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  1. lol, I get that. I know what Nintendo are planning with WiiMotionPlus... we'll see it at next years E3. WiiPicted. a drawing, painting game where you have painting precision and can share your artwork. You can make cartoons with your Miis by animating them with your own motions. The recording features will be identical to those used in the music video editor in WiiMusic. You'll be able to integrate music from WiiMusic into it and voice act through WiiSpeak too. Prolly shouldn't write this but fark I'm board and I maybe the competition will beat Nintendo to it and snap them out of this cycle.
  2. Massive disappointments this year... i thought at first Wii Music would allow some awesome jam sessions but the we are told you are FAKING everything. The drums however seemed pretty cool to control and were the only thing worth my interest in the entire showing. Would I pay money for a virtual drumkit??? Maybe $5... it should be a WiiWare title. The unveiling of GTA Chinatown Wars gave me a kinda scared, crappy feeling. This will NOT be the first time Rockstar make a toned down version of GTA for a handheld. They made one for the GBA and it just didn't sell. Maybe because it sucked. First of all, the DS cartridge will not hold enough data to make the Chinatown Wars half decent. GTA games have hours and hours of audio and a crapload of textures, all of which will be left behind for the DS version which may even have subtitles instead. If Rockstar and Nintendo were REALLY serious about introducing the franchise to the Nintendo crowd then they should be releasing a boxset of GTA3, Vice City and San Andreas packaged together with a few bonus tidbits like new missions, a new radio station, and better lighting for GTAVC and GTA3. As a person who has enjoyed the franchise on PC, Nintendo has always had the shortend of the stick purely due to storage issues. The GC discs couldn't hold San Andreas... but NOW the Wii discs can! It would be great to have the definitive classic collection complete with motion control to throw molotovs, hehe. I would buy that in a heartbeat. Instead we will have some lackluster silouette of a GTA game with a story probably as obsurd and crumby as True Crimes. Was it just me, or did the snowboarding look kinda crumby. I mean, we had snowboarding in WiiFit so move on Nintendo! What about an update to Mario Kart Wii where the player can sit on the balance board and shift their weight for tighter cornering. You could leap over bigger traps by performing a jump motion etc. What happened to WiiConnect24 and updating games with more functionality? I feel like Nintendo are just gonna run out of gimmicks soon and then finally we'll have some awesome stuff. I do hope that WiiSpeak will offer some kinda of telecommunication service for players to keep in touch easily with others players. It would be great to have a friend call you up on the Wii and your Wii Remote rings, then you press A to access a kind of VoIP service.
  3. They are called bureaucrats and they are the same retarded people who try to stop us celebrating ANZAC day because they think it creates racial division or some bullsh*t. These pethetic people are too bored and fill there time trying to run other peoples lives. Last week I emailed Kevin Rudd. Yesterday I emailed Simon Crean, today I emailed Peter Garret. I think Mr Garret would be a great activist, since he was the lead singer in Midnight Oil, (wasn't he?) If you guys truely want to make a difference send a letter to the pollies ASAP, that way they can make a case during the election period and force the government to act or risk being voted against. They DO read them!
  4. Thanks for that link. The PEGI is much better than the OFLC. At the end of the day though we could easily use the ESRB ratings.
