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  1. As to be expected... hmmm. Maybe the Wii U is not as powerful as the PS3 and is only running in 720p. This article below is a rumor but I'm getting concerned that it has some truth to it. http://gamingunwrapped.com/rumor-crytek-got-crysis-3-running-on-the-wii-u/ Perhaps Crysis' "port" to the Wii U is in its infancy and the developers haven't had a chance to fully take advantage of Nintendo hardware, or perhaps we are being led to believe 720p is HD when it isn't. Its all going to come out in the wash eventually. So far though, its not looking good for the Big-N in my book. To be honest I think Nintendo might be better off to ditch the console market and just make AWESOME games and controllers that can be played on PC and/or the other consoles. It would be much simpler for EVERYONE then. But that would mean swallowing pride so maybe not. We don't need Mr Iwata stabbing himself in the gut anytime soon.
  2. Investors have their eyes open for E3 but I tend to think that it all starts at the media responses rather than investors feelings. The investors have to look at what the responses are from the media surrounding the event. They'd have to somehow measure the excitement generated by the media in certain products to gauge what will be hot and what won't. Although this may not be an exact science, alienating the hardcore gamer can't be a good idea anymore. People are wise to the gimmicks of the past now and perhaps even bored with them. Nintendo can't rely on fit gimmicks and mini-games anymore. If they do they may find themselves in some trouble this time around. I haven't seen people caring about that stuff anymore. They need to move on. In Australia there's an ad campaign that says, "There's never been a better time to fire up the Wii". Its sad. The Wii is history, although for some bizarre reason I do have a hankering to fire up Eledees (Elebit's in Australia) and toss random household items around...
  3. It was obvious that the responsiveness was down in multiplayer, single player was MUCH better yes. We had four people playing and this was on two separate occasions with two different TVs and consoles. Most people don't notice 200 millisecond differences cos they are having a laugh, casual gamers don't take this stuff too serious but I do. Back onto Wii U. Does ANYONE HAVE HI-RES ART ACCESS?? Finding High-res art is my second favourite things about e3, lol. First favourite is drooling over new footage or games but I'm not drooling over that (yet... I silently hope for a second reveal in the next few days, not holding my breath).
  4. On the whole, the games shown so far graphically do look a lot better than Nintendo's previous. Its nice to see HD games coming from the Big N finally. Having said that, yes, so far nothing is telling me I must buy the Wii U. I'm holding out for a BLOCKBUSTER Mario game or Zelda game or a killer 2D Metroid game or GTAV (perhaps bundled with GTA3, Vice City and San Andreas???) or even something truely WTF like a return of a cult classic franchise like Sailor Moon. Pikmin 3 is definitely a good supplementary game. I kinda wish Nintendo would re-animate Mario for the next console. He's so boring and predictable to watch on the screen. His animations are stiff and haven't changed since the 90s. Even Rayman looks more alive than he does and Rayman doesn't even have limbs, lol. I hope that the NSMB-WiiU is more responsive when multiple people are playing. The previous version on the Wii had ATROCIOUS responsiveness, and although its hilarious for a while at parties, the hilarity does wear off when you realise you are constantly dying cos Mario jumps 200 milliseconds after you push the button. RAYMAN here http://e3.nintendo.com/games/#/wiiu/rayman-legends I am digging the depth-of-field blurring that is being used in the games now. Its classy. Project P-100 does have a certain charm and could prove a new franchise. http://e3.nintendo.com/games/#/wiiu/projectp-100 Really interested in the panorama thing. Although its a gimmick I think it would be great for say filming an interactive MOVIE!!! Something I've been dreaming about for years. http://e3.nintendo.com/games/#/wiiu/panorama-view Also does anyone know how I can get HI RES un watermarked images of the artwork from e3? I enjoy collecting hi res artwork to blow up on my desktop. Maybe someone knows a "login" to Nintendo's Press site perhaps???
  5. The 'speaks' are kinda funny and add something to the mix. I think it would be less enjoyable without them. Didn't know it was from a movie, but it fits real well. lol at my typo. How silly of me yes you are right "FUNK"
  6. Hi docnano, I think you get what I'm trying to say which is a feat in itself sometimes, haha. Wow yes we definately have quite opposite views on what we like in the remix. Everyone but me diggs what you've accompished to this point. I'm just half digging it, haha. I'm extremely picky though. Sometimes I think I'm more picky than the judges, impossible I know! Anyways I'm sure you're gonna make the right choices on it. Good luck with finding instrument samples and with any rework you do on it. Will keep an eye out 4 sure.
