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  1. Ahh damn it >< i hope we do get it soon then =( ::sits and waits::
  2. That trailer made absolutely NO sense to me =( I would think it would be better if I knew what was goin on..can someone pls provide a link or explain for me please? Why didnt we get final mix over here yet? last i remember JP got final mix the first time cause we got the secret bosses, whats the deal this time? Also, just to throw this out there... KH2 bored the shit out of me non-stop =( anybody else feel the same way? Second time through the disney worlds?! WTF?!
  3. the movie was "okay"..but I am one of the people who needed clarification from a friend of mine, who is a Silent Hill guru. So here goes, if I remember everything correctly: *SPOILER* The different worlds are from 2 gods of silent hill, Samael (bad) and Metatron (good), plus the messed up girl's version of the world. The gods are constantly fighting, and when one has the upper hand, the world shifts. Samael is obviously the bad Silent Hill, Metatron is when SH is "safe", and the girl is the hellish version. The crazy lady in the movie, is bad in the game I believe, she's trying to bring Samael into "our" world by use of the girl, her daughter, by means slip my mind. I believe that the hero(ine)'s daughter is one half of the crazy lady's daughter, and the other half could be the tormented girl, i believe. Pyramid Head is on Silent Hill 2, and is supposed to be some kind of manefestation of SH2 Hero's mind, something like that. Why they have him in the movie, I have no idea, but there's more than one of them in the SH2 game, so there could be more in the sequel. and everyone who is in Silent Hill has been there in the past, when it used to be a resort town, and the town is trying to get them to come back for some reason, via nightmares and trickery, stuff like that. The rest of it escapes my mind, and if I am wrong, I deeply apologize, but it was a while ago. Just tryin to help *END SPOILER*
  4. LMFAO QFE... yeah that whole last chapter super sonic/shadow/silver thing was total crap..nuthing but SA2 with a new paint job. I'll believe in the sonic fanchise again when they give Knuckles a playable part in the last boss, and NOT doing another pizza boy mission. ah, dreams..
  5. Church. I can't finish that game cause it makes me very disoriented... I can't tell where I am going in that game. sucktopia. I think the series started blowing right around Sonic Adventure.. It was decent, but they did not give anybody but Sonic the fun objectives. Finding emerald shards made me want to ejaculate on my dreamcast and set it on fire.
  6. sounds like we should make a little gambling pool out of this lol... spring 07 100-1 odds summer 07 75-1 odds fall 07 50-1 odds winter 07 25-1 odds or something like that...im makin this up while im at work.. I think it'll be a fall release personally though.
  7. offtopic what the hell is up with those porn link replies?.. like the fifth one ive seen today... /offtopic yeah James' passing cought me off guard yesterday... forgot who posted the Rocky 4 moment being his most memorable act, but i wholeheartedly agree Livin' in America! R.I.P James
  8. Just had to ROFL with this in public! He'll be jealous forever! Plus Paige PMed me earlier today telling me she clicked on that evil 1 Night in Chyna link and saw the utter devastation of Chyna clenis. SHE"S TARUMATIZED, SOC! I'LL KILL YOU! clenis
  9. Marvel vs Capcom 1 then =), and yes, Epyon was a cheap mofo too bad times....bad times
  10. Well,MvC 1: Onslought (2forms) Last Boss, and MvC 2: Abyss(3forms) Last Boss. and is that the Gundam Game for the SNES?
  11. Any boss in an RPG isnt hard IF youve trained and prepared ahead of time, nuff said. Now, Apocalypse/Cyber-Akuma on Marvel vs SF (i think thats the game), that's a helluva challenge right there IMO, cause Cyber-Akuma is the undisputed heavyweight champion of cheap :banghead:
  12. I agree with Shonen there. That Sakura (my 2nd fav SF char) voice FX was beautiful, man....no way its annoying, no way...maybe you don't like Sakura or something, I dunno...but keep up the good work!
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