  5. ^Exactly, thanks guys for the support. If you like, contact a government rep(s) that might be able to help. Heres a link to a list. http://www.aph.gov.au/house/members/memlist.pdf
  6. I am writing to you guys and girls in an attempt to raise awareness of an issue that's been bothering Australian gamers for too long. This years election is the best time to try and put pressure on both sides of politics to change what is a waste of taxpayers money. It is also detrimental to the gaming industry in this country, and its image. You may be aware of the videogame ratings in this country, if not please read. The OFLC cannot give R18+ ratings to games and therefore they have to be banned from the country. Now, the first thing to address when it comes to the rating system for interactive entertainment is that studies around the world confirm that there are more gamers OVER the age of 19 than there are gamers UNDER 19. Videogames have grown up. Videogames have the potential to be as influencial as film as a form of art but how can we expect to see this media mature into a valid artform if it isn't recognised that mature games do exist. The US and UK both have an R18 rating for games... and guess what, developers avoid producing R18 games because they simply don't sell well. They avoid R18 like a plague because retailers simply don't like stocking R18 games! The REAL flaw in the Office of Film and Literatures absense of an R18 rating arises when a game like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is slapped with a M15+ in Australia when in the US it recieved a 17+ rating. In the UK it received an R18 rating. Australia is supposed to use the same UK rating but the government wastes resources inadequately RErating these titles. Australians are being duped into believing that we have a very strong system that should ban the sale of R18 games... but in reality kids are even more suseptible because those R18 games are being sold as 15+ games. Adding insult to injury the OFLC didn't even stipulate in its rating that San Andreas contained Drug Use or Sexual References which is strange because in the game you pick up hookers and "drill them" in your car! Until we have a proper rating system these games are going to fly into Australia under the rader and children will have MORE access to these adult games. Do we really want teens playing adult games? The independant Electronic Software Ratings Board are more than competent when it comes to games classifications. Why should an Australian government body undermine the judgment of an organization that is far more rigorous and qualified in the area of video games classifications than they are? Instead of wasting valuable resources REclassifying video games, the OFLC should be trying to make it more difficult for minors to get the mature software. Not by banning or censoring, which are a short-term, knee-jerk "burn the books" reactions, but instead forcing retailers who stock R18+ games to have them on a shelf close to, or directly behind the counter, entitled, "MATURE 18+ TITLES" so that store attendants can ensure that only adults view the content. Television advertising should also be restricted to the appropriate timeslot (ie. after 10pm). Even the industry itself is trying to fix the problem, with tighter rating guidelines for developers and child locks on gaming consoles. Regardless, there has been no concrete evidence that playing violent games makes a child violent at all. Two years ago I sent an emial to the Prime Minister. Philip Ruddock sent me a reply basically saying he wasn't convinced that these games wouldn't be consumed by minors. This is a poor excuse. Why aren't R18+ movies then banned? Such movies could be watched by children too... if there parents are dumb enough to let them. If someone offers their child the opportunity to watch R18 movies or pornography is that not an offense? Why should interactive entertainment be looked at any differently. In October this year the next installment of the highly popular and acclaimed Grand Theft Auto franchise will be released, GTAIV. I fear that such an regulations will ban such an incredibly anticipated story from being told in Australia and this saddens me and I'm sure many others will feel the same way. Games are no longer just for kids and by banning a game due to adult content the OFLC is deluding the Australian public into thinking that they are. The sooner the government adopts an adult rating the sooner gamers and their parents will know exactly what they are buying. It is MORE dangerous and costly to have the OFLC RErating games and Australian consumers should not be restricted from accessing certain titles due to a stigma that "videogames are bad". They are an artform like any other. The sooner we acknoledge that the sooner we can progress as a nation. Thankyou for reading this everyone. I would encourage you to send copies of this to various government figures if you do agree. You don't need to add further to this thread if you do agree. But if you do send some emails to people please list those people and their contact details so others can do the same. Thanks and goodluck. Darunio
  7. dfcentre

    Nintendo Wii

    Hey guys, typing this from my Wii. Was just wondering if anyone has been having trouble sending multiple pictures as attachments to their Wii. Haven't checked these forums in a while due to TP. Finally got round to finishing it, What a game! To think that the next Wii Zelda title will have a bit more than double the visual detail of TP. I don't think Wii fans need worry bout graphics. So if anyone can help with the multiple attachment issue i'd gladly hear it. Also does the Wii need to be turned off to receive emails? Thanks to anyone who can answer.
  8. Bloody brilliant. I too have never been a big fan of the style but this is... oh wow... keep up the good work. Dramatic buildup. The beginning for some reason reminds me off Super Metroid, in a good way. Fantastic.
  9. I must admit that after downloading and listening to it, I Shift+Deleted it without a second thought. Honestly I couldn't feel anything in this track. I'm not an musicalphile but when something sounds like that... Come on lets be realistic here. Its nothing special. I'd like to know how long it stays on anyone's favourites list.
  10. Please take out the kick, I'm in love with the orchestral elements in this and the kick really agitates me. I've been getting real annoyed with a lot of remixes on this site that put kicks where they honestly don't belong. Nixdorux, if you post a version without the kick, I may offer you a small monetary reward... I'm THAT desperate. Fix the mix. To minimise the kick. If you're using Winamp just turn on your graphic equaliser and drop the first two sliders to the bottom. It does help reduce the blow. Hope I have been of help. At some points the kick isn't so bad but it really bites the middle of the track.
  11. ...and some people like that and others don't. CASE CLOSED. It's stupid!
  12. Beautiful... it may not stray far from the original, but nonetheless is brilliantly executed with the perfect atmosphere and charm of the original. You made a great track better!
  13. Wow! ... that's all I can say A Beautifully executed piece of work! BTW Geocities and Angelfire are pov and don't allow remote loading of pictures for the signiture. Does anyone know of a server that will let me do this?
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