  7. I decided to listen to it again. I must say I'm enjoying it a bit better. I still think that fast low instrument in the background after the intro is off, and the synth that plays the melody is a bit, well, bland, the echo(?) on the last notes is weak too. But its ok. Up until 1:02 i think its ok. The squeaky synth instrument you introduce at 1:02 is a real turn off for me tho. Does some weird stuff and doesn't meld with anything. After 1:25 I'm kinda digging things again despite the sharply cutoff notes round 1:29 that just sound fake and carry no real weight. After that thaings are good till the last few seconds with the weak finale, I'm pretty convinced you could pull off a much better finale. I'm digging the ambience of your track but the execution and instrument qualities are just not there yet. For interests sake, have a lil listen to this (just the intro cos I don't think the midi used in this track for the melody(?) is good AT ALL). Ignoring that is has more a dance beat compared with yours which is not important the other instruments sound good. http://www.partition36.com/music-files/iketech/crisis-with-bubblegum/11%20-%20The%20Vision%20of%20The%20Phantom.mp3 Vice City Stories, ignoring the guitar which you aren't going to use, the other instruments sound real. http://www.game-focus.com/profils_GF/audios/SanAndreas88_1207007269.mp3 Apologies if these concerns are wrong, I just see it being a better version of what it is.
  8. First 15 seconds during the intro are genius, had a real 80's vibe like the intro to "GTA Vice City" or an 80's cop movie. However the rest of the mix to me lacks impact and I have not much interest in it. Maybe to me it catches too many of the notes for it to sound... natural. Try missing/lengthening particualr notes with the synth(?). Something about it is too, too fast. This is just my opinion though... I think it can be improved. Also after the intro you introduce a fast, low-volume, low-frequency, instrument (sorry, I can't recognise it). Anyway, I think you don't need that instrument. If it made a BIAOW sound that would be more cop-chase-scene maybe, and would suit more. As you can tell, I'm not an expert on music though. Keep working it I reckon. I love the source and can see the beginnings of a fun, retro-styled track. EDIT: Thinking more about it what if you completely forget the source material and build-up your own 80's chase-ish music and then during the track introduce the corneria theme as a accent with a synth. Build it up somehow?? I think you could try something different anyway and I'm intrigued. Goodluck!!
  9. Absolutely. Stellar. Remix. I visit this site to find gems like this. You've got the electro-fuck thing going on. It doesn't stray heaps from the original but why should you have to, you've introduced some killa variation to it and its fun and addictive to listen to. Submit it. Its ready in my book. 5 star production. As an aside its a 3.5 minute mix and it downloaded as a 3.6 MB mp3. How in Gods name did you get it so crisp sounding and at 320 bitrate? You have defied the laws of file storage, matey.
  10. Great work Ben. Today was Easter too so Happy Easter. This one is headed straight for an electrodance playlist bud. Thanks for the fun.
  11. Don't be so modest, chthonic, I have three of your tracks. Kirby(Dream Warrior), WIP Dedede Trance, and Fleeting Ecstacy. The latter two on playlists! And they're just from the games I know. Guessing there are many more I've missed! I wouldn't usually request this kind of thing but I like the track a lot and its such a simple thing to change so I can have it on playlist. I can understand if the artist doesn't want another version out there though.
  12. I really love this track, I'm in the process of backing up tracks from last year and this one almost made the cut to my soundtrack playlist. The only thing that stands in the way is the droplets. I think they are wonderful and relaxing but on a playlist that could play at anytime with any company they might not understand the connection the droplets have to the piece. Would it be possible to host a version on some other site without the droplets. Imagine perhaps a version that you might enjoy while looking back over old holiday snaps in twenty years. "The Old Photos" mix?? haha If you don't want to that's ok it just means I can't put it on the soundtrack playlist. I'll still keep the track cos I love it.
  13. Stellar arrangement. Very filmic. I was absorbed into an atmosphere where cobras and masked enemies are hidden around every turn. This piece oozes with quality. Great work Vurez!
  14. Fantastic choice, Iggy!! I've been campaigning for someone to remix the credits of Yoshis Island for years!! You have really done a great job. Although there will always be a space in my heart for someone to produce a rendition that more closely fits the timing of the original I think you have done an very peaceful, thought provoking rendition.
  15. Wow fantastic work. Really awesome instrumentation. I agree with everyone whose given positive feedback. My only gripe would be the voice sample halfway through. The SM3 sample is not that great ... we've heard it a million times and even tho I absolutely love SM3 I think it is a slightly overrated sample and I struggling to find the connection between it and the music you've so artfully produced. It turns a track that could standalone into a kinda geeky track which is fine but slightly spoils the fun for me. Congrats tho... can't fault you on the guitarwork. Gold!!
  16. Its only my opinion buddy. It's an awesome source so I expect a lot I suppose. I'm sure what you've been doing is a step in the right direction. Very true... i like some of those too!!! I'd prolly just avoid fading it. EDIT: yes I like the way you use them at the start... very sinister. Just watch that you don't overuse em... i'm no expert tho and don't take anything to heart... I'm just an avid listener of music. I can enjoy LOTS of different types of music . But if there are too many "cutesy bits" (very technical term that, it becomes near impossible to weave into a playlist, no matter how good the arrangment. Can't wait to see how you developed it.
