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  1. He was the new Tom. I'm sad that Toonami is gone. Like many of you, I used to watch it religiously.
  2. What an idiot. There is porn for a reason. Is the Curfew only for Military personel? kind of offtopic: How long have you been stationed in Misawa Japan?
  3. Neo Samus

    Nintendo Wii

    I've tried to before. It says unable to copy this file.
  4. Neo Samus

    Nintendo Wii

    most save files are copyright protected. almost all VC and WiiWare title save files are unable to be copied which I think royally sucks.
  5. But NMH wasn't published by Nintendo, it was by Ubisoft. Nintendo (I hope not) might edit the language to keep a family friendly image on their label.
  6. Us Pirates be using "cheers" for many centuries lad. Damn Scallywag!
  7. YAAARR!! I've desided to make all ye mates at work walk the plank! Cheers!
  8. I like the second clip where Raymond is trying to start the car and yells "Piece of Shit!" I really hope when it comes to NA that they don't edit the language.
  9. For some reason I have a problem with finishing RPG's. I've played FFVII...never beaten it. Golden Sun....got really far, but then my fiancee's brother deleted my file (actually did it to other games as well, like Soul Calibur for DC and F-ZERO GX, I was so pissed) and then a week later I lost the game. But for Skies of Arcadia, I actually beat it....and loved every minute of it. I was swaping days with this and Metroid Prime (lots of long nights, but so worth it). Sad thing is, I haven't touched it since I beat it. I seem to do that to a lot of games thoguh. Does any one else have this issue with beating a game and have a hard time picking it up again?
  10. I'm not a huge baseball fan, but I am a White Sox fan. One thing I would love to see (and dread in the same sense) would be to see White Sox and Cubs in the World Series. I swear armageddon would happen in Chi town if that were to happen. :< I know it probrably won't happen, but hey, I can dream.
  11. I played Superstar Baseball and loved it. I want to try Sluggers but there are other games I want to get first (Wario Land: Shake It! and KSSU). I say if you like MSS get it.
  12. This game is so mine on Sept. 22. And yes, KSS music FTW!
  13. I'm a little late, but I wanted to give my hopes and prayers to Blind. Unfortunately I'm not a remixer. Nor do I have any talent in music. But I love listening to yours and everyone else's mixes on this fantastic site. I love how you pull off trance so damn well. It's scary! In a good way! One of my favs from you is not even an OCR track, the F-Zero compilation (it's actually two separate tracks but it freaking rocks!) Even though I don't know you personally, I got teary eyed when I heard about your condition. I know one of my good friends had to have surgery to have his large intestine removed because he had been digonosed with colon cancer. He's much better now, but when I read about the present condotion you are in it made me think about my friend. I'm glad to hear you are getting a little better day by day. Keep up the good fight and never give up! Sorry if I got a little side tracked, I get so sad when I hear about bad things that happen to good people.
  14. With the lack of holiday titles at the moment, Nintendo better have something up their sleeve. At least Wario Land looks amazing and Kirby Super Star Ultra will hold me over for a couple of months. With Microsoft I can see them pushing Too Human during the conference, which is great and all, but they better show some more future games that will come out next year not in the next 6 months. With Sony........have a solid date for LittleBigPlanet already! Geez. And please don't have that rumor about the "break-a-part" DS3 be true. It's one thing that Nintendo is making "shells" for a lot of games, but it's another when you make three different versions of the same damn controller.
  15. I was seriously gonna make a thread about this just for you Coop. But alas, you beat me to the punch. Now go buy it when it comes out, and play to your hearts content.
  16. There are other reasons to change your shorts.
  17. Thank you, I now have to change my shorts. My 4th was fun. Played Softball and got drunk (at the same time). Hilarious watching people try to bat or pitch while intoxicated.
  18. Oh yeah, I played the hell out of Tennis 2K2! I kinda forgot about it because I never owned it, but I still onw VT. Hell, get both, you should be able to get them cheep! Coop's list is very good to go by as well.
  19. Still have my DC. I will never part with it. Including what everyone has mentioned, if you are into arcade sports titles, you have to, HAVE to get Virtua Tennis. That is, honestly, one of the best party games ever. It's one of those "easy to play, difficult to master" games. I'd also recommend Samba De Amigo, but if you have a Wii you might be better off getting that version, I sure will when it comes out in September.
  20. This is a sad day. I still remember hearing his "Incomplete list of Impolite words". I was on the ground for 10 mins! No Joke! You will be miss George Carlin........FUCK!!
  21. Is that a vid of Blood Storm (at work all I see is a blank box)? I remember playing that at my local arcade. Man that game was violent.
  22. I remember Eternal Champions. It was a so-so Genesis game. I've always wanted to play the Sega CD version, but my Sega CD broke before the game was released. Stupid POS Sega CD. "shakes fist"
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