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  1. After the first week of June sound;s good to me as of right now.
  2. The Coop got beat posting the new Zero punctuation......whuuuut? I got a kick at the end.
  3. I would really like to do something in chi-town, but I've never been to UIUC either. It would really have to depend on when. May in general is horrible for me because I'm getting married on Friday, May 22nd. I'm really interested though, I've only did this once before, but it was with one member from a different forum and we live like 20 mins apart at the time.
  4. I went through this thread thinking I had posted in here before.....weird. Anyway, I live in Waukegan, IL. I'm about 5-10 mins from Six Flags Great America and about 45 mins to an hour north of the chicago. Mustin knows where I live, he used to live around here (for a little bit). Edit, oh duh it was another thread from before the new year that I posted where I live. LOL
  5. Ok I made my donation. I only did $10, but at least it's something. My wedding is in just a little over a month so money is tight.
  6. Ah sweet it's that time of the year again? I have to wait till the 15th, but I will donate, I just don't know how much yet, but you have my word.
  7. Wait, wait, wait....Gameworks has an AX machine????? Holy crap I need to go ASAP!!! I haven't been there in about 4 years. Love that place, 8 player Indy 500 is so much fun. There's another nice arcade in the Chicagoland area called Nickel City (used to be called Super Just Games years ago) all games are nickel priced. The most expensive game, from the last time I went, was 30 cents, and that was DDR. They also have a large free play area with classics like, Track and Field, Soul Edge, Super Off-Raod and many others. It's in Northbrook (or Deerfield on the boarder) on Waukegan Rd. (Rt. 43).
  8. 1. I think that, overall, most gamers are: around the same age But in response to #2 I'm stuck between, c) between 19 and 24 years old & d) 25 or older
  9. I like the bit with the escapist logo with a whip. Made me LOL really hard.
  10. Sixto, that guitar is incredible!! I still have a hard time noticing that it is CG.
  11. What coop said. Happy belated b-day.
  12. Going back on topic: I remember playing this game. Had an intriguing story and a very interesting battle engine. I got stuck at one point and was never able to finsh it. I need to get this game and try and beat it again. Here's hoping for a VC release...... Thanks for the reminder!
  13. Welcome to the club. Pull up a chair and grab some popcorn.
  14. "I SAID EARHOLE!" Nothing like a good ass dance right before hitting the sack. Bed, not the other sack.
  15. Happy belated day of your birth you magnificent bastard!
  16. Happy late b-day. I wish you the best of luck with your ankle.
  17. There is a number you can call if you renewed it recently. The company is called Dial America, they handled EGM subscriptions. Since I just renew two months ago, I was given a choice of a full refund or different magazine. You might be able to do the same. Here's the number 800-984-8959. This such a sad day. I grew up with EGM. I started readnig it when I was 9 (I'm now 25..yeah that long!) Why couldn't it be Gamepro.....oh well it's an end of a era. I raise my glass for you EGM, you had an awesome run. You will be missed.
  18. The code is behind the manual on an small two sheet booklet. It will be on the back of that booklet.
  19. I did the surveys that expire soon. The six that I have remaining don't expire till 2013. Yeah I know about that. But the 620 coins that I have don't expire till June 30, 2011. So I have time.
  20. I had some problems at first (using firefox), but once everything transferred over it has been working fine. It took about 24-48 hours for everything to work right. Give it time. That's why they call this a soft opening. I'm debating about redeeming all my games. I redeemed enough to get to platinum status (600 coins) but I have surveys that I can still do (four Wii games = 200 coins). I know that you get a special prize when you hit Gold and Platinum status so maybe I won't buy anything and wait to see what they have for the next club nintendo year?
  21. You are one step closer to his money Jill.... I'm kidding, Awesome to see you guys finally tying the knot. You guys are getting married just two months after I am with my fiancee. Treat her well Andy!
  22. No I didn't do it all the time. Only when I wanted to sit on the couch. Cuz you know, controllers used to have cords back in da day!
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