  17. This is great! WOW. I LIKE the way you first play the source material in the middle of the track but then diverge toward the end. 1. I can't wait to see you fix the flutey thing. Its not doing you ANY justice. 2. Beware of the cutesy factor too. Overuse of triangles/and xylophones and stuff don't lend well to my idea of an orchestration, and it makes it difficult to play sometimes. I'm not a expert on the different instrument you can use but it's just feeling a bit too cutesy. 3. Orchestra's don't fade out, bud. Try to think of a way to bring the "fight" to a climax and then resolve the fight. 4. I agree the transitions are a bit too abrupt, I needed to use my volume knob a few times. Love the idea though. 5. Is that a synth choir around 2mins? hmmm... never liked them, they strip the authenticity out. Try to remove MAJOR evidences of synthiness if you can, matey. This track has definately started an interesting, exciting story... hope you can refine and finish it to make it truely compelling!
  18. This is one of my oldest requests... I've always loved the Boss Battle music in Yoshi's Island. This is a pretty valient effort. I'm thinking it might be struggling to find some structure tho... there isn't much to "hold onto". It throws a lot around quite early... Try listening to "Hangarmageddon(E1M1) OC Remix" from Doom. This is an oldie but as a listener I find this one captures my imagination as I can almost picture a battle of guns unfolding before me. I'm really excited that you've decided to work on this piece... It's not an easy one at all. The source music is already impeccibly timed for suspence and dramatic effect so to produce something of greater value you will need to really stretch yourself. Samples need to be clearer. Try to perhaps write the music as if Yoshi IS fighting and defeats Bowser. How might you arrange and time different parts of your score to reflect the battle? When Yoshi starts "winning" how might you commincate this though the music. I think you did think about this while making it but it's not quite there and the execution is a bit too muddled. The credits for Yoshi's Island are equally awesome, if you haven't seen or can't remember the credits, find and listen to them too! They might help you in this one. Also don't be afraid to collaborate with another artists to achieve a greater sound. Looking forward to seeing some of your future work bud, on this and other mixes.
  19. This track I REALLY ENJOYED!! I do remember the original piece and just like the barrel plane this gets me movin. Nice job.
  20. to be honest I think it works without the "left hand" piano action... its interesting that it sounds quite forboding. Bringing in too much might have made it sound too instrumental, as it stands, it kinda... leaves me teetering on the edge a bit... cautiously. It stands well. not sure bout the "whistling" part tho.
  21. Sweeeeet. Thanks man! Congrats and all the best for the future.
  22. Awesome I love it!!! The ways it uses both parts of the source at different times is great. Love the use of the 'charged' sound effect. Where can I get a higher bitrate version??!! 192kbps - 256kbps prefered Great work blind!!!!!
  23. Very nice arrangement. I've been listening to the big band tracks in GTA4's Jazz Nation Radio lately and felt this could stand alongside those! Having said that, I kinda wish the trombones(?) had a greater presence. I think I understand having them more muted/ambient was your intention as background holiday music. Yet, for me, I was a bit frustrated that it was a bit too "far back" and echoy as if playing from the other side of a tunnel. Does that make sense? I think you're really onto something with this tho. Kudos for doing something different!
  24. In Adelaide that there pile-o-trash would be worth a handsome $40 at least! Nice work... What awesome news!!! Where will we be able to download samples of this collection. Will the game be released for PS3 ?? I want to buy!!
  25. Bleck, its not a matter of saying, "it sucked because they didn't announce what I wanted". Its simply we can imagine Nintendo doing a lot better with the hardware they have and honestly the products they showed looked terribly boring. We are merely exploring the kind of things we think would've interested us, which is a lot better that just trolling on E3 and this forum. I'm just glad that I'm enjoying GTA4 at a leisurely pace and will do the same with RE5. Stretching out a good game/story/world is one of my specialties (mostly cos I'm too busy, hehe). If the best Nintendo can do is Animal Crossing well that great but I just feel like "gimme a world I can walk around for hours and enjoy the visual beauty of the place too"! Only Super Mario Galaxy has made me enthused for Wii... apart from that I just don't feel terribly proud of having the console and it seems that a lot of guys are in the same boat... it doesn't leave a good taste in our mouths especially when the promise is there for great things. It is clear actual 'gamers' are at the back of Nintendos minds. I was actually happy after last year's e3. I believed that the Wii Balance Board would open up a bevvy of new gameplay concepts and yeah did see the drum game happening. Great! Note that there are no pressure sensitive buttons on the Wii Remote... i honestly thought that Nintendo and thrid parties would use the new pressure sensitivity as it also frees up the thumbs. Its been a year and not a major project. I've grown indifferent to my Wii as if it doesn't do much anymore. I'm no hater... just severly loosing interest. However, kinda happy that I don't need to spend cash the conduit does seem cool, prolly not my cuppa tea anymore tho, but i am open to it.
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