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  1. I Didn't know that existed, so thank you for that link. To clarify though, what I was suggesting was that we make an official thread here as well, and that the willing members of OCR get together and do something similar to EB Seige, maybe go a little bit farther and send them remixes or things like that since we're all so wonderfully creative =P. Better yet, members who are going to or live near events going on like E3 and protest in front of their booth until we're escorted out...think of the publicity! (see? I'm creative) XD But back to the topic at hand, I also agree (I cant find the quote right now) that people who just put down games for an illogical reason are exponentially stupid. I have several friends like that who go and find any little reason to put down a game when someone says they're buying it. It's their fucking money, let em go out and spend however the hell they please. If you don't like it stfu cause for fuck sakes nobody cares to hear you bitch and moan about what somebody is doing with THEIR life! I won't tell them that cause I don't want to hear them bitch and moan about how the truth hurts and now I'm not a good friend cause I didn't sugarcoat the truth and be all buddy buddy and just listen to them sound like idiots and spew nonsense.... Did you like hearing me rant about what irritates me? Probably Not, which is exactly my point. Okay End Rant.
  2. Okay, now either everybody's playing along...or this aint THAT kind of joke. You know.... For THAT time of the month, know what I'm sayin? But uhh, hooray if its legit?
  3. Well, Mother was never imported after Mother 2 (Earthbound) because EB came in when RPG's were not that popular and games like Chrono Trigger made it look outdated. So Ninty was like "We aint riskin our monies on a coin toss of a game". Yet, they still acknowledge its popularity stateside 10+ years after its release, wtf?!..... Why Nintendo did not import Mother 3, yet added in Lucas in Brawl stateside (pissing off all Mother fans, myself included, to no end) is beyond me I say we begin a thread were we all send a letter to Reggie Fils-Aime over at Ninty each and every month (or week) until they announce it's localization! /offtopic Money talks, crappy games win. Let it be and smile at the fact that you're not wasting money on garbage. Or actually educate the masses somehow. Either way if you're not part of the solution, yousa part of the problem "The More You Know...." *
  4. Definitely QFT...they ended it in such a nice way imo and I hope they don't do something like ONOES TEH ESPAR GATEZ HAV OPENED AGAIN OMG HAX!!!!!11!1 But FF4 on the other hand had left so many questions for me, I *kind* of want to see what they do with it, but with their track record, well....you know....yeah... It was also mentioned that in the SNES version you can do it too. I remember trying for ages thinking of a way to un-petrify them...I must GameFAQs this....
  5. I apologize, but I dont want to dig to figure out why he would tell you to stop making predicitions...Out of curiousity, may I ask why? and If I am not too late I saw on IGN Today (it was posted today) That the Smash Bros Controls Are Revealed...Heres the link: http://wii.ign.com/articles/801/801587p1.htmlhttp://wii.ign.com/articles/801/801587p1.html
  6. Yeah I saw it on G4's Attack of the Show a while back...I was gonna post about it but, meh...
  7. Dunno... didn't he excuse himself from the PPV event he was scheduled to show up in due to "personal reasons"?... Sounds fishy, but in any case no person deserves to go that young, except for those who truly deserve it (rapists, murderers, etc.) If anything if it was allegedly a suicide his wife and definitely his son didnt deserve to die, im sure thats not in question here. Anyways, im definitely sad to see all the wrestlers I grew up with pass away in such tragic ways =(
  8. NOOOOOOOOO! Damn I wanna show up but my friends 21rst is on that day and we'll be in Vegas >< Yeah I know most people don't know or don't care who I am, but it woulda been cool gettin to know the community I've been lurking around in for so many years, lol... Well, in the small possibility that the Vegas thing falls through, ill definitely show up!
  9. LOLOMGBBQZZ!!!1111 Damn that's funny
  10. That's EXACTLY what the franchise needs, less speed by having to stop to level up! It's so crazy, it just might work! </sarcasm> Yeah just another attempt to bring the blue blur out of his crapfest... Why oh why do they still try?
  11. Ah, i see. Thanks for the correcton; I was too lazy to check for the intended release date =D
  12. Hasn't been released yet DL. It'll be out sometime in the beginning of July if im not mistaken. But damn, the majority of the old people generation is getting on my nerves.. so f***ing out of touch with video games ><
  13. Everybody says that before they are married...you've been warned lol but all jokes aside, congrats on the engagement =)
  14. That's for damn sure. Quoted for Mega-Truth.
  15. My guess is 1 million years since google didnt pull anything up with my search, if you don't mind my asking, why do you want to know?
  16. Technically, I dont think Samus could go Dark as of MP/MP2, since Dark Samus is just Metroid Prime re-incarnate(or whatever term you want to use), correct me if I'm wrong, please. And I agree with the Final Smash being Prime Related, if not SM related with the hyper beam, which it very well should be, but the annihilator beam would be my second choice imo...
  17. Holy Simpsons reference Radioactive Man! Anyways I like the brighter colors in SC 2... I hated turning up the Gamma in the first one to bring my game out of the deep, cold, darkness =(
  18. Ahh, Thanks! I thought Samus had a new suit by the way people were referring to the "Power Suit" lol...I thought that was named the Varia suit? Meh, Whatever... Just lookin forward to the next bit of information.
  19. Someone mind tellin me where everyone's gettin these updates from? Didn't see a link on the first page and ill be damned if I go though 300+ pages =)
  20. I lol'd.... Anyways FFXII was the Final Fantasy that restored my hope in the franchise, with VI being the last great FF before Square got caught up in the FMVs of FFVII, (don't get me wrong, I love VII, but some points of the game had me so bored...) never played VIII or XI, heard they were "okay" though. The linear gameplay of X, any real FF fan wouldn't count FFX-2 if their life depended on it, and XI feels like work to me(thank jeebus for WoW =D). FFXII was a breath of fresh air in the series. With the new real-time fighting and he story of politics, redemption, and all the other goodness in the game, I couldn't put it down till it was finished...the characters were developed and had me feel I was right there with them tryin to figure out what the hell was going on. I can't wait for E3 to see what XIII has in store =) My main party was Vaan, Basch, and Fran. With the other 3 just there to Revive my main party when they died =D (don't have time to level up everybody like i used to, hence I couldnt do too many sidequests lol) and that's my two cents...
  21. yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes1!!!!11! Take that, you Diablo 3 fanboys/fangirls! Have fun with the dupes on D2! My life for Aiur FTW! =D
  22. I think they did Venom justice in the movie... And im glad i bought nachos for the american flag cheesiness ^^ my two cents...
  23. I am disturbed as to where this conversation is going. I am reporting you all as I type this message. But in all seriousness, you can't write papers, create maps, or even express yourself through music (Rap, anyone?) without being labled "this" or "that" anymore. Just puttin my 2 cents in. Anyways, I gotta go take a s**t, and im gonna use the Bill of Rights as TP, cause that's about all it's worth right now. This world is going to get real "V for Vendetta-ish" soon. Get your masks ready =/
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