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  1. Nice work! Congratulations! Just don't stop doing what you love guys!
  2. Everyone has said pretty much the gist of how I feel as well. It just continues to send chills down my spine that I played his Ascension to Cosmo Canyon on my way home from my manager's funeral. And this happened just weeks before Reuben's passing. I miss them both. Rest soundly.
  3. This remix was very fitting for Halloween coming up. It's perfect for the occasion. I had it on repeat in my dark room with my headphones blasting. I got chills everytime. Ha ha!...and then I heard my door shut behind me...and jumped.
  4. He's a hero to us all, very much so. Amazing birthday wishes to him.
  5. Insane! May the best fall upon him. Not in a bad sense x.x
  6. Both this mix and the Ibuki mix are pretty decent if not solid in my opinion. I can actually bboy to both of them! This is the genre I've been searchin' for. Keep it up man!
  7. I'm diggin this tune. I had to send it to this girl I know because she's into MUDding, and she really appreciated it. The lyrics tell a story from beginning to end, perfect for a song about an RPG game. I practically put myself in the Hero's shoes. Nice Job man.
  8. I briefly exchanged e-mails with Reuben a few years back. Complimenting his astonishing work and the mood it put me in. Always looking forward to the next original or remixed track he came up with. My prayers go out to you and your family Mr. Kee. And right now...my eyes can't stop watering. Love and peace be with him. Always.
  9. I normally play this song on repeat while I'm doing a long homework assignment or report. It calms my every nerve. Reuben is a genius. I especially like around 00:56 when the piano stops and you hear the violin-like strings. Can't get enough of it.
  10. This mix is actually very good. I don't understand why most people hate rap anyway. It's not like rappers openly diss other genres of music anyway. If it isn't your thing, it just isn't. Most of the time people don't like things they can't do.
  11. Yea...Can't say anything else different about this from what everyon else said. amazing! Especially around 2:03. A true work of art.
  12. Sounds like something I'd hear off of an anime ending! I love playing this over and over even though it just got posted. Kudos! Satisfies me just enough to where it doesn't bore me. Especially around 1:40. I love that part.
  13. I heard this mix on his site a couple of months ago! I never get tired of hearing this remix on the classic take on the Ansatsuken fighter himself, Ryu.
  14. This track reminds me of the techno version titled Charging Up the Buster. I always liked that trance mix and thought it had something to do with Megaman, but I had no idea how correct I was. Charging Up the Buster was a remix of the title theme! After hearing the jazz version, I almost crapped my pants at this realization. It is a good jazz mix of the title theme.
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