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  1. Wow, it has been awhile since I've posted here...... Anyway, I might be interested in this. I"m taking a sabbatical the whole month of May though. If we could do it in May that would be great, if not maybe I can depending on when in June. Also, I've lived in the Chicagoland area my whole life and I never knew about Galloping Ghost!
  2. Friday's paycheck can't come soon enough. I'm so buying this!
  3. Just got a chance to watch your video. I found it very powerful and I agree we need to stand up for our industry if we are to be taken seriously.
  4. I'll make a note to watch this when I get home. Loved everyone of your videos so far.
  5. Neo Samus

    Nintendo Wii

    I'm kinda picky when it comes to fighting games, but Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom looks like an absolute blast to play. Too bad it's coming out after christmas (or so I've heard), I was gonna try and ask my wife for it for christmas.
  6. I'm pretty sure my network blocks all uploads and downloads. I can try Imageshack or even tinypic but I'd still have to wait till I get home because I don't have a work email (yet) to set up a new account.
  7. I'm experiencing AGB's issue as well. and I cleared my cache and still having the same issue. I'll try and post a pic of it but I might not be able to becase, as I said before, I'm at work and our network does this to other sites as well. EDIT: just as I thought I can't upload it to my Photobucket account, won't allow the upload. Sorry Larry.
  8. Doing a group theme with my wife and some friends as Peter Pan (me) and faries from that Tinker Bell movie. Unfortunatelly it is not finalized as some of the girls are having a hard time find a non-racey costume. Outfits are gonna be worn at a Kindercare party....don't wanna be flashing 5 year olds with a skimpy dress and massive cleavage!
  9. Neo Samus

    No sidebar?

    Personally I like it better without it. But that is just my opinion.
  10. Haven't been here in a couple weeks. The redisign was a big surprise to me, but I really like the streamline feel. I notice one error with the characters on the top right corner showing a gray background, but that might be because I'm viewing the site at work and it's filter is weird where it breaks image. But I'll have to check the site when I get home. All in all awesome look DJP.
  11. Stupid work filtering facebook I want to see these weeding pictures....
  12. If you go to Walmart or Target, the cans of air are usually near the blank discs.
  13. It still sounds nagative to me. What did she edit this time?
  14. Congrats you two on tying the knot. I hope you guys have a full and happy marriage. Speaking of marriage I need to post my pics in the other thread! I just got the professional pics just the other day.
  15. How in the world does she get that quote from what your orignally said that you posted earlier in this thread? Is she intentionally trying to bash chirptunes?
  16. Neo Samus

    Nintendo Wii

    That's not real.....is it?
  17. My opinion is very close to Zicron and Neko's. But it all depends on your preference on games. I say do some research (pros and cons) of both systems and see which one come out on top for you. I've been looking into a 360 or PS3 lately ever since I got a new TV (42' LG 1080p LCD) and I have been making a list of pros and cons (like I said above) to see what would suit me the best. But I'm not planning on getting one for at least a few months.
  18. There is a difference in the music for the DC and GC versions??
  19. Yes Controllers (and VMU's) would be a good idea. Oh and two keyboards for Typing of the Dead!
  20. Soul Caibur Sonic Adventure MVC (1 & 2) Um...Capcom games in genera DOA 2 Skies of Arcadia (if you don't have the GCN version) Grandia 2 (PS2 version sucks ass) Virtua Tennis Sega Rally 2 Daytona USA Bomberman Online more later
  21. Offspring- Gone Away http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Psc7eimMtv0&fmt=18 Sonic CD (US) - Sonic Boom Ending Maybe I'm just crazy, but ever since I heard gone away it always reminded me of Sonic Boom ending theme. Does anyone else notice the similarities??
  22. I think the issue might have been the question mark in the thread title could have been missleading to some.
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