtrack.
  4. I absolutely adore this remix. I loved the original Bust a Move theme music, and then I finally found a remix...hoo-wee! Fantastic.
  5. Now THIS is great for comedic relief and a skillful remix in its own right. Fantastic! Love it!
  6. Um...I guess my sense of humor is on the other side of the spectrum?
  7. Remixes like this and the only other Wind Waker remix make me wonder why there aren't more Wind Waker mixes. Absolutely incredible. I love the game, I love this remix...keep it up!! EDIT: Can't stop listening to it. I had it on repeat for about an hour straight and never got tired of it. Not enough praise...fantastic work!
  8. I had trouble with ExDeath's final form in FFV...
  9. Mustin has become one of my favorite mixers simply because of...well, just listen to the song. It's so different and the quality is just outrageous. I really like Needle Man's theme, so this is one of the first remixes I downloaded. Boy, what a great mix.
  10. No video game theme has ever stuck with me harder than The Legend of Zelda. This piece is absolutely incredible. It moves me like no other Zelda theme remix I've ever heard. A masterpiece deserving of high praise. Like Brinnswf said, I only hope there is more to come for Wind Waker.
  11. Very relaxing. To me, it just sounds like an orchestral version of the original song, which isn't a bad thing. It rekindles memories of those terrible, heartbreaking times in FF7. Very emotional and very epic.
  12. I don't feel that this remix adds anything to the original song. It sounds like something that was pulled from an old Mega Man game. I'd actually rather listen to the original.
  13. This remix really has a distinct "cloudy" feeling to it. It's floaty, pleasing, and filled with ambience. This is something you could play at some chic hair salon...it makes good background music. All in all, definitely worth a listen or two. Or three. Or four...
  14. Don't know about this one. Definitely took some talent and I respect that, but this isn't exactly what I'd listen to over and over again like, say, Mustin's Mega Man 3 "ProtoVaffe."
  15. Listening to it like a scene from a movie makes this a very enjoyable piece. The battle noises are very cool and add to the intensity very well. I very much like this remix.
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